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Prim's Basil Goat Cheese Bites

Prim's Basil Goat Cheese Bites

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    • Prep 15min
    • Total20min
    • Servings24

    Host a Hunger Games party and serve up these delicious basil-wrapped goat cheese bites, inspired by Prim in the bookMORE+LESS-


    Updated May 5, 2015



    ounces goat cheese


    basil leaves


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      Using a spoon or melon baller, roll goat cheese into 24 small balls.

    • 2

      Wrap a basil leaf around goat cheese ball and flip over. Secure with a toothpick

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    Prim’s Basil and Goat Cheese Bites

    So excited for our new Book of the Month: The Hunger Games! I’ve loved both the books and the movies, and since Mockingjay Part 1 is coming out later this month, it seemed like the perfect time for a Hunger Games menu. Luckily, the books feature so many recipes, any difficulty in developing a menu comes from the sheer number of options.

    For the appetizer, I wanted to feature a recipe that appears early in the first book, before the Games even start. Prim’s gift to Katniss of basil-wrapped goat cheese was the clear choice—a light, delicious salute to Prim and an example of the simple life in District 12.

    P.S. The recipe I use here is an altered version of one found in the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook.

    Cherry Tomato, Basil, Goat Cheese Appetizers

    Disclaimer: The Flavor Bender is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. There are links on this site that can be defined as “affiliate links”. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you) that will help support this website.

    Have you noticed how versatile puff pastry is? Light, airy, flaky, buttery and delicious, puff pastry is not only a regular at parties but they can also be dressed up in countless ways to make all kinds of savoury and sweet starters, mains and desserts. Can you think of anything else that comes close in terms of versatility? And appetizers (or hors d’oeuvres, if you want to get all fancy and Frenchy) in particular are a great vehicle to showcase this incredible potential. But unfortunately making classic puff pastry at home can be a classic pain in the posterior. This is probably why homemade puff pastry isn’t all that regular at parties and gatherings and whatnots even though puff pastry is. But fear not! With this recipe, making quick and easy rough puff pastry that’s just as good as the classic version need not be intimidating anymore and will take no more than 30-40 minutes of your precious time.

    In a sequel to my puff pastry based appetizer idea for holiday gatherings from earlier this week, I’ve got another appetizing idea for your Christmas party that is easy to assemble, can be made ahead of time and is also very big on flavours! Made with simple and fresh ingredients, these Cherry Tomato, Basil, Goat Cheese Mini Tarts are not only pretty to look at but they are also guaranteed to be a hit at your party!

    Like my Pear, Prosciutto, Goat cheese & Honey Appetizers, these bite-sized tarts also use my Rough Puff Pastry as a base. However rather than cutting out the base for these tarts, I prepared these a little differently. I rolled the puff pastry sheet tightly and then once it was set, I cut the roll into small discs and then flattened them out into small circles.

    These do have a little prep work involved in terms of halving the cherry tomatoes and preparing the puff pastry discs. You can of course just cut out discs directly from the puff pastry sheet instead if you so prefer. I however like this method because this way there is minimal wastage of the pastry and most importantly this method seems to add another element of flakiness to the pastry, which I absolutely love!

    You can easily double or triple this recipe. I made these tarts with only about 100g/3.5oz of rough puff pastry dough, rolled out to a 10 inch x 5 inch square.

    If you are using pre-rolled puff pastry (like Pepperidge, Edmonds or Pampas), you may want to cut the pastry into sheets that have a width of about 6 inches and any length you prefer (the length determines the number of tarts you will make).

    Note about the Puff Pastry bases –
    You can absolutely use a small rolling pin to roll out the pastry. Or do what I did, which is to flatten them by pressing down on the middle with your fingers and then slowly work your way outwards until you end up with something resembling a concave shell like shown below.

    Looking for more recipes? Sign up for my free recipe newsletter to get new recipes in your inbox each week! Find me sharing more inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

    12 Goat Cheese Appetizer Recipes Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

    When the holidays roll around, we start planning parties, like formal Friendsgivings and retro cocktail soirees. But even if you have your big batch cocktail recipes all lined up and a showstopping entree in mind, you still need an appetizer to keep guests satisfied. We love tangy, flavorful goat cheese, which pairs well with ingredients both sweet and savory. These 12 appetizer recipes will whet your guests’ appetites, so they’re ready for that next cup of punch and excited when the main course arrives.

    1. Beet and Goat Cheese Stuffed Endive: This appetizer is a classic for a reason. It’s got a well-balanced flavor profile thanks to the bitter endive, tangy goat cheese, and sweet, earthy beets. (via My Life Cookbook)

    2. Goat Cheese and Fig Crostini: We love serving crostini at parties. Not only is it easy to assemble, but you can pack surprisingly big flavors onto each little toast. (via Contes et Delices)

    3. Baked Pears With Goat Cheese and Honey: Elegant and seasonal, this appetizer is the perfect way to start a meal. It’s creamy and sweet, with just a little crunch, thanks to the pecans sprinkled on top. (via Culinary Ginger)

    4. Mini Zucchini, Pesto, and Goat Cheese Cakes: Serve these little cakes in a bread basket, or along with a cheese board. They’re moist, savory, and pair well with a variety of other flavors. (via Contes et Delices)

    5. Prosciutto, Fig Jam, and Caramelized Onion Flatbread: Salty, sweet, and grassy, naan flatbread pizza makes for a delicious appetizer when cut into small slices or squares. It’s easy enough to make that you could even serve it as an entree, with each guest getting their own. (via The Yummy Muffin)

    6. Baked Spinach and Goat Cheese Croquettes: You can make these croquettes, crispy on the outside, creamy inside, ahead of time. Just reheat them in the oven before your party. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)

    7. Whipped Goat Cheese: For holiday celebrations, swap out the ranch dip for something a little swankier. This light, whipped goat cheese is a tangy accompaniment to crudités and crackers. (via Green Valley Kitchen)

    8. Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños: Jalapeño poppers get a makeover in this recipe. Instead of cream cheese, they’re stuffed with something a little more flavorful, then wrapped in smokey bacon for added complexity. (via Cake n Knife)

    9. Baked Goat Cheese With Walnuts and Beets: Serve this salad with toast points and a tangy vinaigrette. (via Liscus by Linda)

    10. Grilled Lamb Kebab Platter With Basil Goat Cheese: Let guests pick and choose from this generously portioned lamb kebab platter. Serve with pita bread, basil goat cheese, and hummus. (via Coffee and Crayons)

    11. Marinated Goat Cheese With Garlic and Thyme: Starters don’t get much easier than this dish. Serve it with a variety of bread and crackers and herbs sprinkled on top for color and flavor. (via Nerds With Knives)

    12. Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Hummus: This hummus recipe is far from boring. It’s got a smokey, sweet flavor thanks to roasted red bell pepper, and just a bit of tang thanks to goat cheese. (via Philoso Kitchen)

    For more holiday entertaining inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

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    I made these for a holiday party for 20 people. I doubled the amount of prosciutto and used 1 1/2 containers of plain goat cheese. Piping goat cheese into the dates was easy and I cut the basil into smaller strips because my dates were not huge. Easy to make but it took time to put it all together. The men in the group liked these and I would make again.

    I've tried it with few variations - 1) plain goat cheese with basil and 2) herb goat cheese without basil everything else was according to the recipe. It was delicious, guests like it. Very easy to make and great for experimenting. I love the combination of sweet and salty. Just make sure there is a balance. Enjoy!

    I have to say I really didn't care for this recipe but I don't normally cook with dates. Ni ended up cutting the dates in half so each bite wasn't too sweet. They were not horrible but not wonderful.

    I served this at a wine tasting party and the guests loved it. I added fresh thyme and roasted walnuts to the goat cheese and wrapped them in pancetta. One guest revealed later that she thought of chucking it in the garden when no one was looking because she thought she didn't like goat cheese or dates but in the end, she had seconds! I followed the wine pairing, selecting an organic Sauvignon Blanc and ended up winning for best food and wine pairing!

    These are really great, I have also put pine nut inside with the goat cheese.

    This was delicious! Used cambozola blue cheese instead of goat cheese and people loved it. Also drizzled with balsamic vinegar after broiling. It was a hit!

    Loved this appetizer! Used cambozola blue cheese instead of goat cheese and people loved it. Also drizzled with balsamic vinegar after broiling. Was a big hit!

    I really love this. I have also used sweet grape tomatoes when they are in season at the farmer's markets. I very good sub.

    Okay, so I didn't have herbed goat cheese, just plain so I used shallot and chive boursin and it was awesome. I did not use the basil leaves but guests raved about this appetizer, there were none left and I made 1.5 recipes for a group of 8. Delicious and super easy!

    This recipe made a believer out of me! I was introduced to dates less than a year ago and not having been exposed to this fruit throughout my life, I was a bit apprehensive. I served this dish as a Thanksgiving appetizer to a very eclectic group of friends from all over the globe. It was an overwhelming success and didn't last more than 5 minutes on the plate! I followed the recipe exactly and will definitely be making this quick and easy dish for parties to come.

    These are absolutely fantastic. Perfect balance of flavors. The first time I made them, I also found the dates to be a bit overpoweringly sweet (though they were still delicious), so now, I halve the dates and keep everything the same. Super impressive dish considering it requires so little effort.

    Quite tasty and easy. Replaced dates with currants, but otherwise followed recipe. Had prosiutto and currants leftover from 2 other appetizers I made for other parties. Ate it for breakfast and would definitely make for a party!

    These were a hit at my most recent cocktail party. Very easy to make, big bang for time expended. Disagreed with other reviewers on being too sweet. I did try some with softened blue cheese, but not better than goat cheese, just different. Also wrapped a few with braesola for non-pork eaters which were well received. A keeper!

    Wow! This was awesome. Great balance of salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy. Basil brought out a subtle earthy undertone. Definitely will keep this as the go-to hors d'oeuvres when I want to impress friends without spending too many hours in the kitchen or too much money at the grocery store.

    Easy to make. Travels well. It received a few compliments, but was definitely not a hit. I doubt Iɽ make it again.

    I loved the combination of flavors, though I do think the balance could be improved. I will definitely make these again, but next time I'll try them with one of these changes, or a combination of a few: using blue cheese or a blue cheese/goat cheese mix for some pungency stuffing and wrapping halved dates to cut the sweetness a little or adding a toasted walnut or chopped walnuts to the cheese for some more texture. That said, these were pretty great for having been so easy and quick to make.

    Ran out of time. didn't broil. They were delicious even without being cooked!

    The basil can be a bit strong, I use medium sized leaves. These are awesome as they hit both sweet and savory tastes. Big hit at parties.

    Awesome recipe, made it yesterday. I didn't read the directions and chopped the basil into the cheese..still good. I used honey pitted dates, and it worked out well. The dates were thin and added some sweetness, but not a lot. Iɽ still like to try with the medjool dates. Placed them on tinfoil and did it on the bbq. Will try directly on the grill with the medjool dates.

    HEAVENLY. Made these for a dinner party, and we simply couldn't get enough of them. Absolutely the yummiest combination of flavors. My guests raved about them. Easy to prepare. Definitely will be making again. Impressive appetizer for any occasion.

    I'm vegetarian, but this sounded WAY too good to pass up! I substituted vegetarian bacon strips for the prosciutto, and they were still really delicious. I have already made this recipe twice, and my friends LOVE them - even the meat eaters. :)

    I used plain goat cheese but otherwise followed the recipe as written. My guests went nuts over this, and I could not stop eating them. The unusual combination of flavors is amazing! These are also easy to make ahead. I soaked the toothpicks and then made them 6 hours ahead, and the picks turned brown but didn't burn when I broiled them. Definitely a keeper!

    My boyfriend and I made this for a friend's super bowl party and it was the best dish there. It was pretty easy to make and very tastey!

    I agree with the person who says you need a sweet tooth for this. The dates were extremely sweet, and the goat cheese/prosciutto didn't balance them out. I also thought it was hard to put the cheese in the date (using a spoon). In my mind, the taste didn't justify the effort, though they did look pretty! If I make these again, I might try dried figs instead.

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