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Cheerful broths on the lake

Cheerful broths on the lake

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Bake the eggplant. Clean and remove the core. Drain in a strainer (plastic not metal). After draining well, chop with a wooden chopper, or mix with a robot.

In this case we add the yolk during mixing.

Put the eggplant in a bowl where you add the oil and salt to taste. For those who want more diet can boil a zucchini, which is added to the eggplant during mixing.

Wash the tomatoes and wipe with paper towels. Cut a lid on each. Remove the core with a teaspoon. Fill the tomatoes with eggplant, add the lid. Make two eyes of mayonnaise, and put peppercorns.

On a plate put the washed and well drained salad, tomatoes and green onions in the middle.

Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Dream places in Romania to spend the holidays and winter holidays

Bucovina is a magical land for spending the winter holidays.

Here you can admire the forested and snow-capped mountains, you can stay at guesthouses where people are very welcoming and you can taste the traditional goodies that are a delight for the taste buds of any tourist. Bucovina is also famous for its trout trout, here you can enjoy various fish dishes: fried trout, trout with sour cream sauce, grilled trout, etc. The most interesting tourist attractions are the centuries-old churches and monasteries in the area, such as the Voroneț Monastery. In Câmpulung Moldovenesc you can visit the Wood Art Museum with thousands of exhibits made of hardwood, spruce and fir, dedicated to the "forest gold". From Câmpulung Moldovenesc you can go to the Rarău Massif or the Giumalău Massif and choose one of the 4-5 tourist routes that can be accessible in the winter season.

The ice hotel next to Cabana Bâlea Lac

This hotel is at an altitude of over 2000 m, but you should not have to worry about the cold because the hosts offer accommodation in a double room, which has beds made of ice blocks with a soft mattress. warm underwear, but also fluffy furs and very thick blankets.

Ice hotel near Bâlea Lac chalet

The temperature in the hotel is between minus 2 degrees and plus 2 degrees Celsius, so the hotel also offers the advantage of using warm sleeping bags. The hotel also has Wi-Fi, a restaurant, parking and a bar.

Don't miss a holiday in Maramures!

In the mountains of Maramureș there is the Vaser Valley where there are impressive beech and spruce forests here you can take a walk with Mocănița - the steam train that runs on the only narrow forest railway in the European Union. In Maramureș you can admire the Rodna Mountains National Park and the Pietrosul Mare 2303 m high, under the peaks of which there are dreamy views, here are the famous glacial lakes, the unique caves and the admirable 90 m high Horse Waterfall. The route is about 12 km, between Vişeul de Sus and Novat and lasts quite a long time, about 5 hours, so you can enjoy in Mocănița the charm of wonderful views around. In winter in Maramureș you can have the joy of seeing the husky dogs from the villages in the area, the people who dress in the folk costume during the Holidays and you can stay in the guesthouses in the region where the locals are warm, cheerful and welcoming.

The most famous accommodation places are at Săpânța, Poienile Izei, Țara Lapușului and Valea Izei. The views from Maramureș are unforgettable, and the wooden churches must be visited at least once in your life - Rohia, Bârsana.

Babele, Bucegi

Prahova Valley is a perfect destination for winter vacation.

In the Prahova Valley region it is incredibly beautiful in winter, especially due to the picturesque areas offered by the Carpathian Mountains. Here are dream mountain resorts, with great views, and in addition you can ski on the slopes of Predeal. You can visit Sinaia and Busteni, and you can also climb the Sphinx and the Babes.

Peles Castle

In Sinaia you must go to Peles Castle and Pelis Castle to admire the architecture of these unique sights.

Bran castle

Rucăr-Bran area, Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului

Here you will have the joy of visiting Bran Castle which has a special charm to stay a few days you can stay at one of the guesthouses in the area where the rural landscape is incredible, with many hills and deep valleys. In the Rucăr-Bran corridor is the village of Fundata at an altitude of 1360 m. Other natural objectives are the Moieciului Gorges, the Zărnești Gorges, the Grădiștei Gorges, the Dâmbovicioara Gorges but also the La Chișătoare Nature Reserves.

Sâmbăta de Sus, Brâncoveanu Monastery

Făgăraș County is a perfect area to spend the winter holidays.

Here is the village of Sâmbăta de Sus, right at the foot of the Făgăraș Mountains, situated on a river that springs from the Moldoveanu peak (2544 m high). It is called the Village of Brâncovenilor, because the Brâncovenii and their nemesis lived on these lands. Tourists can visit the famous tourist attractions: Constantin Brâncoveanu Monastery and Brâncovenesc Castle. Nearby is the slope from Drăguș which is about 500 m and where in winter you can have fun skiing. Other tourist attractions are the Saxon churches Cincu, Cincșor, Viscri and Rodbav which are fortified as fortresses.

In tourism you can only work with happy people!



This is the axiom behind it Janos Fulop-Nagy, the general manager of Balneoclimaterica SA and which he also communicated to the participants in Spa Tourism Forum organized by the O.P.T.B.R. in October 2015, at Sovata.

For this reason tourism it is considered the smile industry and there is no person involved who does not know how much this universal manifestation of respect and appreciation is worth.

The spa segment is also aimed at healthy people!

The balneo segment is not only addressed to an age group at which certain diseases have set in, but is especially helpful to humans. healthy . We all need to permanently recover our work capacity, to prevent diseases and to regain our well-being, the only natural state of man, in which we can work, create and be happy! argues Janos Fulop-Nagy.

As a manager, the most important thing you can offer customers comes with a relaxed, totally benevolent attitude of all staff who provide tourism and medical services. That is why he has never stopped looking for a competent and professional human resource and admits that it is increasingly difficult to find young people who want to work in the hospitality industry, identifying this problem as one of the most complex.

The tourist complex he pastors consists of the former Sovata Hotel, which is now called the Danubius., Hotel Brădet and Hotel Făget. All three form a integrated spa complex, and the spearhead is without a doubt Danubius Hotel.

From my point of view, it is one of the best Romanian hotels in the area spa, classified to four true stars - not cheated as is often the case on our mioritic lands & # 8211 and which can offer both medical services and superior accommodation.

I appreciate the fact that, as the spa tourist packages are designed, families with children are encouraged to spend their holidays here. Four freshwater and one saltwater pools, educational and fun activities specifically created for the little ones, leave enough time for parents to leisurely perform the spa procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Sovata, one of the favorites of Romanians

In her turn, Suzana Pretorian, medical director, present at the same event - the Spa Tourism Forum & # 8211 made a convincing review of the virtues through which Sovata it became so well known that it gave birth to an entire folklore:

Once upon a time there were salt mines which by collapse formed depressions in which water accumulated. Thus, high concentration salt lakes were born. This is the case of Bear Lake, unique monument in Europe. The first spa in the area built here dates from 1928.

The treatment applied to our patients and clients is complex, diverse and personalized and involves baths in the lake able to free you from a series of very common diseases in Romania: bronchitis, asthma, dermatitis, vascular problems, but especially rheumatism and gynecological diseases, infertility couple, etc.

Among the services offered by the Danubius Hotel are the therapeutic ones performed in the excellently equipped treatment base, but also for wellness, fitness, antistress, nutritional guidance.

The hotel’s restaurant offers local, Transylvanian and international specialties.

Holidays in northern Italy: 8 places you have to go

Although I often choose Italy when I start planning a new vacation (so often that I end up exasperating the people around me), I have to admit that I am still surprised at how beautiful the places here are. From the north to the south, from the rich areas, to the regions where poverty and misery are visible at every step, such as Sicily, for me Italy is simply fascinating.

The scenery is impressive, the food is delicious, the people are usually very relaxed, cheerful and welcoming, and the prices are kept within decent limits, unlike many other countries in Western and Northern Europe.

Last week I arrived in Milan for the second time and, as I already knew the city, I said it was time for a marathon around, especially since, a few years ago, I became a real obsession with Lake Como and the places here. And if you are also planning a holiday in northern Italy this summer (and not only - if you do not tolerate excessive temperatures too well, I recommend you go to Italy in spring and autumn), here is what you should include on the must see list .


For me, Bellagio is the most beautiful town on Lake Como, but also one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I just don't think there is anyone who claims the opposite, who doesn't fall in love with the landscapes of Bellagio, the colorful streets, this perfect combination of silence and bustle that exists here. Even though it is small and can be covered in a few hours, I say stay here for at least two days to enjoy it in the true sense of the word. And for the best view of the lake, I recommend you go to the north of the city, in the La Punta area, at the point where Como forks: your Instagram account will be grateful.


Another fairytale town on the shores of Lake Como is Varenna, which can be reached by train from Milan’s Stazione Centrale in just one hour. After a walk on the seafront, head to Castello di Vezio, an old fortification dating back to ancient times. From here, head to the famous Villa Monastero and the Church of San Giorgio, two of Varenna's main tourist attractions. In addition, if you feel like a walk on the lake, you can take the ferry to other cities on the lake, such as Bellagio, Menaggio or Griante.

Although it often loses ground in front of the first two cities I have about, Como is worth including in the holiday route through northern Italy. The city is also known for the silk made here (there is even a Silk Museum), but also for the Dome in the center, one of the most imposing Gothic buildings in Italy. And if you pass through Como, don't miss a funicular trip to Brunate, a village hidden among the hills, from where you can admire the lake in all its splendor.


Less than 50 kilometers from Milan is Bergamo (where the airport of the same name is), a charming town with many castles, museums and chic squares. Bergamo is the perfect choice for art and history lovers, so if you plan to visit it, go to the list of unmissable attractions and Piazza Vecchia, the Venetian Walls and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Desenzano del Garda & Sirmione

When it comes to vacations, most of all I like to discover places about which I know absolutely nothing, but which I can no longer get out of my mind and heart. And if I told you above about the towns of Lake Como, I can not fail to mention two absolutely incredible destinations, this time on the shores of Lake Garda: Desenzano del Garda and Sirmione (between the two is a distance of 20 minutes with the ferry). If Desenzano is a perfect city for the fun-loving, with many restaurants, clubs, cafes and ice cream parlors, Sirmione seemed a bit more picturesque, a small town with a medieval castle (Scaliger), sunny beaches and taverns where you can try the best fish specialties (freshly caught from the lake: D).


With Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare turned Verona into one of the most romantic destinations in the world. But in addition to the famous House of Juliet (you probably already know the pictures with the balcony in the story), Verona has many other spectacular places to offer: the imposing Castevecchio and the bridge of the same name, Piazza dei Signori, Arena di Verona, an amphitheater dating from 30 BC, and Piazza delle Erbe, where, in the past, fighting races and public events were held.


You can't visit northern Italy without stopping in fabulous Venice. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, the historic Rialto Bridge, the gondolas, the Galleria dell & # 8217Accademia: no matter what your holiday plans are in Venice, it's impossible not to find something you like. The whole city looks like an architectural masterpiece in the open air, so it will be extremely difficult for you to leave such a place.

Poems for young children, ideal for the preschool group and the small group

of S. Mihalcov

Dwarf, dwarf, chick,
My little girl slept lightly
My mother sings softly, whispered,
Our daughter fell asleep.

My handkerchief is small,
And his nose is tiny.
I will be a good child,
Take care of him,
I don't mean the world,
Look at the Dirty Man!

Winter is coming,
I let it come,
I look forward to it,
Even if it blows,
I'll be well dressed
With hat and coat
With gloves and socks.

by Mircea Micu

Snowy white winter,
Leave us some sun
And heat that acous
We'll go sledding!

Ghiocel mititel,
Like a bell,
Get your head out of the snow,
The kids want to see you.

Beloved nun
Today is your birthday,
To be happy
From the bottom of my heart I would like to.

Mother's Day

Dear mother
What could I do?
Wish you a birthday?
Joy, health,
Good luck and good luck to all,
Peace and clear days
To be able to raise me.

You can use poems for young children to teach your little one various life skills.

by Dan Faur

Darkness. Heavy darkness.
What do you see here and there?
What lights up, what shone
How much of a match?
Won't there be stars in the grass, little ones?
I would, from where & # 8230Licurici.

Crow, kitten,
The poor thing is very sad.
What's with her for a week?
It has no ball of wool
Throw it away and give it away
Hard, hard on the floor.

A kitten as orange
It is played by praise
With a paper ball,
Red and blue,
Little, how I like it.

by Ion Ţârlea

My teddy bear doesn't know
Not even a poem.
But I know how much you crave,
I'll tell you if you want.
The bear is very small,
I learn for him too.

My beloved bunny
When did you run away?
You have tiny paws,
Eyes, two beads.
Mustache in the mouth
And a patch of tail.

Come on smell, come on pussy,
You sleep, you sleep without fear,
To caress you
Good old man
And sing to you slowly
Mugur, mugur, mugurel.

by Maria Negrea

I have a mythical house
And in it a doll.
I would enjoy it,
If he would listen to me.

She's just diligent about food
Both at play and at food.
He still doesn't know he's alive
They work and learn.

The teacher
by Ion Socol

Games, poetry teach us
As a caring mother,
She's talking to us
And a source of joy.

It's autumn outside now
And everything got cold,
But we all strong
I came to kindergarten.

Santa Claus

With all kinds of toys,
Girls and boys come one by one,
At the children's carnival
Santa's waiting for him.


Pepper nose,
My eyes are coal.
Broom under his arm
It looks great.

I put the pot on his head
Instead of a hat,
How long it will be in the cold
Don't be cold anymore.

The night decreases, the day increases
And the snow melted,
Swallow chirps,
Spring has arrived.

Nicu's tractor

Nicu has a tractor
With steering wheel and engine.
But his tractor now
Go home, not on the road.

by Mircea Micu

He crawls on the path
With the house on his back
It's like my brother Florita
When he goes to kindergarten.

of A Barto

I love my horse
The tail, the mane smooth
And I'm going in a big hurry
Let me see each of you.

by Mircea Micu

Cry a dwarf icicle
Upset that the sun
He soaked her legs.

of Evg. Cearuşin

"Bunny, what are you doing here?"
Old hedgehog asks him,
Why are you crying so hard? ”
"Some beasts scared me.
I'm sitting by the lake
And he keeps shouting: oac, oac, oac. ”

Butterfly from flower to flower
You fluttered your wings
Wait, stop a cell,
Get me on a wing.
Take me far into the distance
Let me see other countries.

by Mircea Micu

Ga, ga, ga, around the huts,
Who greets me first?
White and mottled goose:
Come on, stop her if you can.

Homemade ice cream for a delicious summer

Summer is the sweetest season, both for you and for Vitalact cows. For us and for them & # 8230 summer goes best with fresh dairy, 100% natural. We could not imagine a day with the Sun without a huge portion of ice cream that was too delicious and healthy at the same time.

What if you could make the best homemade ice cream in the world in your own kitchen?

A few grams of Vitalact cream, lots and lots of fresh fruit and a ton of passion for good taste & # 8230and maybe a little piece of soul at the end.

Here are 2 recipes that will sweeten your summer!

1. Ice cream with cheerful strawberries

-200 g fresh and sweet strawberries

-200 g of natural Vitalact cream

-150 g delicious Vitalact milk

Using a blender, mix the strawberries with the milk, essence and salt until a homogeneous composition is obtained. Then gradually add the sugar and finally the cream. Mix all the ingredients super well then put in the freezer for an hour. After this step, remove the ice cream and mix with the mixer to obtain a creamy paste.

For extra flavor, add large pieces of strawberries and leave in the freezer for a few hours.

2. Ice cream with sweet cheese

-250 g of Vitalact sweet cheese in a bucket

-4 tablespoons of Vitalact cream

A simpler preparation than that could not be: mix all the ingredients in a bowl, until you get a homogeneous composition, which you put for an hour in the freezer. After this procedure, take it out of the fridge and mix it, and after an hour in the freezer, repeat the process for extra creaminess.

Homemade milk ice cream is the best and healthiest choice for children and adults, having as a basic ingredient 100% natural dairy products, whose flavor blends harmoniously with the freshness of seasonal fruits & # 8230 in a demented taste.

Every summer is worth living with ice cream flavor! The best part is that you will spend some time in the kitchen and you will always have a super natural and tasty dessert at hand!


CADET IN THE NAVY - TWO YEARS ON THE BRIC "MIRCEA". PROMOTION BOOK 1976 ANMB. Episode 4. (Previous episodes can be read HERE).

In custody in Mangalia.

Another busy week of education was over on board the razor. Saturday was expected, for the light activities we had, but also for the visits to Constanţa, where we had already become friends, young ladies who were waiting for us kindly and lovingly, at the entrance to the port.

Autumn was still mild with us, and the warm weather was not far from the sea.

We served the meal and then went to bathe and change the linen, provided by Major Sergeant Vremir Vladimir, the company lieutenant. Everyone was getting ready to go out. The deputy commander of the company, Lieutenant Aurel Vlaiescu, had written and stamped the tickets, and at the end of the program he had ordered Vremir to inspect our outfits, instruct us and hand us our tickets at the time set for leaving the city. free will. To Vremir, a fresh graduate of the school of stewards, it seemed to us that we were looking at him from above and "taking him by the leg" when it came to the army, general culture or behavior in society. He was as he was, but still he realized our often hostile attitude to his drunkenness.

Contemporary stories with a happy ending

Puppy Ham, Ham (Rojdaş Mara)

A puppy lived a long time ago. His name was Ham Ham. He was nicknamed that because he barked a lot. He even had a mistress named Ina. Ina loved Ham Ham very much.
One day, while Ina was shopping, Ham Ham saw a white cat with green eyes. The cat approached Ham Ham and whispered:

& # 8211 Come on, what are you waiting for? Bite my tail, I know you want to! Of course, the cat was clever, she wanted to lure him to the landfill. You know the saying: never believe green eyes!
Ham Ham didn't realize and followed her. When the cat arrived, she hid in a hole made especially for her. Ham Ham reached it, but the cat was faster and covered its tracks. The puppy did not see the cat's hole. Because Ham Ham had never been there, he began to bark: Ham! Ham! Harness!

Only a pigeon heard a loud bark. The pigeon was trying to sleep. He woke up angry, sullen, and shouted: "Garbage, slower, I want to sleep!" Then he looked down and saw Ham Ham. The moment they looked at each other, they were scared of each other.

& # 8211 Aha, so you are the one who wakes up the world!
& # 8211 Oh, sorry, I didn 't know you were sleeping!
& # 8211 Okay, okay, I forgive you!
& # 8211 Really, thank you!
& # 8211 Take, day, how did you get here?
& # 8211 A cat challenged me and I didn't realize it.
& # 8211 A, I understand perfectly!
& # 8211 Are you serious?
& # 8211 Nu.

& # 8211 Well, I'll get you out of here!
& # 8211 Oh, it would be good, because my mistress Ina is going to come home and I think she's going to have a heart attack if she notices that I'm gone.
& # 8211 Good! Here's how we do it! You follow me closely. I will fly, and you will follow me.
& # 8211 Okay, but how do you know what kind of house you need to find?
& # 8211 Simple, describe it to me.
& # 8211 Good: red roof, yellow house and brown wooden door. And so the two
they set off. Fortunately, the pigeon found the puppy's house.

Ham Ham ran home harder than ever.
That's when Ina came home.
Ham Ham jumped on Ina and licked her with all the joy in the world. Ina wonders:
& # 8211 What's up boy? Why do you jump and lick me like that? Oh, I understand you! You missed me!
But before the pigeon left, Ham Ham thanked him from the bottom of his heart for having him

Fănuţă's school (after Spiridon Vangheli)

For a while now, Fănuţă has not been seen in the yard. He walks around the village with the older boys and looks for school books. Eventually, he finds four reading books and one math book. Then he passed by his cousin and borrowed the backpack. In the evening, before September 15, he went to bed early, but could not fall asleep: the dog was barking. What if Santa steals his backpack overnight? Fănuţă went outside and untied Griva.

In the morning he found the backpack in its place. The dog had been fighting Santa Claus all night and was now sleeping in a shack. Fănuţă washed his face and ears well. Then he put on his new suit, tore a flower from the garden, and one or two, one or two, with his backpack behind him, toward the school.

- If you have a book, you go to the first class, if you have two, in the second & # 8211, Fănuţă counts on the road. E-he-he, how many I beat!
When he enters school, here's the principal.
- Fan? The director's eyes widen. Well, you're as big as a backpack! Until the first grade, you still have to grow a nightmare…

Fănuţă did not enter the land of shame because there were a lot of children in school. He returned home angry. He looked for his father, who could not see his business.
- Dad, give me a school in the yard!
Dad scratched his head.
- A school, huh? and starts laughing.
"Make me a bench first!" says Fănuţă.
- A bench, yes, my father lights up.

After a week, here comes the craftsman. He puts it in the orchard, which was close to the school.
When he heard the school bell, Fănuţă sat down on the bench and did his homework. When he caught his ear: "one or two…, the left!", He would come out of the bench and walk at a steady pace, back and forth. If the school sang, Fănuţă beat the drum tactfully… But the neighbors' children always stared over the fence. How they would have stayed in that bench too! I only hear from Fănuţă's mouth that, if they have new clothes and books, one can come to his school one by one.

The dissatisfied star
(Rojdaş Mara)

Once upon a time there was a star in the cosmos. Of course, she also had friends like: the star on Mars, the star on Pluto and the star on Saturn. One day, the Cosmos star looked down. Astonished by that colorful planet, she marvels:

& # 8211 Wow, it 's so beautiful! she said.
& # 8211 What is the star in the cosmos? asked the Saturn star.
& # 8211 That planet is wonderful! But what is it?
& # 8211 That's the Earth!
& # 8211 I'll go there!
& # 8211 Don't do this! You won't be able to come back!
& # 8211 Don't be scared, dear friend! I'll be back!

Said and done. The Cosmos Star is leaving. But as he approached the ground, he began to collapse. Fortunately, her friends announced the other stars. They saved the star from the cosmos and no one was harmed. She got home safely and lived a happy life. And I got in a saddle and I told you the story like that!

The most beautiful children

It is said that one day a crow met an owl. As they had known each other for a long time and were even friends, and as it is known that owls are accustomed to eat the chicks of other birds, the crow, which had just become the mother after many expectations, asks the owl to be careful not to eat the chicks, which he loved them like the back of his head.

The owl asks the crow, what are her cubs, what does it look like, so as not to eat them without knowing it. Then the crow, with great love for her children, told her that the most beautiful chicks in the forest were her chicks, that she would not be able to confuse them, so where would she see the most beautiful chicks to get around that nest, because it was her nest & # 8230

Said and done! One morning, coming home, the crow found its young missing, a sign that the owl had passed by. Desperate, she went to the owl and, crying with fire, asked her why she had killed her chicks, because he had asked her not to. Then the owl, astonished, told him that the chicks in that nest were the ugliest chicks she had ever seen in her life, and she did not imagine that they might be her friend's, for only she had told him that they were the most beautiful chicks in her life. the whole forest & # 8230

The moral is that all parents have the impression that their puppies are the most beautiful, the best puppies in the world & # 8230 And let someone dare to say the opposite!

The abandoned fairy (Rojdaş Mara)

Did you know, children, that in the depths of the forest there is a village populated only by fairies? Well, in that village, fairy children were made with the help of enchanted tulips. The fairies sat down in front of a tulip, which she then had to grease with fairy dust. Well, this fairy who anointed the tulip is the fairy in our story. Her name was Rozalinda.

She did not believe in the legend that if she anointed a tulip with fairy dust, a fairy child would come out of that tulip. And then Rozalinda, incredulous, tried the method. When he saw it going, he said:
& # 8211 Are your eyes cheating on me somehow? I don't like children! Oh! I should have believed the other fairies. As time passed, so did the nine months.

Rozalinda's tulip was supposed to open, but the fairy didn't even want to hear. He became angry and said:
& # 8211 I thought the story of the tulips opening and fairy babies not coming true! Well, I'm not even going to see my baby!

Even though nine months had passed, Rozalinda still hated children. But now it was time for the little fairy child to make his presence felt. Rozalinda still didn't want to see him. So the poor child did not even know that his mother had left him. Fortunately, a fairy was passing by. The baby came out of the tulip and fell into her arms. The fairy, happier than ever, had no words for emotion. At least she loved children so much. So the little baby was lucky.

But the fairy, amazed by the little boy's beauty, forgot for a moment that she was not her child and said in her mind: Wait, this is not my child! They and? Who cares? It's mine if it was shown to me, it's my first child! She stopped thinking, took her child home. Only then did she realize that the baby was an adorable little girl!

& # 8211 Oh my God, I think I will be a wonderful mother! said the fairy at the height of her happiness.
În ziua următoare, copila primi şi un nume: Floricica. Tocmai când zâna dormea mai bine, micuţa Floricica se trezi şi începu să urle pentru că se simţea singură:
-Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Zâna se trezi speriată şi alergă în camera bebeluşei.
– Ah, Doamne Dumnezeule! Şi o luă pe Floricica în braţe.
– Şşşşşşşşşş. Gata puişor mic, mama e aici. Floricica se linişti.

Tic, tac, tic, tac, …timpul trecu, iar zâna Floricica împlini optsprezece ani. Mama sa adoptivă îi spuse fetei că ea nu e mama ei naturală. Floricica se împăcă cu gândul deoarece ştia că zâna o iubeşte mai mult decât orice pe lume.
Şi uite aşa, dragi copii, Floricica reuşise să ducă o viaţă frumoasă alături de mama ei adoptivă. Importantă e iubirea şi afecţiunea. Dacă un copil se simte iubit nimic nu mai contează. Nu ştiu ce s-a întâmplat cu Rozalinda. Probabil e tot singură.

Buburuza Bibi (Rojdaş Mara)

Într-o zi de primăvară, în pădure, din iarba lucioasă acoperită cu rouă proaspătă, a ieşit o buburuză. Numele micuţei buburuze era Bibi. Bibi era foarte fericită pentru că a venit anotimpul mărgăritarelor, al misterelor, al purităţii, al reînvierii naturii.

– Ah ce bine e să ieşi din nou afară! zise ea zâmbind şi uitându-se la cerul albastru asemenea florilor de nu-mă-uita. Dar dintr-o dată, începu o furtună îngrozitoare! Sărmana Bibi se întristă văzând copacii înverziţi cutremuraţi de spaimă, iar micile plante purtate de vânt.

-Nu se poate! spuse Bibi îngrozită.
Ei bine, din păcate acea splendoare de pădure caldă, ospitalieră, s-a transformat într-o adevărată teroare zbuciumată. O atmosferă de tristeţe stăpânea pretutindeni. Toţi copacii verzi, înfloriţi se dărâmaseră, iar animalele , de frică s-au zăvorât în vizuini. Ghinionul buburuzei Bibi, care nu avea unde să se ascundă!

– Şi eu ce mă fac? O să mor de frig! Dar o veveriţă trecea în fugă speriată şi văzând-o pe Bibi îngrozită, o întrebă:
– Da tu, ce Doamne faci în vârtejul ăsta? Vrei să mori de frig? zise veveriţa.
– Nu, nu vreau! ţipă speriată buburuza.
– Păi şi? Dacă nu vrei să mori du-te în adăpost!
– Aş vrea eu, dar adăpostul meu a fost luat de vânt!

– Cum aşa? Din ce l-ai făcut? Păi din multe, multe frunze şi paie.
– Eu credeam că adăposturile de gândaci se fac în pământ!
– Păi da. În pământ, dar am pus toate frunzele şi paiele pentru siguranţă.
– Acum nu asta are importanţă, contează să ne salvăm!

Veveriţa având suflet bun, hotărî să o salveze cu orice preţ pe buburuză. Nu mai stătu pe gânduri şi o duse în vizuina ei care , din fericire nu fusese distrusă. Când cele două ajunseră în vizuină, buburuza îi spuse veveriţei:
– Să ştii că nu am făcut cunoştinţă. Eu sunt Bibi.
– Încântată, eu sunt veveriţa Andreea.

Şi aşa cele două se împrieteniră. După acea zi cumplită , vijelioasă , când totul fusese răscolit, animalele s-au pus pe treabă şi au reparat toate stricăciunile produse de furtună.
Bibi a reuşit cu ajutorul noii sale prietene să-şi construiască un alt adăpost în apropierea veveriţei. Astfel cele două au rămas prietene nedespărţite.

Traian Vuia este o adevărată legendă la nivel mondial.

A murit Cristina Țopescu. Dumnezeu să o odihnească!

Jurnalista Cristina Țopescu a murit. Ea a fost găsită în casă. Poliția este acum la fața locului. Informația a fost confirmată de poliție și de către șeful Ambulanței din București. Prietenii nu au reușit să o mai contacteze de aproximativ 3 săptămâni. Potrivit poliției, în cursul acestei seri, în jurul orelor 22:00, Inspectoratul de Poliție al Județului Ilfov a fost sesizat de către o femeie cu privire la faptul că vecina ei nu a mai fost văzută de aproximativ trei săptămâni. În urma sesizării, polițiștii orașului Otopeni au intrat în imobilul respectiv unde au găsit o persoană decedată care nu prezintă urme vizibile de violență. Urmează să se efectueze în cauză expertiza medico-legală. De asemenea, va fi deschis un dosar penal pentru a se afla împrejurările în care a murit jurnalista. Cristina Ţopescu locuia singură, iar în casă au mai fost găsiți trei câini morți, conform primelor informații. Alți cinci câini au fost găsiți în viață.

De la finalul anului trecut, Cristina Țopescu devenise consilier al ministrului Sănătății. Și cei de la minister au încercat să o contacteze pe Cristina Țopescu, fără succes. Au crezut însă că este plecată în străinătate și de aceea nu răspunde la telefon.

Cristina Țopescu avea 59 de ani. Era fiica celebrului comentator sportiv Cristian Țopescu. Cristina Țopescu s-a născut la Oradea, în 1960 (avea 59 de ani). A intrat în lumea televiziunii în perioada 1970-1979, când a apărut în emisiuni pentru copii. A absolvit facultatea de Limbi Străine din București. Era o mare iubitoare de annimale.

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