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Chicken breast snails

Chicken breast snails

We cut the chest into pieces, we beat each piece.

We beat the eggs together with the milk, salt and delicacy.

We give each piece of meat through the flour, then through the composition of the egg with milk ... and finally through the cornflakes and we put it in the well-heated oil until it browns.

After all the snails are ready, we put them on a napkin to absorb the oil.

We served it with a mashed potato.

Good appetite!!!

Holstein Snails from Chicken Breast

- Divide each chicken breast in half lengthwise. Remove the short meat (small chest muscle) and store for other preparations. Each half of the chest is then split in two, wide, like a book, without cutting it down, leaving a 'spine '. The obtained pieces are placed between two sheets of food foil and beat with the flat part of the meat hammer or with the corkscrew, until it doubles in size.

- prepare a bowl with flour, one with beaten eggs and another with breadcrumbs

- then pass to the double dressing of the meat: pass the meat first through the flour then through the beaten eggs, again through the flour and eggs, only at the end through the breadcrumbs. This is how to dress any snail made of tender meat and susceptible to drying during frying (piglet, veal or beef), the double layer ensuring a slow frying and the meat will remain tender with an extremely crispy and tasty crust.

- then fry the snails obtained in enough oil, over medium heat. Keep warm in the preheated oven until garnished.

- Melt the bacon in a tablespoon of oil, add the boiled potatoes and cut into cubes and finely chop the onion and fry until golden

- make a sauce from two pieces of melted anchovies in a tablespoon of oil, add the finely chopped garlic and quench with a glass of red wine when the alcohol has evaporated, add a glass of chicken soup, salt and pepper and boil until reduced by half. It is sweetened with a teaspoon of honey and as a spice, a teaspoon of mustard

- fry the eggs in a special shape and transfer to the serving: a piece of schnitzel over which you put the fried egg and the wine sauce and next to the sauteed potatoes.


Very good! In addition to salt and pepper, I put the paprika or hot peppers and leave them to soak a little, only then I pass them through flour and egg and fry them.

Sidy (Chef de cuisine), December 8, 2009

The best snits! Wonderful.

cristina i. (Chef de cuisine), December 8, 2009

maria mihalache (Chef de cuisine), December 8, 2009

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), December 8, 2009

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), December 8, 2009

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), September 9, 2009

Thank you for your appreciation. Valentina, I had a crazy craving for the snacks presented by you. I will do it according to your recipe.

vera (Chef), August 30, 2009

I add a little cream in the egg for the snits, they come out so fluffy and good :)

dicarmencitta1957, 30 August 2009

They look really good, I'm sure they are also tasty, congratulations.

LASZLO (Chef de cuisine), August 28, 2009

Hello. I recommend trying a potato flake bread. It's super cool. Your recipe is my wife's favorite. It is a weekly menu.

1 large chicken breast
3 eggs
1 glass of breadcrumbs
1 glass of flour
salt pepper

Bone the chicken breast, break it into several pieces, put a cling film on top and beat the slices with a hammer until they become very thin.
The chest slices are given first through the flour. Beat eggs with a pinch of salt and add the delicacy and pepper. Pass the snails through the egg composition, drain well, pass again through the flour and again through the egg. Then roll in breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil. Remove on napkins to absorb oil.