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Rustic tart with seasonal fruits and Pecan walnuts

Rustic tart with seasonal fruits and Pecan walnuts

Put 7 tablespoons of cold water in a large bowl.

Add cold butter cut into pieces, 3 tablespoons of sugar, salt powder, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar and flour. Knead an elastic dough, which we will give for at least 30 minutes in the cold.

We wash the fruits, we untie them from the seeds.

The plums are cut in half, the peach and the nectarine are cut into slices.

Remove the dough from the cold, spread a sheet that exceeds by about 2-3 cm the diameter of the tray in which we want to bake the tart.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

Place the dough in the tray, push the dough from place to place with a fork, sprinkle with crushed biscuits, then place the fruit over the biscuits after inspiration.

The walnut kernel is placed over the fruit from place to place, sprinkle the other sachet of vanilla sugar + the two remaining tablespoons of caster sugar.

The edge of the dough that protrudes from the tray folds slightly and is brought over the fruit inwards.

Bake the tray for 35 minutes, I used the ventilation baking function.

Remove the tart, let it cool, portion and serve.

Good appetite!

Lychee dough with fruit or hencles cake

I started with the leavened dough as shown here (see the recipe for leavened dough for fruit cakes).

I lined the trays with baking paper and left higher edges (to make sure it doesn't give me semolina cream on the outside). I left the dough trays to rise for 60 minutes, in a warm place, covered with a kitchen towel.

Lychee filling with fruit or hencles cake

I started with semolina cream for this fruit liqueur. In a pot I made a semolina with milk (as for babies) taking care to put sugar from the beginning (it must be made sweeter than a semolina with normal milk), salt and a vanilla pod split in two. When it came close to boiling, I poured the semolina in the rain and mixed it well. I let it boil on low heat for about 3-4 minutes and put it to cool in the sink with cold water. While it was hot, I added butter. I stirred again. When it reached room temperature I transferred it to the bowl of the mixer and added whole raw eggs. I mixed well. At the end, I put the fermented cream and gently incorporated it into the cream. How good this cream smells! It is fluid but will coagulate when baked.

I heated the oven to 180C (medium stage for those with gas) and I inserted the trays with the leavened dough for fruit liqueur to pre-bake for the first 20 minutes. It should brown slightly and form a firm crust on the surface. During this time I took care of the fruit. I cut the rhubarb into rounds, I took out the cherries, I cut the pears, apricots and peaches. In a bowl with cold water and lemon juice I placed the pear slices and rhubarb slices (so as not to oxidize). What flavors come out of the oven! You feel like eating that empty leavened countertop, as it is! Look, it's browned nicely and I can put the fruit and cream on it.

I took the semi-baked dough trays out of the oven and quickly distributed the pieces of fruit on their surface.

With the help of a polish I poured the liquid semolina cream on top and I put the trays back to the baking.

Back to the oven! I left them for another 40 minutes at 180C until the semolina cream coagulated and lightly browned on the edges. I'm ready! I took them out of the oven and left them to cool in the trays until morning (it can be seen from the pictures that I started in the evening and it started at night until they fermented and I baked them).

The next day, in the light, they looked like this. How good is this liqueur with fruit and semolina cream!

Rustic tart with seasonal fruits and nuts Pecan - Recipes

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It is autumn, it is full of richness and color around and the gardens abound with vegetables! And as diligent housewives compete in filling their rooms with all the goodies to have something to be proud of in the winter, we have gathered here for you, a selection of recipes for pickles for the winter, pickles that you should not miss pantry!
You can find more pickle recipes here. You can find more canned recipes for winter here.
More jam recipes, canned recipes and winter pickle recipes, you can find here. (click on the underlined word to reach the recipe page)

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Rustic pie

rustic pie
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Rustic tart with apples, nuts and gorgonzola

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Pumpkin pie for diabetics

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Apple pie

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Passed red calories Passata Rustica Cirio

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Calories rustic chopsticks

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Eating contest, without hands, pies

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Dozens of participants flocked to Los Angeles for a hands-free pie eating contest. The winner had to eat the fastest pie in front of the organizers. [..]

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Quince and apple pie

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Fruit recipes

Re: Simple fruit cake. Hello, Ioana. I really appreciate your site, I have often made recipes posted here and they turned out very well. Last night I tried the fruit cake and put peaches, but the top at the bottom didn't seem to be baked properly and I don't know why. I baked the cake at 160-170 degrees with ventilation, for 45 minutes Fruit recipes: Fine tart with apples and almond cream Orange and sea buckthorn sorbet Pavlova with raspberries and sea buckthorn Goat cheese ice cream with caramelized pears 1,829 recipes, 37,320 reviews and 54,071 votes

Simple fruit cake - e-Recipes

  1. Fruit tart and vanilla cream recipe step by step. Fresh dough, fine vanilla cream (homemade pudding) and many seasonal fruits: strawberries, cherries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apricots, gooseberries, etc. The fruits are covered with a thin layer of gelatin to have a beautiful appearance and be protected from dehydration and oxidation
  2. How to prepare cake with berries and lemon Form of cake. For this berry cake, I used a shape with dimensions of 26 * 11 * 8 cm, which I lined with baking paper greased with solid butter. It is not necessary to grease the baking paper with butter, but it gives a better taste to the fine crust of the cake.
  3. . 70
  4. Fruit Cake Recipes - Fruit Cake Recipes. Ingredients fruit cakes. Step-by-step preparation for fruit cakes. Fasting cake with fruit. Cherry cake recipe. Walnut cake recipe. Laura Adamache Food recipes, cakes, appetizers, dough, ice cream, simple, quick, explained step by step, with picture

Pasta with seafood, recipe with ingredients per gram and detailed work guide with pictures. I don't have much to say about these seafood spaghetti. It's a recipe where the difficulty is not necessarily to cook it, but not to cook it too much. In general, pasta, if overcooked, becomes disgusting. They are easy to make, refreshing and delicious at any time Fruit cake 1464 recipes: Smart cake with vanilla and lemon, Overturned cake with pineapple, Aronia fruit jam, Cheesecake with sweetened condensed milk and red fruit jam, Fruit pizza, Star tart with fruit, Friganele .. Apricot pandispan, fluffy cake without baking powder Pandispan with fruit, apricot fluffy cake recipe. The classic pandispan, as we know it today, is derived from a basic dish invented in 1700, by a Genoese pastry chef, Giovan Battisata Cabona, who, together with the Marquis Pallavicini, in whose service he has been for many years, in Spain, at the king's court.

recent recipes. apple biscuits. Baked pork ribs - tender and sticky. how to cook grilled fish - tips and tricks. fruit cakes. April 17, 2016 | category . chocolate cake with cream cheese and strawberries. butter cream cake with Swiss meringue and raspberries Fruit cakes. If you are looking for fruit cakes for children or for special occasions, then we recommend you take a look at these fruit cake recipes that will guarantee you a delightful result for taste and look. What can be better for a family dessert than a fruit cake? ? has selected for you 18 recipes for quick fruit cakes that are worth trying., When it's summer and we are surrounded by delicious fruits, it is worth preparing a little delicacy for your loved ones. So, what could be better for a family dessert than a fruit cake Tags: seafood soup, seafood soup, seafood recipes, seafood recipes. Servings: 4. Preparation time: less than 30 minutes. RECIPE PREPARATION Seafood soup: Wash and clean the vegetables. Put the potatoes in cold water so that they do not oxidize

Fruit recipes

  • Cake Recipes - Chocolate fruit cake. This fruit chocolate cake is a special cake with a simple cream but always winning in taste and texture, vanilla-flavored whipped cream.
  • Pandispan with fruit - tips. Both recipes are without baking powder because we do not like its taste and because the air incorporated in the egg white foam is the best loosening agent (natural. The key to the success of this cake is to thoroughly beat the egg white foam with sugar until it becomes hard and shiny and the bowl can be turned upside down
  • The recipes are many and varied, I propose sweet-sour muffins, the ones with berries. If you are fond of fluffy, soft and melting cakes in your mouth, this berry dessert is perfect for you.
  • Good, tender and cheap, as in the confectioneries of yesteryear! Preheat the oven. 1. Rub the butter (at room temperature) with the sugar and vanilla. Add the eggs, one by one, the baking soda, and then all the flour. Knead well. 2. Fill the tart forms with a thin layer of dough, pressing well. Bake over medium heat

Fruit tart and vanilla cream recipe step by step

  1. Cake recipes We present you our list of recipes to satisfy your craving for sweets. Whether you are looking for homemade cakes, fast, light, fruity or classic, below you will find many cake recipes that you can cook for your loved ones.
  2. See also other recipes from the category Seafood dishes. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Recommendations for you and your home. Fruit and vegetable juicer B1700, Silver - 700 lei. 1699.99 lei. 999.99 lei. See details Sandwich-Maker Panini - 25%. 239.99 lei.
  3. Sweet or savory tarts, tarts with leavened dough or tarts with classic pate brisee dough, fruit tart recipes, tart recipes with vanilla cream, chocolate and fruit creams, classic tart recipes, like Linzer tart or American tart recipes known all over the world - Pecan Pie, apple tart, pumpkin tart
  4. The charlotte fruit cake does not require baking and is good for any pocket, not being expensive. a packet of biscuits (400g) fruit (orange kiwi, pineapple, berries, strawberries) 400-500ml liquid cream CREAM: 4 egg yolks 150-200g sugar 50-60g starch 500ml vanilla milk a gelatin sachet and a cream sachet.
  5. Although a fruit cake is delicious made with frozen or canned fruit, it does not compare to anything when it is Cakes Cake recipes Molded apricot cake

Test with a toothpick if the dough is baked. (try on areas where there are no fruits because they fool us and we keep the cake too much on the fire and it dries too badly). After removing the tray from the oven and the cake has cooled, we can powder it with sugar. We can also serve it with whipped cream on top, or accompanied by two tablespoons of ice cream. Because, I made a selection of cake recipes with berries, which you can prepare at home and which will be both to the taste of lovers of classic desserts, which I loved as a child, and those who prefer a gourmet dessert, to add originality

Check with berries and lemon, simple summer recipe

  • Rustic fruit tarts, fruit galettes: a very popular culinary dish in France, originating in Normandy. It represents something intermediate between a tart and a rustic pie, with an imperfect shape, but so tasty. Usually, galette has fruit filling, being the most well-known variant
  • bake at 175 degrees - they can be baked in special trays or muffin papers, but put 3 at a time so that the paper does not slip too much and the dough comes out
  • Shock fruits for internal use. To treat urinary tract diseases, as a diuretic, prepare a decoction of a teaspoon of dried shock fruits in a cup of cold water. Bring to the boil, then press the shock fruits to break. When it cools, add honey to taste
  • After it has cooled, cut the top in half and spread a lot of vanilla cream (made according to the instructions on the package), over which you put plenty of berries, put the next top over which you put all the vanilla cream and garnish with fresh fruit
  • Fruit crumble - a recipe only good for summer! Why is it so suitable for summer? I explain below and I promise that the Fruit Crumble recipe will enter your permanent repertoire or the recipes that you repeat very often in your family, at the request of the public.
  • This fruit ice cream is extremely fast and extremely tasty, and you only need one ingredient. I recently redid it in two versions, with bananas (the best.) And nectarines, but you can also use other fruits.

Fruit check - Practical recipes

  • coconut pine, vinegar, sugar
  • Culinary tips # fruit # salad # apples # strawberries # oranges # kiwi # recipe Recipe for the best fruit salad Recipe for the best fruit salad When you feel like something sweet, healthy and delicious try a fruit salad . But if you haven't tried to prepare something like this at home, it would be good to know that it is one of the simplest desserts you can have.
  • This cake with mascarpone and fruit was the star on my husband's birthday. Because he doesn't kill himself for chocolate, I asked him to tell me what his favorite cake should be like. He finally decided on a white cake, but with fruit. That's how I came to this cake with mascarpone and red fruits, more precisely raspberries and strawberries
  • Fruit cake It is the ideal dessert - fragrant, fluffy, tasty and colorful :) Va [] Diplomate cake with raisins Diplomat cake is a festive dessert for my family. In [] Raspberry cake with white chocolate mousse A fine cake with raspberries and white chocolate mousse. Refreshing dessert [
  • site with culinary recipes. Pasta with seafood, simple and easy to prepare recipe, tasty and quick. Spaghetti is generally used. In order to obtain the best pasta with seafood, we must observe some conditions related to the cooking of pasta, but also some golden rules in cooking seafood.

Pan-fried seafood, the tastiest recipe. Seafood is a delight, without a doubt. We don't eat them every day, they are quite peppery in price, but from time to time, very rarely, we can dare to prepare them, especially if we are lovers of the Paella genre. with fruits seafood or rice in Spanish style, very tasty and aromatic. One of the dishes that I cook very often for my family and that I want to share and with you. We are big fans of fruits great and we like it so much that I convinced my parents to try them and even like them

A cure with natural juices can be the first step you can take for a more balanced diet. Its role is to detoxify the body and allow it to eliminate excess unhealthy substances such as nicotine, sugar and processed foods, and natural vegetable juices - especially - and fruits successfully fulfill this role. Search in 29,853 recipes. fruit cake and gelatin lemon juice together with gelatin over the cream and mix a little more Fruit cream. forest: The fruits together with the sugar are mixed in a blender. Gelatin is put in a fruit bowl, put on the fire and warmed up a little. Fruit sweets are my favorites, and if they are also simple to make, refreshing and delicious as is this cake with yogurt and fruit, all the better .The recipe is very simple, without baking, with a great result .. So, if you like the sweet and sour combination, I wholeheartedly recommend the cake with yogurt and fruit, it is perfect in hot periods and beyond.

Quick cake without baking, with Elena Butuc fruit and sour cream. For some time now I have not had the patience and desire to cook sophisticated sweets, cakes or cakes. I used to be a fan of fast cakes and pies, but now I've spoiled myself even worse - of course I prefer homemade desserts but they should be cooked quickly, with simple ingredients and. Fruit juices and smoothies are great for health. But the mixtures of fruit and / or vegetable juices + greens are real elixirs. They contain large amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, alkaline water plus other nutritional principles, depending on the combinations you want to make and imagination Recipe Fruit Cake I. Ingredients for the cake. 6 large eggs, 100 g butter, 300 g sugar, 250 g flour, a teaspoon] salt, a teaspoon baking powder, 15 ml rum, a vanilla sugar, 3/4 kg fruits (cherries, sour cherries, apricots), 50 g breadcrumbs, l / 2 teaspoon cinnamon or an envelope with vanilla sugar

At Christmas I made belly soup, and as there were quite a few guests I made a very large pot and so I chose many egg whites. I put them nicely in a bowl with a lid and put them in the freezer. and over the weekend I thawed them and made a cake with extraordinarily good candied fruit. Not infrequently it happens to be inspired by recipes for children, be they appetizers, meals or desserts, and to prepare something good for us. In addition, I try to focus on recipes as dietary and fast, which are addresses both adults and children

Fruit Cake Recipes - See here Laura Adamach Recipes

  • united and I highly recommend them. Sort by: Newest Popularity Aronia and Crumble Oatmeal Cake with Cherries or Cherries.
  • Recipes with Vegetables and Fruits Can be used as a side dish with steaks, but we can also prepare simple and effective dishes. Recipes with vegetables, recipes with fruits, recipes with eggplant, recipes with cauliflower, recipes with pumpkin, recipes with tomatoes, recipes with donuts, recipes with apples, recipes with pears, recipes with cabbage, various recipes, recipes with pictures
  • Fruit recipes. Find here fruit recipes for all tastes and desires. Learn to prepare the best fruit desserts or foods for babies and children whose main ingredient is fruit
  • Home recipe, Your home recipe! The home recipe is where you can find recipes, starting with appetizer recipes, soup recipes, steak recipes and reaching for cake recipes and much more. Each recipe is explained step by step and exemplified with pictures of the recipes during their making
  • Tagged with: cheesecake cheesecake with fruit cheesecake without baking cold cheesecake cheesecake recipe recipes in pictures Post navigation Previous article: Previous post: The new validity term for the notarial power of attorney required by parents
  • The fruit cake (gluten free) is a delicious, tender and very fragrant cake due to the high content of fresh apples and dried fruits. I used prunes, but if you prefer the cake to be sweeter, you can use dates. This cake does not contain gluten because I used gluten free flour and gluten free baking powder

Top 5 Recipes with Cereals and Fruits When I say cereal, most people think of cornflakes or various commercial products that are high in sugar and low in fiber.. You probably already know that a balanced diet can not miss cereals, and many nutritionists recommend eating them with fruit to create a complete meal. Recipes with vegetables and fruits can be used as a side dish with steaks, but can also be eaten as main course Recipes with vegetables, recipes with fruits, recipes with eggplant, recipes with cauliflower, recipes with pumpkin, recipes with tomatoes, recipes with donuts, recipes with apples, recipes with pears, recipes with cabbage, various recipes, recipes with vegetables and fruits in the oven, recipes with images explained step by step! Diplomatic fruit cake without countertop: PREPARATION. So make this graduated fruit cake without a countertop. Put the gelatine in a cup of 100 ml of water at room temperature and leave it for 10 minutes. Beat the whipped cream, then let it cool. Mix the yolks with 300 grams of sugar Maybe not everyone has time to make sophisticated Christmas cakes but we all want something sweet, homemade, for the Holidays. So today we have a delicious, fast and cheap cake, which I warmly recommend. Quickly prepare, quickly finish! The top is fine and fragile, a syrupy pandispan, and for fruit dessert fans it is perfect. A healthy lifestyle is synonymous with a balanced diet. We have gathered here vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan recipes in such a way as to give you inspiration for any time of the day. The smoothie is also available to anyone, and is also a healthy choice for a quick snack.

Spaghetti with seafood recipe step by step Laura Laurenți

  • one like a delicious breakfast, but full of beef
  • Posted by Postolache Violeta on April 02, 2013 in egg white cake egg white cake recipes with egg whites recipes with berries cake recipes | Comments: 1 Ingredients: 0observation: the ingredients will be measured with the same cup in which we put the egg whites, I used a 200 ml cup and 8 egg whites entered
  • My fruit muffin recipes: use apples, bananas, oranges or berries - all to get a delicious, beautiful and healthy dessert
  • Search 29,900 recipes. tart with cheese and berries Page 1 of 2. You may also be interested in: macaroni and baked cottage cheese, Fruit Cake Cake with jam and cream cheese Cake.
  • Fasting recipes Gluten-free recipes Slow Cooking Canned fruit Sauces Bakery products Soups and broths Canned and pickled Salads Sweets Appetizers Butter Baby food Food Drinks Wine Cocktails Cocktails Non-alcoholic cocktails Liqueurs Punch Syrups Smoothies & Milkshakes and Vegetables Newest Teas.
  • fruit recipes: Apple pie, Savarine with leavened dough and exotic fruits, Roll with mascarpone and orange peel jam
  • and yes

Fruit tart - 587 recipes - Petitche

Examples of such recipes: tonic gin with watermelon, lemonades of different types, mulled wine with flavors, Cosmopolitan winter cocktail, smoothies, compotes, pears of pears or other fruits, vodka and peach cocktail, vodka cocktail and mint, homemade Limoncello, Cocktail Amaretto, Cocktail Michelada, Martini with shock, cocktail of. The latest recipes. Cream with bananas and berries June 21, 2020 Fast cake with biscuits and milk cream April 4, 2020 Overturned cake with apples April 4, 2020 Cake with Nutella and hazelnuts December 23, 2019 Soft spruce cookies without sugar December 2, 2019 Chocolate and jelly cake of raspberries November 7, 201 5 summer recipes with fruits and vegetables. Published on: 06/21/2019, 10:34. Author: Arctic Summer fruits and vegetables are naturally colorful and refreshing, perfect to provide us with the water, salts and nutrients we need in such a hot season. Although the modern lifestyle allows us to enjoy most foods all. Today I present a quick cake with seasonal fruits, another recipe from the delicious series of recipes prepared in silicone forms: P, although you can use any other form of baking. It's often

So, with a teaspoon, remove the core from half the melon. Then, with the help of a knife, increase the edges. Cut the melon core into pieces. Half of the amount of chopped core is put into shape. Then add the cherries. Half a banana, cut into slices. Put the banana slices on top of the other fruits. Apricot cut into slices 3 fasting recipes for a complete menu. fruit recipes Christmas fasting is the time of year when the body purifies itself. During this period, however, it is difficult to prepare a tasty menu for the whole family. Here are three recipes that you can prepare without hesitation at this time of year. How to prepare the recipe: Yogurt cake is a cool cake whose preparation does not even require the use of the oven. The recipe is very permissible, we can use almost any assortment of yogurt we want or have in the kitchen, the same being true for biscuits and fruit compote, we can even use fresh fruit fruit recipes Peasant market is the newest market concept with sale, intended for traditional Romanian products, fresh, natural, ecological food, prepared in the hearth of the village according to recipes specific to historical and geographical areas seasonal fruits (in this case, cherries) Preparation: Rub the sugar with butter, add a little eggs beaten before and continue to mix. Add sour cream, peel and lemon juice and baking soda, and finally add flour. Mix everything well and pour the obtained composition into a tray lined with baking paper.

Fruit Cake - 1464 recipes - Petitche

Tiramisu with fruit recipes: how to cook tiramisu with fruit and the tastiest recipes for tiramisu with frozen berries, tiramisu with cognac, tiramisu with whipped cream without mascarpone, pandispan with compote fruit, fruit tart and pudding, mini tarts with pudding and fruits, seafood with basmati rice, puff pastry with vanilla cream and fruit, tiramisu by the glass, tiramisu recipe without mascarpone We offer you 5 delicious recipes for fruit cakes, which will surely be adored by lovers of sweets, they are not few at all. Lemon cream tart. Pandispan cu capsuni. Crumble cu prune. Spuma de zmeura. Rulada de bezea cu fructe Tort cu fructe iun. 29, 2014 Mara Popa Dulciuri de bucatarie , Retete de Craciun si Revelion , Retete de Paste , Retete sezon , Retete Tort Imprimă rețet Prajituri cu fructe si tort de vara - Tort fara coacere cu fructe si biscuiti Oreo Tort fara coacere cu fructe si biscuiti Oreo , un tort rapid , delicios si de mare efect. Acest desert se pregateste in 25 de minute si nu ai nevoie de cuptor.Un desert deosebit de bun cu o crema fina de sos de zmeura si frisca Incearca aceste retete tarte! Cu aluat pregatit in casa sau cumparat din comert, cu zahar sau low-carb, exista o varianta pentru fiecare iubitor de dulce

Aceasta reteta de chec cu fructe confiate, cu alcool (coniac sau whisky), migdale, nuci, stafide, merisor si cirese (sau caise) este ideala pentru mesele festive.La prepararea acestui chec am folosit un amestec de stafide galbene, stafide negre, merisor si cirese deshidratate. Daca nu aveti cirese puteti sa le inlocuiti cu caise uscate taiate in bucati mici - Piscoturile inmuiate in compot se aseaza intr-o forma de tort cu peretii detasabili (pozele 3 si 4). - Separat, intr-un alt bol, mixam bine frisca cu zaharul, pana sta teapana (poza 5). Adaugam treptat frisca peste crema de mascarpone si mixam in continuu (poza 6) Limonadă cu fructe: vezi cum se prepară rețeta și de ce ingrediente ai nevoie pentru această rețetă. Urmează pașii rețetei: Limonadă cu fructe

Pandispan cu fructe - Cea mai pufoasa prajitura Reteta

1st of March. Many sunny days are coming It is the season of fruit desserts! INGREDIENTE 250 gr de mascarpone 200 ml lapte condensat 200 ml smantana pentru frisca fructe ( 1 banana, 1 kiwi si 250 gr capsuni) 10-11 piscoturi 200 ml lapte optional pentru presarat deasupra cativa fulgi de ciocolata PLAN DE LUCRU desert racoritor cu [ 100g mix fructe uscate (am pus stafide, goji, afine) MOD DE PREPARARE. Amestecam faina cu praful de copt. Peste faina punem untul rece taiat cubulete si framantam cu varful degetelor exact ca la un crumble. Adaugam apoi oul si laptele si framantam pana obtinem un aluat omogen. Mai putem adauga putina faina daca este aluatul prea lipicios Perele, aceste fructe minunate, merita puse in valoare prin retete speciale. Desi merg foarte bine alaturi de carne, mai ales carne rosie si curcan, dar si cu rata si porc, perele isi dau adevarata masura atunci cand sunt incluse in preparate dulci

TORTURI CU FRUCTE Diva in bucatari

Weekend-ul trecut am avut pofta de ceva dulce, mai exact de tarte cu fructe din acelea ca la cofetarie. Dar fiindca afara se dezlantuise viscolul si stau destul de departe de o cofetarie, am decis sa le prepar acasa. Aveam deja o mare parte din ingrediente si o reteta bestiala, asa ca a fost momentul perfect sa fac mini tarte INGREDIENTE 4 oua 4 linguri lapte (de vaca sau vegetal) 4 linguri faina (nu cu varf, nu rase) 2 linguri ulei fructe la alegere - eu am pus: 1 kiwi, 1 banana, 1 mar, ½ mango *Se pot folosi si vase de yena sau ceramice unse cu unt. Timpul de coacere poate fi diferit in [ Retete cu fructe. Compot de mere revigorant: Tarta cu mere: Tarta cu prune: Inghetata de pepene galben (de post) Gem de caise cu aroma de scortisoara: Limonada cu ghimbir: Tartar de pepene galben: Dulceata de cirese cu aroma de cuisoare: Gem de visine cu aroma de cuisoare: Crema de avocado cu masline by Sara & Miki in DESERT, Idei de prajituri, Prajituri, Retete cu ciocolata, Retete cu fructe 7 septembrie 2017 7 septembrie 2017 2 ♥ 5 Likes Like Prajitura cu visine si crema de ciocolata este o reteta care sper sa va placa si sa o incercati Prăjitură cu fructe. Aluatul este cu drojdie, dar nu e nevoie să-l frământați cu mâinile, doar îl amestecați cu lingura. Rezultatul este extraordinar, prăjitura este aerată, ușoară, pufoasă, cu fructe aromate, iar la suprafață cu o crustă gustoasă de zahăr. INGREDIENTE: Pentru aluat: -250 ml de chefir (sau lapte acru, lapte bătut) -1 linguriță de drojdie uscată -100 gr.

Cele mai recente retete culinare - Salate de fructe Dovleac cu Fructe Uscate 1/2 dovleac, 2 linguri de stafide, 4 linguri de prune uscate, 4 linguri de caise confiate, 4 linguri de zahar Smochine la desert 1/2 kg. smochine, 1 paharel de lichior, 1 paharel coniac, 100 gr. frisc Acum esti aici: Acasa » Reteta prajitura cu fructe Blogul colecteaza datele voastre automat : ora vizitei, timpul petrecut pe site, paginile vizitate, sistemul de operare, adresa IP, adresa de email- la comentarii si contact, pentru a personaliza publicitatea, analizarea traficului si pentru a personaliza continutu Luna aceasta am sa particip cu o prajitura asemanatoare celei de luna trecuta, dar cum este vara si e plin de fructe de vara, nu cred ca ma puteti condamna ca imi plac mult pandispanurile cu fructe. De data aceasta am ales o combinatie de trei fructe care impreuna au dat un gust minunat si racoros prajiturii mele Combina apoi toate fructele intr-un bol mare. Intr-un castron mai mic, amesteca mierea cu sucul si coaja de lamaie verde si vanilia. Toarna peste fructe si amesteca bine. Transfera salata de fructe in cupe individuale si garniseste cu menta proaspat tocata. Salata mai poate fi servita si cu frisca si ciocolata rasa pe deasupra. Tipul bucatarie

Torturi cu fructe Retete culinare Qbeb

Pentru umplutură, amesteci fructele cu făina, zahărul şi apa şi le fierbi la foc mic, până când se îngroaşă. Pasezi crema în blender sau cu ajutorul mixerului vertical. Ungi 1/2 dintre fursecuri cu cremă şi suprapui fursecurile rămase, presându-le uşor. Prajituri umplute cu fructe uscate si stafide. Pofta buna Fructe din compot si /sau proaspete ( capsuni, zmeura, piersici, ananas etc) 500 gr ptr compozitie si 100 ptr ornat 100 gr zahar 3 plicuri Gelatina fin maruntita alba ( total 30gr) Piscoturi cca 300 gr pentru ornat Ciocolata alba 150-200 gr pentru ornat. Mod de preparare Tort cu crema din iaurt. Se separa albusurile de galbenusuri Spaghete cu fructe de mare reteta rapida. Una dintre retetele noastre de paste preferate, pe baza de fructe de mare

18 retete de torturi rapide cu fructe Desprecopii

  1. Tapioca perle cu fructe este un desert delicios, inedit și sanatos, excelent pentru întreaga familie. Intr-o dupa-amiaza calduroasa de vara, incearca acest preparat cu tapioca rece, de la frigider, iar in zilele reci de iarna mananc-o proaspat fiarta, usor calduta. Tapioca cu fructe este o combinatie de senzatie
  2. unat cu orice fructe confiate, rahat sau cu fructe de sezon: visine, zmeura, coacaze, afine, mere taiate cubulete sau ce va mai ademeneste
  3. e, fibre , enzime si

Reteta Supa cu fructe de mare - Bucataras

Cheesecake cu fructe fara coacere: acest desert delicios este indragit de toata lumea, in special de copii. Chiar dacă este cu sau fara coacere, cu fructe, simplu, cu tot felul de topping-uri chesecake-ul este la fel de bun Retete cu fructe. Salata de Telina, Ridichi Rosii si Mere Verzi. Sucul de țelină și țelina ca atare sunt recunoscute pentru beneficiile reale aduse sănătății, fiind recomandate de medicii ca a fi consumate regulat în cazul unor boli deloc ușoare. Puternic aromată și consistentă, țelina crudă are totuși un gust mai aspru, care.

Retete de tort , cele mai bune retete de tort - Adygio Kitche

Retete suc de afine este destul de mult. Smoothie de capsuni - CAIETUL CU RETETE Smoothies Sănătoase, Nutella. Suc cu sfecla rosie, mere si morcovi O bautura cu proprietati anticancerigene. Spre deosebire de cele de fructe, pot fi băute în timpul meselor. Pasul 3: Pune fructele în storcătorul de fructe 6. Budinca de chia cu fructe. Aceasta reteta va va invata cum sa faceti budinca de chia cu fructe in trei variante, pentru toate gusturile! Indiferent daca va place kiwi, zmeura sau mango, veti gasi aici o varianta pentru fiecare dintre voi. Combinatia dintre budinca de chia si piureul de fructe este pur si simplu extraordinara Aici veti gasi adunate la un loc toata colectia de retete cu peste si fructe de mare de pe site. Daca sunteti interesati si de alte feluri de retete puteti accesa Cartea de bucate unde am grupat toate retetele de pe site, indiferent de felul acestora

Pandispan cu fructe reteta de prajitura pufoasa cu

fructe de padure. Method of preparation. Incepe cu prepararea blatului. Topeste ciocolata la bain-marie. Freaca untul cu zaharul, adauga ouale si faina, apoi incorporeaza si ciocolata topita. Pune aluatul intr-o forma rotunda, tapetata cu hartie de copt si baga-l la cuptor, aproximativ 25 de minute. Lasa-l sa se raceasca si insiropeaza-l cu un sirop. Am decorat cu fructe si apoi am turnat deasupra gelatina preparata dupa indicatii. Reteta în Imagini. Retete Asemanatoare. Ceas ciocolatos. postat de Retete in Imagini, in Torturi. 180 de minute: 1 Portii: Greu Complexitate: Cheesecake cu afine si piersici Pandispan cu fructe de post este o prajitura asemanatoare checului de post doar ca are in locul cremei de cacao, fructe de padure. Se foloseste aceeasi cana ca si masura! Se poate inlocui uleiul cu 150 grame de margarina, eu evit cat pot margarina Tiramisu cu fructe. 2 portii. Ingrediente • 3 piscoturi, taiate in bucati • 2 linguri espresso sau cafea concentrata • 60 g crema de branza (sau branza proaspata tartinabila) cu continut redus de grasimi • 60 ml smantana cu continut redus de grasimi • 2 linguri zahar* (p oti inlocui zaharul cu indulcitor: verifica instructiunile de pe pachetul indulcitorului si foloseste o cantitate. Retete turcesti traditionale. Retete simple. Retete traditionale din Turcia. Mancaruri traditionale Turcia. Retete traditionale turcesti la Sebi acas

Briose cu fructe de padure - Retete Culinare cu Gina Brade

Pentru ca aceasta este perioada cea mai buna, pietele fiind pline de caise, visine si cirese, iti propun cele mai bune trei recipes de prajituri with fruits. Tarta with capsune Ingrediente si cantitati pentru aluat: 1 pachet de unt 250 gr faina 1 ou intreg un praf de sare arome Ingrediente si cantitati pentru umplutura: 2 oua intregi 4-5 linguri zaha Prajitura cu iaurt este o prajitura de casa simpla si usoara. Prajitura fara coacere, cu fructe exotice si crema aerata de iaurt. O prajitura cu iaurt, simpla si usoara, fara coacere si savuroasa pana la ultima bucatica de fruct ce-o gasesti in farfurie Prajitura se poate prepara si cu alte fructe ce le aveti la dispozitie, in functie de sezon sau care va plac voua mai mult

Tarte cu fructe - Retete culinare - Romanesti si din

1.Bateți ouăle cu zahăr și zahăr vanilat, adăugați unt topit cald și smântână, apoi amestecați cu telul, până la omogenizare. 2. Încorporați făina cernută, sarea și praful de copt. Amestecați un aluat fără cocoloașe. 3. Spălați merele, le curățați de coajă și le tăiați cuburi sau bucăți. 4 Consumati cu incredere fructe de cactus. Originare din Mexic, raspandite apoi si in America de Sud, Italia, Africa sau in sudul Asiei, aceste fructe sunt din ce in ce mai cunoscute si apreciate pe toate meridianele, gratie comercializarii lor prin intermediul supermarketurilor Prajitura cu fructe . Reteta Prajitura cu fructe. Ingrediente: 300 gr. faina, 300 gr. unt sau margarina, 300 gr. zahar, 6 oua, 1 plic cu zahar vanilat, fructe Mod de preparare: Se freaca bine untul cu zaharul pana devine ca o spuma. Se incorporeaza in compozitie unul cite unul galbenusurile si se freaca dupa fiecare Tort Diplomat cu fructe. Reteta Tort Diplomat. Retete de torturi pentru evenimente, ocazii festive, aniversari. Retete pentru Valentine's Day si Ziua Femeii. Retete si preparate culinare de dulciuri si prajituri de casa

Rețete de slăbit cu plante, fructe și condimente. Iar pentru asta, nu ți se cere să te înfometezi, ci doar să te hrănești corect. Cu o ali­mentație echilibrată, preponderent vegetariană, oricine poate ajunge la greutatea sa ideală. Bine­înțeles, cu condiția să nu abandoneze pe parcurs, ci să rămână consecvent.. Retete goji - Preparate din goji, cocktailuri, salate. Căutare. Intr-un blender de mare viteză, poți adăuga fructe uscate goji și sa le amesteci cu fructe si verdeturi. În alte blendere, am recomanda sa le ti in apapentru aproximativ 20 de minute pentru a le înmuia înainte de amestecare Intr-un bol incapator amestecam cu mixerul crema de branza, frisca batuta, zaharul pudra, vanilia, piureul de fructe. Amestecam pana obtinem o crema omogena. Apoi, asamblam cheesecake-ul si il decoram cu fructe proaspete, frisca batuta sau sos de fructe/ciocolata. May you be the best! Aceasta reteta este recomandata de Teo Rogobete


Am așteptat și eu, ca multă altă lume, căpșunele de sezon, acelea parfumate și super aromate. Nu obișnuiesc să folosesc pentru prăjituri fructele de sezon din categoria căpșuni, afine, zmeură, decât dacă am foarte multe și trebuie sa le salvez.

Varianta mea de a avea fructe autohtne cât mai mult timp este congelarea!

Pe acestea le-am folosit pentru că nu s-au ridicat la înălțimea așteptărilor. Erau parfumate, dar la gust lăsau destul de mult de dorit, se putea și mai bine, părerea mea.

La fel procedez și cu cireșele, afinele sau zmeura. Prefer să mă bucur de gustul lor natural și să le arunc în prăjituri în condițiile date mai sus.

Cititorii vechi ai acestui blog știu că pregătesc rețete simple de deserturi. Nu obișnuiesc să mă complic foarte tare, nici nu îmi place și nici nu sunt talentată în ale prăjituritului la nivel de artă.

Fac însă deserturi gustoase pentru familie, dar mai ales pentru Alexia mea căreia vreu să îi ofer deserturi bune făcute în casă, fără zahăr și fără ingrediente pline de bazaconii.

Rețeta de astăzi este super simplă, dar extrem de gustoasă (pentru noi, sper că și pentru voi!


  • 100 g almonds
  • 100 g nuci pecan (sau altă combinație de nuci- nucă românească, caju)
  • 250 g făină de ovăz
  • 120 g unt (rece)
  • cinnamon
  • 250 g căpșune
  • 1 lingură amidon de porumb
  • îndulcitor natural (pentru doritori, la alegere)

Method of preparation:

Nucile le-am mărunțit într-un blender, apoi le-am amestecat cu făina de ovăz și untul rece tăiat în cuburi. Poți folosi același robot de bucătărie pentru a combina ingredientele. Aluatul trebuie să fie unul sfărâmicios, de aceea se folosește untul rece.

Am împărțit aluatul în două.

Am scos din dulap o tava dreptunghiulară, termorezistentă, este preferata mea pentru astfel de prăjituri.

Am presărat primul strat de compoziție în vas, am adăugat căpșunele amestecate cu lingura de amidon (pentru a nu lăsa zeamă) iar în al doilea strat am adăugat 1 linguriță de scorțișoară și am presărat pe deasupra.

Cuptorul l-am preîncălzit la 170 de grade, iar prăjitura a stat preț de 40 de minute.

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