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Nettle Recipes

Nettle Recipes

Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

Nettle: recipes, how to use it in cooking and how to store it

L & # 8217ortica is a very versatile edible & # 8217 & # 8220 weed & # 8221 both for phytotherapeutic purposes and in the kitchen. Here are some recipes & # 8220 at no cost & # 8221 to prepare from that harvest & # 8220 in the garden & # 8221.

L & # 8217ortica (Urtica dioica) is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the family of Urticaceae. It is native to Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. It has an erect stem (30 - 250 cm), slightly branched and covered with trichomes. Trichomes are hairs containing a stinging or irritating substance that the plant adopts for defensive purposes.

Contact irritation causes erythema to form and is associated with itching and mild local numbness lasting from minutes to hours. The leaves, also covered by trichomes, are ovate, opposite, serrated, sharp and dark green.

L & # 8217ortica is known for its herbal medicinal properties, for the preparation of dishes and for its use in the textile field (especially in the past). This plant contains a significant amount of mineral salts (calcium, potassium, iron and silicon), vitamins (A and C), proteins and amino acids.

It also contains healing active ingredients such as flavonoids (antioxidants), phenolic acids, tannins and polysaccharides. Thanks to these substances, the nettle boasts properties:

  • antioxidants,
  • antimicrobials,
  • astringents,
  • analgesics,
  • purifying and diuretic.

In addition to the extraordinary phytotherapeutic properties, nettles lend themselves very well to the preparation of interesting and tasty recipes.

How to prepare: Risotto with nettles

Prepare the vegetables for the vegetable stock - carrots, celery and onion - and add some nettle leaves. When the broth is ready, blend it so that all the vegetables are preserved in a creamy and thick mixture.

After choosing 8 nettle leaves that you will need to decorate the dishes, blanch the rest for a few minutes in salted water to eliminate the stinging effect. Drain the nettle leaves and chop finely.

Cut the onion into cubes and let it dry in the oil for a few minutes.
Add the rice and toast it, blend with the white wine.

Add the vegetable broth a little at a time and, when the rice is about half cooked, add the nettle leaves. When the risotto is cooked, remove it from the heat and stir in the butter and Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper.

Prepare a light batter with flour, water and a pinch of salt. Dip in the raw nettle leaves and fry them.

Serve the risotto with nettles decorating each plate with two fried nettle leaves.

Nettles: easy recipes to prepare now

by Ailén Gamberoni Contributor

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Foraging time: let's collect the nettles and cook them in easy recipes for our spring table, just like the Greeks and Romans did

The nettles they are a very interesting, healthy, tasty and versatile ingredient to be used serenely in the kitchen. This spontaneous plant, for many considered only as an annoying weed, was used for cooking since the times of the Greeks and Romans and still today it is a rather widespread food in rural areas.

So let's rediscover the nettles in this period, before the stems get too hard: arm yourself with gardening gloves and go on your little adventure of foraging, choosing the most hidden plants in the undergrowth, avoiding like the plague those that grow on the side of the road near the exhaust gases.

Collect only the youngest buds and leaves and discard the rest, once cooked they will lose their stinging effect and you will discover a bitter and delicate flavor that vaguely recalls spinach. My advice is to wash them thoroughly and blanch them in boiling water or steam them for just a couple of minutes, then cool them in water and ice to preserve their bright green color.

Once cooked you can handle them with peace of mind, let them dry and squeeze them well. You are now ready to cook with nettles!

Nettle omelette

Chop and fry half an onion with a tablespoon of oil and a knob of butter, add a bunch of cooked and shredded nettles, add a mixture of 4 eggs, 50 grams of Parmesan, a pinch of well-beaten pepper and salt and let both of them thicken the sides.

Barley with nettle pesto

Dry 200 g of cooked nettles, add 100 g of walnuts or almonds, the zest of half an organic lemon, 1 clove of garlic without the core, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt . Blend everything quickly to obtain a cream. Meanwhile, boil the barley in salted water, drain and season with the pesto and, if needed, a teaspoon of cooking water.

Barley with nettle pesto

Gnudi with nettles on tomato cream

Ingredients for 4 people)

300 g of cooked and drained nettles
2 eggs
150 g of grated Parmesan cheese
450 g of well-drained fresh ricotta
About 70 g of white flour (or rice flour or gluten free for a gluten-free version)
to taste nutmeg and pepper
250 ml tomato puree
1 clove of garlic
qb extra virgin olive oil

Gnudi with nettles.

Brown the crushed garlic in about a tablespoon of oil, then add the tomato puree and reduce it. Remove the garlic and let it rest.

Chop the nettles and mix them with the ricotta, add the beaten eggs, the Parmesan, a pinch of nutmeg and pepper, season with salt. Mix carefully.

Collect a small amount of mixture and create balls, then pass them in the flour.

Mirror a couple of tablespoons of warm tomato sauce on serving plates.

Boil plenty of salted water where you will cook the gnudi in a few minutes: they are ready when they float.

Drain and place directly on the plate and sprinkle with grated Parmesan or flakes to taste.

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How to cook risotto with nettles

Risotto is a first course that satisfies the taste of every diner. It is a simple dish with a delicate flavor that allows you to use many ingredients.

Even with nettles it is possible to prepare a delicious risotto starting, first of all, by cleaning the leaves of this herb. Choose the most tender and crunchy leaves which are usually those found at the upper end of the nettle.

  • - Melt 30 g of butter in a pan and sauté 1 shallot finely chopped. Therefore, join 120 g of blanched and squeezed nettles, leaving them to cook for a few minutes.
  • - Unite 320 g of Carnaroli rice, toast it and then blend it with 1 glass of white wine. Continue cooking by adding a ladle of vegetable broth from time to time and continuing to turn the risotto. 1 minute from the end of cooking turn off the heat and whisk the rice with 1 knob of butter and 30-40 g of grated Parmesan cheese.

You can make small changes to the recipe to make the risotto even more delicious, especially as regards the creaming phase. Add, for example, in the final step, 20 g of taleggio cheese which will give the risotto a really decisive touch and 1 teaspoon of dried elderflower, or the grated zest of 1 lemon. Their scent will make the dish truly special!

If you want to try adding some other ingredients to the Risotto Alle Nettles it is quickly done. Enjoy the version of this dish with the addition of an ingredient from the sea, shrimps, and you will feel that risotto with nettles will acquire an extra value that will surprise those who taste it.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of ​​something original to get out of the routine of traditional recipes, you can't not try it the strawberry and nettle risotto.

  • - Wash and cut into cubes 220 g of strawberries, but keep about 2-3 to decorate the final dish.
  • - Then fry 1 shallot in 3 tablespoons of oil and cook 3-4 handfuls of nettle leaves for a few minutes.
  • - Finally, unite 340 g of rice, toast it and blend it with 1 glass of white wine. Then, continue the classic cooking of the risotto by adding broth from time to time.
  • - After about a quarter of an hour, add the strawberries and continue stirring and cooking with the broth, ladle after ladle. At the end of cooking, remove the pot from the heat, stir in 40 g of Parmesan cheese and 30 g of butter. Serve the dish with a piece of strawberry to give an extra aesthetic touch.

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The gnocchi with nettles they are a simple and healthy first course, belonging to the peasant and poor tradition: to prepare them you need only 4 ingredients such as potatoes, nettles, flour and eggs.

Nettles, in fact, are not found in fruit and vegetable shops but, for free, in the fields, in areas that tend to be humid and shady.

Nettle is a herbaceous plant that has hairs (trichomes) on the leaves and stem containing stinging substances that are immediately felt if they hit the skin.

Apart from this annoying side effect, botanists and pharmacists tell us that this plant has significant beneficial properties when used as an ingredient in preparations both for external use (tonic, astringent, hemostatic) and for internal use (diuretic, antirheumatic).

It also seems to be effective against dandruff, greasy hair and prevents their fall, obviously if used in special lotions.

In any case, to use the nettles, the first obstacle to overcome is its collection.

It is necessary to wear gloves, for example in latex, and act very carefully to avoid the annoying itching that it causes if in direct contact with the skin. After about ten hours from the harvest, the stinging effect disappears.
Thanks to ancient folk customs, nettle is found as an ingredient in cooking recipes.

Let's prepare the gnocchi with nettles: we have seasoned them with a sprinkling of grated parmesan and sage.

What are the best potatoes for making gnocchi?

Thursday dumplings! But why on Thursday?

Potato and chestnut gnocchi with the Thermomix

How to cook with nettles: recipes to turn the summer around

How to cook with nettles, turning the summer, with three recipes: from the easy omelette to the homemade pasta, our tips for using the aromatic stinging plant (fresh!).

There are many wild herbs used for cooking, but one, in particular, has a versatility that distinguishes it from all the others. How to cook with nettles, however, even more so if they are fresh? Today we want to give you three recipes with nettles, rigorously tested by us, as well as some tips for cooking with the most aromatic stinging plant there is.

Whether you are taking a walk in the woods or visiting your trusted vegetable grower, you will find them. They are those herbs with serrated leaves of a dark green that if touched cause unpleasant erythema but if eaten they cause great satisfaction to the taste buds.

And trust that a bunch of nettles can change an omelette in no time.

Dear foraging, attention: arm yourself with gloves and bags to collect the leaves of these extremely stinging plants, just a little rubbing between the surface of the leaf and your skin and boom: instant burning. Another tip is to prefer smaller plants, because they are more tender: in the presence of only very tall specimens, we recommend only picking the tip with the first leaves.

A trick to eliminate the action of the hateful fluff that causes burning is that of dip the leaves in water and ice for about twenty minutes: it thermal shock it will eliminate their evil power and allow you to work with your bare hands.

Hello hands and ankles, let's proceed: here are three recipes with nettles cool that will make your summer.

Nettle Recipes - Recipes

The inspiration came to me on Saturday afternoon, after having been to the Earth Market in the Cineteca (via Azzogardino) which is held every two Saturdays. There was Mr. Franco from the Torre Padrignolo Agritourism Center in Sasso Marconi who told me various stories of herbs and herbs and between one word and another I bought him a nice bunch of nettles and a bunch of splendid chives. And since the next day I would have a special lunch at home, Sunday lunch with Bruna, I decided that the main ingredients I already had in my hands: total cost 2 euros.
A bunch of nettle with about twenty twigs would have been enough for me to make at least three dishes. And in fact I prepared: noodles with squid, nettles, marjoram and thyme and pancakes with nettles, mint, dill and parmesan. With chives I made savory muffins, an experiment, very first time, absolutely to be repeated. A Sunday lunch in the name of spring in which I also enjoyed playing with particular salts and peppers. On Sunday the sun was very hot.
Below are the recipes for omelettes and muffins.

Nettle omelettes
10 omelettes

1/2 tablespoon of butter
1 shallot
3 strands of chives,
20 leaves of nettle
4 eggs
a sprinkle of Jamaican pepper
half a teaspoon of pulverized fleur de sel

Melt the butter in the pan and incorporate the diced shallot with a pinch of marjoram for 5 minutes (the shallot should become brown and creamy). Beat the eggs and add the pepper and salt. Then the onion, the nettles, the chopped chives. Put a tablespoon of oil in the pan and heat it.
At this point, take a tablespoon of the mixture and pour it into the pan trying to stem the sides to compact it. Sprinkle with Parmesan. Cook on both sides. The part with the Parmesan will be golden.

Dill and chive muffins
x 8 muffins

250 gr flour 00
1 egg
200 ml of milk
3 tablespoons of oil
1 tablespoon Cypriot Pyramid smoked coarse salt (flakes, crumble)
5 strands of chives
two sprigs of dill
5 mint leaves

How to do
Put the flour in the bowl. In between the egg, milk, oil, salt. Work with a fork and add nettles, dill and mint. Take the muffin molds, I use the silicone ones that are not greasy. Bake at 190 degrees for 40 minutes.
Et voila!

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