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Mint syrup

Mint syrup

Put the water together with the sugar to boil.

Meanwhile, wash the mint in a stream of cold water.

When the sugar has melted, add the mint and leave it for 5 minutes, with the lid on, it must change color, remove the leaves with a spatula, add the honey and let it boil for 2 hours with the lid on low heat, until the syrup thick.

We do the test with a drop, if the bead stays, we take it off the fire, if it flows, we let it boil and we repeat the test.

When it is almost ready, add dye (blue and yellow to turn green) and let it boil, turn off the heat.

We prepare bottles or jars and fill them with hot syrup, strained through a thick sieve, we screw them and keep them in the pantry.

From this amount I got 1200 ml of syrup, if it came out very thick, when I want to use it I have to put the bottle in hot water a few minutes before ... I think I kept it a bit much on fire, being the first time in my life when I made syrup ... I also say that I have an excuse: D :))))

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