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Cherry cake

Cherry cake

I beat the egg whites hard, then I added the sugar in the rain and I continued to froth them, until a strong meringue resulted.

I added the yolks, flour and essence, mixed lightly, then poured 3/4 of the composition into the pot of the appliance, greased with a little butter and powdered with flour.

I mixed the rest of the composition with a spoon of cocoa and poured it from place to place on top of the first composition.

I powdered the cherries with a little flour and placed them on top of the composition.

I pressed the BAKE function, then 160 degrees and the time was 35 minutes and I closed the lid of the device.

After the baking period, I disconnected the appliance, leaving the cake in the appliance for another 5 minutes, then I took it out very easily with the help of the paddle.

I placed the cake on a support, dusted it with powdered sugar, then sliced ​​it.