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in the chicken version

Sukijaki is a Japanese dish that has as its main ingredient beef cut into thin strips seasoned with vegetables. But over time, this dish began to be made with chicken (chicken breast) or fish.
It is up to you to choose the main ingredient.

  • 500 g boned chicken breast,
  • 3 green onions,
  • 3 celery stalks,
  • 3 carrots,
  • 200 g mushrooms (preferably shiitake - Japanese mushrooms),
  • 3 tablespoons oil,
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste,
  • 200 ml beef or chicken soup,
  • 100 g spinach,
  • 1/2 Iceberg lettuce,
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce,
  • 1 teaspoon sugar,
  • 4 cups rice,
  • salt.

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


Meat and vegetables are all cut into thin strips. When I chose the chicken, I preferred to cut it into cubes, the beef must be cut into very thin strips. Saute the meat in hot oil until browned. Add the vegetables one at a time, stirring constantly. Add the soup, tomato paste, soy sauce, salt and sugar. Boil over high heat for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot with stewed rice and garnish with green onions.

PS: You can also add tofu and replace the rice with rice noodles.

Video: Sukiyaki Ue o Muite Arukou - Kyu Sakamoto English Translation and Lyrics (December 2021).