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Nose rings

Nose rings

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Prepare 2 or more large, sweet rolls of high quality Gold Maya wheat flour and give them to the godparents during the wedding (at the end) or the day after the wedding. The number of rolls differs, depending on the region: in some areas there are 2 rolls for the 2 godparents, while in other regions 6 rolls are offered for each nose (being prepared, in total, 12 rolls for the godparents). The rolls are prepared and given as a gift by grandparents.

The custom is observed in some areas (Moldova - including the Republic of Moldova) but is totally unknown in other regions (Banat, Transylvania, etc.).

In some regions (Oltenia, Muntenia, etc.), the nose ring is offered during the wedding and is accompanied by different gifts: chicken nose, handmade towels, bed linen, traditional clothing, etc ..

Currently, in some regions the Finns offer their godparents 2 small cakes, instead of rolls.

Prepare the dough as follows: dissolve the yeast in a glass of warm water; then add 2 tablespoons of Gold Maya flour, 2 teaspoons of sugar, salt and mix until a dense creamy composition.

Put the dough in a warm place for 20-30 minutes.

In a deep bowl, sift the flour, add the eggs, sugar, oil, water and mix, add the dough.

Knead until you get an elastic dough and let it rest in a dry place for 1-1.5 hours.

After the rest period, knead the dough and leave it warm, covered with a cloth, for 35-40 min.

Then, the dough is divided into 3 unequal pieces, of approximately 40%, 40% and 20%, from which 3 balls of different sizes are formed which are left to "rest".

Each large ball is divided, in turn, into three equal parts from which long strips are intertwined that are intertwined in 3. Each braid is pressed with a wooden facet, twisted in a circle and the ends are joined to obtain two coils of the two large balls. ţ

The 2 coils are placed on top of each other, so that the place where the top coil was joined is as far away as possible from the place where the bottom coil was joined.

The third ball of dough is also divided into 3 parts from which 3 strips of dough are shaped, which are intertwined and with which the cake is decorated.

Grease the cake with beaten egg.

Add the decoration (flowers and leaves prepared from dough without egg, sugar and oil) and bake at 175-180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Kurtos Kalacs

1. Put the flour in a bowl and make a small hole in the middle. Put the yeast in this hole and then pour the lukewarm milk. Mix well by hand until the yeast is completely dissolved in the milk. Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave for 10-15 minutes, until the yeast starts to 'work'.

2. Separately, mix the melted butter, sugar and eggs, then pour over the dough and knead well. Leave the dough to rise in a warm place for about an hour.

3. In the meantime, 'tools' can be prepared. In order to obtain the specific shape of Kurtos Kalacs, empty beer cans well covered with aluminum foil can be used. The foil is then greased with melted butter so that it can be easily peeled off at the end.

4. When the dough is leavened, spread it in narrow, long strips on the work surface. These strips are wrapped on beer cans 'packed' in aluminum foil.

5. Traditional coils are baked on hot coals, but the oven can also be used. In this case, bake for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees. After the first 10 minutes, take them out of the oven or take them off the grill, grease them with melted butter, then add them to the sugar and let them simmer for another 10 minutes or until the sugar caramelizes slightly. The rolls can also be given through weddings, cinnamon, etc.

6. When the roll is ready, hit the end of the beer can on a hard surface and the baked dough should slide slightly.

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You can treat sinusitis, if you have a milder form of the disease, without going to the doctor (but do not forget that it is best for the doctor to make a correct diagnosis), by following the following recommendations:

& bull to rest well
& bull to drink plenty of fluids
& bull to take pain medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen
& bull to avoid the factors that trigger your allergies and not to smoke
& bull to clean your nose with a saline solution (salt water), to calm the congestion

You can also try the following methods:

- Keep a warm and clean towel over your face for a few minutes, several times a day
- inhale the steam from a bowl or basin with hot water.

Fluffy fasting coils for alms, memorial (Japanese)

Fluffy fasting coils for alms, memorial. Also called & # 8222japanese & # 8221, these traditional homemade rolls are very easy to weave, they are reddish and fluffy. Lent rolls anointed with honey are offered, along with the cage, at the church, at Orthodox alms and memorials, but they can also be prepared as a fasting dessert.

These fluffy fasting rolls or Japanese are made from simple leavened dough which, after baking, unfolds into notebooks (shovels). Braided coils which, in the past, you could find in pastry shops under the name of & # 8222Japanese & # 8221 due to their resemblance to the cocoon of geishas. The dough is light, without eggs, butter or milk, but well flavored with vanilla, lemon peel and / or orange.

The recipe for these fasting rolls is somewhat similar to that of Moldovan martyrs & # 8211 recipe here.

If you want you can add candied fruit or raisins, cranberries, shit, etc. to the dough for the rolls. Also, after baking and spreading with honey syrup you can sprinkle them with walnuts. I preferred to leave them simple.

You can find it here and the cage recipe for alms, memorials.

to Winter estates give alms and meatballs or colds. I leave the recipes here pork meatballs (see here), chicken, turkey, coconut (see here) or of smoked ciolan (see here).

And their dimensions can vary, depending on preferences. From the quantities below you get 5 larger or 10 smaller fasting rolls.

Non-surgical remedies

It is unlikely that you will use an unproven home remedy to make your nose smaller. But there are makeup strategies that you can try to make your nose look smaller, such as the contour of your nose. Lots of YouTube tutorial videos exploring methods of nose contouring. The basic idea is simple:

  1. Using a bronzer that has two shades darker than your skin tone, contour your nose on both sides.
  2. Use a matte highlighter to track the & # 238narrow contour of the nose and draw attention to it.
  3. Use a beauty blender to render shadows and highlight this effect. Some practices may be needed, but many people love the result of this makeup technique.

You can also consider what is called non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is a procedure that injects a temporary filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane, into the structure of the nose. These fillers will temporarily eliminate even bumps, dents or other asymmetries in the nose. The effect can last up to six months.

Essential oils for sinusitis

Mix 3-4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil and 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil.

In order not to irritate the skin you can mix these oils with one base & # 8211 olives, coconut, almonds.

With this mixture, massage your neck, temples and nape with your fingers.

Repeat the massage every few hours for maximum benefits.

The essential oils in this recipe are decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, analgesic and anti-microbial.

4 natural remedies for removing crusts from the nose

According to anecdotal data, these natural remedies can help speed up wound healing and therefore remove crusts from the nose, especially from the outside. However, people should always use them after consulting a doctor to avoid allergies and other side effects.

None of these substances should be applied inside the nose, as they may cause irritation and other discomfort.

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very popular medicinal plant. The viscous, gelatinous substance extracted from its leaves has many beneficial properties for health, both internally and externally.

According to popular wisdom, the topical application of aloe vera helps stimulate regeneration and moisturize the skin. Because of these two virtues, this natural remedy is very effective in removing scabs from the nose.

  • If the gel is natural, you need to run it through the water to remove the yellow layer.
  • Before applying it on the affected area, we recommend that you do an allergy test at home. To do this, apply gel on a small area of ​​the forearm and observe the reaction for about 30-40 minutes.
  • If there are no adverse reactions, you can apply aloe vera gel (pure or packaged) on the affected area several times a day.
  • In some pharmacies and health food stores, you will find aloe vera drops for treatment.

2. Rosehip oil to remove crusts from the nose

Rosehip oil it is excellent for skin hydration and elasticity. This can help prevent injuries and thus nose crusts. The regenerating effect of this oil is so positive that people use it to prepare all kinds of cosmetics, including those aimed at preventing and reducing wrinkles, correcting stretch marks and blemishes, etc. However, it is quite dense, being recommended especially for very dry and mature skin.

  • Take a small amount (one or two drops) and apply it on the affected area to hydrate it and promote its regeneration.

3. Common marigolds

Marigold flowers are famous because they have many properties to treat certain dermatological problems. They can help relieve bruising as well as soothe the skin in case of swelling. That is why are considered a good remedy to remove nasal crusts, whether they occur due to rhinitis or herpes.

You can find different products based on marigold, such as oil, extract or creams, among others. All these are very good options that you can include in the first aid kit.

What does the shape of your nose say about you? I am an honest and loved person

You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at his face. The shape of the nose is important in this case as well.

Nose shape and personality

The shape of your nose can say more about you than you think. The figure above shows 5 nose shapes. Find yours and read the description below.

Do you have a sharp nose? It is a sign that you are insecure about yourself and it is difficult for you to make a decision. Plus, you're an introvert.

People with slightly convex and drooping nose they have a strong character, they are confident and they can't stand compromises. In the relationship you like to dominate, so you are looking for a said person.

you right nose? You are a simple person. In life you let yourself be guided by honesty. You like to be with people and you have a good influence on them.

A hunchbacked nose shows that you like to receive compliments from others, that's why you try to impress people. In a relationship you give your best and you are loyal.

A very small nose indicates that you are the one who must always be right. You don't like to be questioned. You will be good as a boss. You like to dominate your emotional life.

Meatless dishes

Here you will find recipes for meatless foods which will be of real help during fasting or if you follow a vegetarian menu. We have prepared a collection of recipes for meatless meat that we recommend you consult:

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