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Florentine peas

Florentine peas

We are looking for information about Tuscany on the net. And I found some recipes from that region. Obviously as a chef I am, I tried them, I photographed them, and now I post them :-)

  • 2 bags of frozen peas (I was more comfortable with the frozen one, but it obviously goes fresh)
  • 200 g smoked bacon
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • parsley
  • salt pepper

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


We grind the garlic and put it to harden together with the sliced ​​bacon. Then add the peas and half a cup of water. Let it boil until the peas are ready. Season with salt and pepper. After turning off the heat, mix about 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley. And that's it!

Post pizza

Fasting pizza, classic and crunchy, or calzone - soft and fluffy wallets. Dough with a slightly crispy and fluffy outside inside, with a filling of all kinds of vegetables and spices, according to your preferences or pocket: pizza with onion, pizza with pumpkin, eggplant, bell pepper, corn, mushrooms, olives… Sweeter or spicier, according to taste.

1 kg of peas
1 chicken breast
1 onion
1 carrot
2 tablespoons broth
1 leg marar
salt pepper
buoy, oregano

Brown the diced chicken breast a little in two tablespoons of oil. Add the finely chopped onion and carrot and leave on the fire until soft.
Add the peas, fill with water, add the spices and simmer. When the peas are cooked, add the broth. When the water has dropped, turn off the heat and add the finely chopped green dill.

You can also try this VIDEO version

Preparation for fluffy cake

I invite you to see further the video recipe, find below the written recipe:

Add salt to the yolks with three fingers and beat them a little, then set them aside.

We beat the egg whites. When the egg whites are well beaten, add the sugar, then let it beat until the sugar dissolves completely and we obtain a hard and shiny foam.

Over the yolks add a tablespoon of orange peel, a tablespoon of vanilla paste, you can use vanilla sugar, mix well.

Over the yolk, add the melted butter or oil, little by little, while stirring, as with the mayonnaise. Then add the milk.

Mix the yolk, milk and butter over the beaten egg whites, mix everything using a spatula, with light movements, from bottom to top.

Divide the composition, leave 2/3 white, 1/3 we will color it with cocoa. For the white composition we use 180 g of flour, for the composition in which we put cocoa we will use the remaining 70 g of flour plus cocoa. Sift cocoa and flour, then mix gently, from bottom to top.

Puffy check recipe

From these quantities you can make a large cake in a cake pan or you can make 2 smaller ones, as you prefer. Wallpaper the tray with baking paper, add a layer of white composition, then one with cocoa, then alternate to get a zebra effect. You can see in the video recipe how to do everything.

Put the trays in the oven at a temperature of 190-200 degrees Celsius, the oven is preheated. Baking takes about 40 minutes, to check if they are cooked, press a little with your hand on it, you will know if they are cooked. If not, you can stick a toothpick and see if it is dry or not.

Remove from the pan, let it cool on a grill and powder them with vanilla sugar.

I recommend you to try again other cake recipes, just as easy to prepare, with detailed explanations:

  • cake with pumpkin and walnuts
  • chocolate and cocoa cake
  • orange cake

The recipe for chec pufos has also been tried by the readers of the blog Pofta Buna !:

Gina Bradea recipes »Sweets recipes» Simple fluffy cake (old, classic, economical recipe)

Transylvanian low peas

Low peas - e-Recipes

  • Re: Low peas Ioana, first of all I want to thank you for the blog, it is my virtual cookbook in the last year..I really like your recipes, they are light and very tasty .. But a small say here more above that you use extra virgin olive oil for cooking / frying, at least in the first phase.
  • I think it is one of the most popular and simplest recipes. But still, small details matter that turn it from a common food into a delicious one and, by the way, very appreciated by children. I don't understand why, but most kids love green peas - I use them for now and put some more meat there to complete our and Sofia's diet. I recommend you with.
  • Or the Transylvanian pork stew with peas and small flour dumplings - see here. [] Answer. Potato dish with pork stew recipe with onion, garlic and tomato sauce | Savori Urbane February 7, 2019 at 10:58 [] I also recommend the Transylvanian pork stew with peas and small flour dumplings - see here
  • Transylvanian pea soup is the recipe I learned from my mother-in-law. My son and husband love this soup, so I had to make it for them too. It is made very simple and very easy and is a cheap and spicy recipe
  • constanta_s2014, 29/01/2018. I gave you three stars because in the end the taste should be very good if you change a little the whole way of preparation, that is, first fry the meat in a little oil over high heat until it browns a little then put the chopped onion over the meat, turn on the heat and put the lid on until the onion softens a little, then add a cup or two of water and let it boil with the lid on.

Meat pea dish - LaLena

  1. Your mother had given me a 400 gram jar of ketchup made at home by her. And I put half of it in a hot pan with a little oil to make it more bound. After that I mixed it with the other one. half a ketchup.
  2. Accompaniment rather than soloist. The meatless pea dish is a permanence of the Romanian pan. This is what Radu Anton Roman says in his book Romanian dishes, wines and customs, where we also got this pea recipe
  3. 20

If you liked our recipe Peas low, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Foods with vegetables. Tongue with low peas. Keep the meat in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then wash. Boil in 4 liters of cold water c. Ingredients for low peas. 500g or 1 kg of fresh or frozen peas. 1 large onion or 2 more suitable onions. 1 bell pepper (red or green) 100 ml oil. 2-3 tablespoons tomato paste baby pea soup butter beans green Transylvanian low. Fish salad with pasta (China) Ingredients: 300 g wide pasta, 300 g smoked fish, salt, pepper, 4 tablespoons oil, 1 hot pepper, 2 lime, 100 g cauliflower, 2 carrots, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon starch, 100 ml white wine, cinnamon, 2 tablespoons grated coconut. Re: Peas in simona sour cream sauce, that's right! when I thought about it for a month I was a little naive. and if you still have the misfortune of an insensitive team and you fire it and then wait for the second team for another two weeks until it is released from the previous works, the work stretches more than I would have imagined. in addition, any order lasts at least 14 days. Pea dish recipe without meat, it is very easy to prepare and you can eat it on its own or as a side dish, along with a steak. Food d ..

If you want a hearty and fasting meal, you have found the right place, green peas with broth sauce is a solution available to everyone. The recipe belongs to my mother, very, very good and it's ready in a few minutes. Ingredients: 8 servings - a bag of frozen green peas (1 kg), 3 onions, 2 large carrots, 400 g broth (tomato juice), a few bay leaves, salt, pepper, 4-5 tablespoons flour, a little oil . If you liked our recipe Low Pea Sausage, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Meat dishes. Chicken ciulama with mushrooms. Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separate Low green beans with garlic is delicious. To prepare this dish with vegetables, heat the finely chopped onion. When it turns golden, I added 5 cloves of crushed garlic and left it to cook for another minute. I added the pods (I had the pods from Grandma's garden, frozen) and mixed a little, then I put 400 ml of warm water.

Do you have a craving for a hearty and tasty dish, but also very easy to cook? We recommend you try peas with white sauce and dill, a dish that will be appreciated by the whole family. Here are the ingredients needed for this recipe, but also how to prepare Low Peas - one of the dishes I grew up with and probably many of you. Pea dish, low pea, pea stew, whatever we call it and under any name we know it, is a classic Romanian food, always at hand, quick to prepare and definitely to everyone's taste Pork goulash - Transylvanian pork stew recipe with onion, garlic and tomatoes Pork goulash - recipe for Transylvanian pork stew with onion, garlic and tomatoes. How to make goulash from [] Pipit stew and chicken hearts Pipote stew and chicken hearts. An organ dish with red sauce, cheap and tasty

Beans with sausages, recipe. How to make sausage beans. Sausage bean recipe with pictures. Beans with sausages, ingredients and how to prepare If you liked our recipe Transylvanian pea dish with sour cream, don't forget to review it. After you finish cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with personal care products from BaByliss. RECIPE PREPARATION Low peas with Transylvanian sausages, fast food, simple food: Peel the onion, chop it finely and heat it in a little oil. After 3 minutes add the paprika and then about a cup of water. When it starts to boil, add the peas. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 10 minutes. Low peas with beetroot salad: How to prepare Low peas with beetroot salad: Enjoy! Low peas 2012-06-17T22: 54: 31 + 03: 00 2018-05-23T15: 28: 44 + 03: 00 kitchen vegetables and garlic Omelette with peas, mint and pecorino Italian omelette pipipote Chicken stew with peas Spicy chicken stew Pork stew Transylvanian stew with pork Pork stew Pea and corn salad Spring salad and curry Pea cream soup Leek cream and potato soup with corn Pea salad with ricotta Spaghetti ..

Beaten beans or rubbed beans, prepared according to a simple, traditional recipe, as it was once done. The recipe is explained in detail, to prepare the perfect beaten beans. Some also call it bean facaluita, whatever we call it, it's the same delicious bean dish. Green pea recipe with smoked pork. Ingredients: 1 kg green peas, 500 grams of smoked pork, 3-4 onions, 1 tablespoon broth, dill, parsley, oil .. Bean meal with sour cream is a recipe with a special flavor, a summer food, light , with tender pieces of string beans and a fragrant, silky sauce with sour cream. Very good! It can also be made in winter, with canned or frozen beans, but in summer, made with fresh beans. Specific Romania. How to make Low pea food Pea sauté with chicken breast Published on 10/12/2008 by Laura Adamache A delicious and very fast food with which I served mackerel, only this time I made the dumplings with dill and powder of garlic

Fasting pea food, delicious meatless food recipe Fasting pea food, meatless food recipe. The fasting pea dish, with carrots and potatoes, was indispensable in my mother's kitchen. Although I love meat, I really didn't miss it in this food, I eat it with great pleasure whenever I prepared pea food. Pea dish or pea dish - main course or garnish This recipe can be served simple with polenta and some pickles or can be a very good garnish for various steaks. Pea food can be cooked as such or with carrots, I like to add 1-2 carrots and a little bell pepper or kapia Pea food or rather peas with sour cream, with that I try to surprise you today. It's the only way I like to cook and eat peas. Plus it's my escape when I'm not cooking anything and I want to cook some quick pea chicken food. pea food with semi-smoked sausages. pea meal with turkey meat. Transylvanian pea food with sour cream. fasting spicy peas with tomatoes and olives. new peas with carrots and dill at multicooker. low fasting peas. pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and peas. organic risotto with vegetables. cream (pate. Ingredients: a green salad, 4 cloves garlic, oil, 2 tablespoons flour, 175 g yogurt, salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons sour cream

Video: Pea dish with pork, chicken or beef Flavors

I haven't eaten ciolan beans in years. As you know, we don't eat pork, so I put the recipe somewhere in storage thinking that I can't reproduce it without using pork chop. It is perhaps the most popular fasting food, because it is extremely simple, with few ingredients and, not to mention, cheap! But as simple as it is, it is so tasty, as if you forget that it is fasting The pea recipe with meatballs surprises with its presence and inventiveness but also with a modesty of good taste. The use of meatballs in this recipe, regardless of their type, only highlights one of their many uses. Sweet cabbage food is a fast food, ideal for fasting that will start very soon. If you are not fasting and want a slightly richer cabbage dish, I recommend you try the meat version of this delicious recipe. I struggled for a long time until I found in Italy a sweet cabbage similar in taste and texture to cabbage from Romania

Bean soup with smoked ribs - delicious and simple! Read the instructions and see how you can make the best bean soup with smoked ribs. It's time to present you the recipe I mentioned when we were talking about Beans and the enchanted gadget: beans beaten with so many onions. Traditional dish from Romanian cuisine, tasty, filling and easy to make, beaten beans are perfect for the fast that started today. There are many variants of beaten beans, but I recommend you try this one as well: with broth / pasta. Used for main courses, but also in various types of salads, green beans are an important source of vitamins C, K and other nutrients such as iron, magnesium and calcium. For this green bean dish, boil the vegetables over low heat, because in this way less nutrients are lost. Low pea food recipe with chicken and vegetables. Meat and vegetable food recipes. Pea food with carrots. Pea dish with potatoes. Pea food with chicken. Recipes. Cooked peas

Transylvanian pork soup (pork, vegetables, sour cream, eggs, vinegar) + Pea dish with chicken hammers (peas, vegetables, chicken hammers, tomato sauce) 15,00 RON Recipe Low peas with sausage - Recipes Pea soup with dumplings - Pea food. Privacy policy 1.0 Our Basic Principles of User Privacy and Data Protection. User privacy and personal data protection are rights we care about and respect, in accordance with current legislation FABULOUS JUST EAT IT BURGER (600g) premium butter bun, angus meatball, pork meatball, crispy bacon, chimichanga sauce, salad lollo, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, red onion jam, hot sauce yield From December 1, beans with sausages are served as a traditional Romanian dish. So any Romanian must know how to do it. And obviously there are many recipes, each with its style Peas with low peas. 16. Meatball soup. Grilled chicken with mashed potatoes with garlic sauce. 17. Bean soup. Pork schnitzel, baked potatoes, beets. 18. Transylvanian chicken soup. Ciolan with rubbed beans, pickles. 19. Potato soup. Chicken schnitzel with rice with vegetables, Cabbage salad. 20. Peasant soup of.

Soup Transylvanian chicken. Ciolan with rubbed beans, pickles. Pork grill with mashed potatoes, pickles. 16.04. Saturday. Potato soup. Chicken schnitzel with rice with vegetables, salt. cabbage. Green peas low with bacon 2 slices and scrambled eggs - 2 pcs. 17.04. Sunday. Peasant vegetable soup. Turda steak, golden potatoes, garlic sauce Fasting yellow bean dish. The yellow color of the pods comes from flavonoids, substances with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The green color of the pods comes from the high chlorophyll content, which has a depurative and antitoxic action.

Pork stew with garlic and tomato juice or Transylvanian jelly is served with polenta or mashed potatoes. It is a very popular food recipe in Banat and Transylvania and is known as adimoaca or pork cricket. Pea low - e-Recipes. Re: Low peas. yes, bind the sauce only with onions and peppers, if they are grated or even better mixed in a blender in the form of paste. maybe you will put 1 whole pepper as a big pepper lover let the sauce simmer until it drops well and see the oil gathering on top Menu Monday - Week 5> Pumpkin cream soup and croutons-> Peasant soup with chicken-> Chicken stew with basmati / wild rice and assorted salad-> Vegetarian meatballs with low peas-> MiniPizza snail with (peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, mozzarella) -> Cheesecake with cherries- .. Low peas with bacon 2 slices and scrambled eggs - 2 pcs. 17.03. jo. Traditional soup. Turda steak, golden potatoes, garlic sauce. Chicken steak in tomato sauce with feather pasta. Date. Menu of the day. Dinner. 18.03. you. Dumpling soup. Beans, cabanas, sauerkraut. Grilled pork with rice, cabbage salad. 19.03. to. Perisoar soup

The menu offers of the day from the restaurants in Oradea. Vegetarian menus. Job menus. Useful information Not only the elderly but also the young voted for him. The strong phase is that it can be seen that in Constanta things are on the right track. Not to mention cities like Brasov, Timisoara or who knows what Transylvanian supremacy expressed by I don't know what frustrations. When you understand that this Pea drunk is being watched by the cashier because he did his job on Friday, May 29, Zeppelin Bistro has prepared the best gu for lunch. stoase variants: V1: - Transylvanian pork soup / Green bean soup / Vegetable cream soup - Baked chicken breast with blue chesse sauce - Potato slices with rosemary - Dessert V2: - Transylvanian pork soup / Green bean soup / Vegetable cream soup - Crispy wrap.

ARDELENEASCA PEAS SOUP Diva in the kitchen

  • 1 kg lamb (cut into small cubes), 1 bunch green onion, 150 gr canned green peas, 150 gr sliced ​​carrots, 4 pieces of artichokes, 3 medium potatoes, 1 red onion, 150 gr canned green beans, 150 ml white wine, salt , anise, olive oil, water. lamb pots low salad salads
  • Because I had some mushrooms left in the freezer, ever since I made Snitel with game sauce, I quickly prepared a mushroom dish. Tasty and healthy, the food is easy to prepare and, depending on your preferences, can be served as such or as a side dish, along with a steak. And if you want to make a fasting mushroom dish, just replace the butter with.
  • Chicken soup with dumplings and peas Low beans Estonian Kringel Mushroom stew with polenta Chicken steak stuffed with oranges January 2014 (9) 2013 (6) December 2013 (3) April 2013 (1) January 2013 (2) 2012 (7) October 2012 (1

Pea stew with pork, Petitche Recipe

  1. Transylvanian cuisine The taste of home food Year IV. no. 6. - June 2017 New potato salad. New potato soup with peas. Green bean soup. Low green beans. It was a popular tradition for Pentecost to prepare certain menus, generally composed of: Salad soup. Sarmalute in stevia leaves and vines
  2. Low potato stew. Moldovan fasting martyrs. Turkey sausages. Regina Maria cake. Transylvanian cake with nuts, ness cream and. Peas served with skewers. Fasting cake with potatoes and jam. The tenderest croissants with sour cream
  3. Over 40,000 offers of medical products, equipment and devices, offered by over 2000 partner medical companies, are updated daily on ROmedic - the largest online medical market in Romania
  4. 2. Low beans with homemade sausages 3. Dessert: Apple cake 4. Lemonade 250 ml Tonight Bistrita: 1. Greek chicken soup 2. Pork meatballs with peas 3. Dessert: Biscuit salami 4. Lemonade 250 ml Rhapsody: 1. Smoked cabbage soup 2. Mediterranean-style chicken breast with baked potatoes 3. Lemonade 250 m
  5. I washed the salad, cut it into small pieces, chopped the garlic, and cut the donut into cubes and boiled them together with the carrots. I had put the salad in the freezer before, together with green garlic and dill this spring, since it was the season and I recommend you to dedicate a little space in the freezer so you can enjoy these greens in winter, because they are welcome
  6. *** OBVIOUSLY WE NEED A HEALTHY HAND OF SEPARATED BOILED BEANS :))) 4 dried smoked sausages 1 fresh smoked sausage 2 onions and a half donut

- Transylvanian chicken soup with tarragon / Green bean soup / Cream of mushroom soup - Pork meatballs with tomato sauce - Mashed potatoes (natural) - Dessert. V3: - Transylvanian chicken soup with tarragon / Green bean soup / Mushroom cream soup - Low peas - Transylvanian sausages - Dessert # Price: 18.90 le Transylvanian chisatura recipe. Red onion cracker. Spinach soup with smoked bacon and borscht. Video included. Plus video recipe. Pea food with or without ham. Pea stew. Pea soup, with or without smoking, a simple recipe. Low green beans, a simple summer recipe, with or without meat Transylvanian cuisine The taste of home food Year III. no. 12. - December 2015 Format: A4 Nr. pages: 44 Price: 3,90 lei (+ postage) One year has passed since the publication of the first issue of the magazine Bucataria Ardeleneasca, around the winter holidays. We are again in your attention with menus specific to this period

Transylvanian soup with smoked meat, Transylvanian soup with potatoes and smoked meat, Transylvanian potato soup, how to make low peas, Low fasting peas, low pea recipe, fasting recipes. Ingredients: 1 kg peas peas 2 onions 2 tomatoes 200 ml thick tomato broth 2 dill links. Low beans Ingredients: 300 g beans (large grains), 1 onion, 1 bay leaf, 1 tablespoon vegetable soup, 1 tablespoon hot sauce 1 tablespoon tomato paste (or a glass of tomato juice), 50 ml oil, salt , thyme, dill and green parsley Preparation Moi beans from evening to morning. Boil for 5 minutes and change the water 3-4 times, then boil it 20. .. Preparation of low peas: 1. Put the onion and pepper on the large grater. Cut the carrot into slices. Heat 2 tablespoons of hot oil for 2 minutes. 2. Add the peas, spices (pepper, paprika and salt to taste) and chopped dill. Cover with 1 cup of water. 3 Whether it's an anniversary, a special occasion in your life or you just want to enjoy a delicious meal we are at your disposal

Pea dish with carrots - simple recipe Laura Laurenți

Low Baking Ihnie Baking Fasting Recipe Bean Soup With Smoked Ciolan Transylvanian Recipe Adygio Kitchen Recipe Alfredo Vegan Sauce With Pasta Beans And Peas Recipe Iahnie Or Bean Meal Recipe Simple Cheap Pos Recipe Transylvanian Chisatura. Red onion cracker. Beef soup with square or leftover noodles. Video included. Pea food with or without ham. Pea stew. Low green beans, a simple summer recipe, with or without meat

Pea food

Feb 26, 2019 - Explore Teo's green bulletin board on Pinterest. View more ideas on Cabbage, Recipes, Recipes with Vegetables 06.03.2020 - Explore Florentina Georgescu's board Cină on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dinner, Recipes, Food

Pea dish - 64 recipes - Petitche

  1. Ciocanesti Monastery. Monastery of monks, dedicated to the Holy Cross (September 14). Ciocanesti Monastery Monastery of monks com. Iacobeni county Suceava believers from the village monasteries suceava place of worship suceava nuns suceav map of monasteries low peas with pork. Frasina Monastery. It is a monastery of monks, with 69 inhabitants
  2. Low pea fasting low pea fasting fasting pea fasting peas fasting peas how to make low pea recipe baked peas with meat simple peas simple recipes simple peas peas with tomato sauce low beans with jumari. Celery with olives. Ingredients: • 6 small celery (1.5 kg) • 6 tomatoes • 4 onions.
  3. Pork chop with low peas 80 / 200g Calories 1369 1392 1254 1400 1313.6 Wholemeal bread 50g Barni 150 g Garlic soup 250mI Baked chicken leg 80g Mexican vegetables 200g Wholemeal bread 50g Cake 70g Licorice soup 250ml Grilled pork neck 80g Natural potatoes 200g Masonry 50g Wholemeal bread 50g Fruit 150
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  5. ARDELENEASA PEAS WITH CREAM Diva in the kitchen. Transylvanian pea dish with sour cream is the recipe taken from my mother-in-law. My son and husband would eat very often, but I only manage to do them once every 2 weeks or even less often.
  6. Low green beans with chicken - dietary version It's time for green beans, fragrant and tasty! The ingredients are few and handy: a chicken (more chicken that weighed only 1.2 kilograms), which I took off its skin, I cut it into suitable pieces that I put in a frying pan. Teflon well heated

Low Pea Recipe - Tastes

  1. Pea yellow bean soup or pea zama, as we call it at home, is one of my favorites and I eat it anytime. And the recipe is as simple and economical as possible, anyone can prepare it
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  4. A quick, good and tasty meal! A finely chopped white onion is cooked in a tablespoon of olive oil. Over the onion add a few pieces of smoked house sausages, turn twice more, add a chopped bell pepper and 2 tomatoes, a cup of water, salt, pepper, chili and bay leaves
  5. 28.05.2020 - Explore aliceeveline16's board Culinaria - Mancaruri fara carne (post catolic), followed by 243 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Meat, Food, Recipes
  6. Eszterházy cutlet Pork ribs with baked potatoes Snitel Ardelenesc Gypsy pork neck Breaded pork cutlet / grilled Beans beaten with homemade sausages

Lately I only posted sweets, so today I come with a roll of minced meat, stuffed with eggs and wrapped in bacon. Avantaju .. 26.08.2020 - Explore Luca Mihaela's board Food, followed by 440 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Cooking Recipes, Cooking Bean Soup in Bread Bowl. Soups and broths, Bean soup soups: about 500 g beans, 400 g smoked ribs or kaizer, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 2-3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 cup tomato juice, a bay leaf, salt and pepper , thyme, green parsley, 2 peppers, a piece of celery, basil ..

Low peas Gastropedia - wonderful recipes

  1. Culinary recipes from Romania, culinary site with traditional Romanian homemade food, home cooking ideas, gastronomy, cuisine, dishes, food, meat, vegetables.
  2. Pork meatballs with beef with low peas and salad 16:00 Snack: Pie with cheese and raisins, wholemeal bread with cheese. Thursday 8:00 Educational Snack: Wholemeal bread with cheese, tea, fruits and seasonal vegetables 12:00: Lunch: Vegetable soup Baked cod fillets with vegetables and parsley
  3. 22.02.2019 - Erkunde Georgs Pinnwand Suppen on Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Suppen, Rezepte, Rumänische rezepte
  4. Out of the desire to prepare everything as quickly as possible, but also to get a more dietary zacusca, I gave up baked peppers or donuts and I never cook onions. In fact, I don't make that low, oily zacusca, because it's kind of indigestible for the stomach, gall and liver, and I don't like it either. It depends on everyone's taste
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  6. Add to the minced meat the rice (which I previously washed), the egg yolk, the oil, the salt, the pepper and the parsley. Knead by hand until the composition is uniform

Orders: 10 00 - 16 00 0744 - 807 690, 0365 - 430 213: Packing price: free: Transport: in the city - free, min: 28 lei surroundings - free, min: 28 le We cut the chicken breast into thin strips, il season with salt, pepper, paprika. Put the chicken strips in flour, beaten egg, breadcrumbs mixed with cornflakes and fry in an oil bath. Remove the snails on absorbent paper, then serve with my favorite garnish, in my case, low peas

Rasol tongue is one of my favorite foods. Now I did it with low peas. Preparation time: 1 hour and 45 minutes (medium complexity) Ingredients: 700 g pork tongue 500 g peas (1 jar of 800 g peas) 3 carrots, 2 onions 1 parsnip 2 red / yellow bell peppers, 1 not too hot peppers How many calories does that Chinese rice (egg, pea, carrot) have about 1 serving of 200g? Does anyone know? 9. julia pe 14 Octombrie 2010 17:16. I think it's great to know the amount of calories of each product, even the menu, in part. Thanks

Transylvanian low green beans Good recipes search

11/29/2019 - Explore Liliana Codleanu's board Food on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Recipes, Cooking Lucskos (Transylvanian Cabbage Soup) Now that we can find plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits at the market, we have practically moved there. I am no longer interested in what the supermarkets have to offer and I rarely visit them. Recipes for cold cuts or pork meatballs for St. John's wort. Traditional Romanian culinary recipes. Appetizers and cold snacks. Pork dishes for Christmas and New Year's table. Pork head cooling, brine and pork legs. Traditional Romanian food. Cum facem racitura si piftie Nu stiu exact de ce se spune ca o Supa de Pui te pune pe picioare cand n-ai energie, cand ai imunitatea scazuta, si mai ales atunci cand esti racit. Dana Dumitrescu Like 1

Mazare in sos de smantana - e-Retete

Posted in Cu carne, de porc, Retete | Tagged bacon, bacon de mangalita, conserva de fasole, fasole, fasole alba, fasole boabe, fasole cu bacon, fasole scazuta, iahnie de fasole, mancare de fasole, mangalita, piept de mangalita | Leave a reply File de crap în crustă de pesmet și făină de migdale Galler Mazare scazuta. Soup Recipes Healthy Recipes Healthy Food Hungarian Recipes Hungarian Food Romanian Food Chicken Noodle Soup Seaweed Salad Soul Food Supa de gaina după sarbatori. În acest sens apelăm, ca de fiecare dată când dăm de greu, la bătrâneasca şi universala supa de gaina cu fidea

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mancare de mazare cu morcovi, mancare de mazare de post, mancare de mazare proaspata, Mâncare de mazăre, Mâncare de mazăre reteta, reteta cu legume, reteta Mâncare de mazăre, retete culinare, retete de post, retete usoar Mazare cu carnati Mazare cu ochiuri Spanac Spanac cu ochiuri si carnati Varza a la Cluj Salata de vinete Pui cu tot ce e mai bun intr-o bucatarie Berbec asa cum ii sta lui mai bine gatit Meniul bine cunoscut se tine intre orele 12:00 si 18:00, cu ora vesela intre 16:00 si 18:00, pretul unui meniu este de 25 lei. Apa, limonada si paine din. Ciorba de burta de post retete: cum gatesti ciorba de burta de post si cele mai gustoase retete de ciorba de burta fara burta, ciorba de burta, ciorba de burta ardeleneasca, ciorba de burta vegetariana, ciorba de burta vegana, ciorba de burta simpla, ciorba de burta moldoveneasca, ciorba de burta congelata, ciorba de burta traditionala romaneasca, ciorba de burta reteta originala

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  • Restaurant Vegan CRIS, Oradea. 3.817 aprecieri · 24 discută despre asta · 653 au fost aici. Contine informatii utile in ceea ce priveste un stil de viata sanatos/Meniuri diverse/ Carti ca suport..
  • Versiunea 1. 2, Volumul I 80 de retete in imagini. Bucataria lui Radu. Cuprins: Aperitive si micul dejun 2-30 Supe & Ciorbe 31-48 Feluri principale 49-100 Conserve, muraturi, altele 101-108 Deserturi 109-sfarsit

1. Rilettes de porc. Un fel de pateu-pasta de carne 2. Carne prajita in untura 3

  • Mar 30, 2018 - Explore gtitean's board Romanian recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Recipes, Romanian food, Food
  • Reteta Mazare scazuta cu carnat - Gustos

    31-ago-2020 - Esplora la bacheca Romania di Fulvi Alipio su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Ricette, Cibo, Ricette rumene Fasole scazuta cu tarhon Bors de stevie Pilaf de stevie Salata de papadie Salata de ton Desert cu fragi Deliciu cu cirese Supa de oua fierte tari Sarmale de Stanimask Mâncare de miel Chiftele cu sos de vinete Supa de arpacas, scotiana Placinta cu carne si rinichi Biftec la gratar Antricot de vaca la gratar Sos de pâine Salata. Tort cu banane, ciocolata si crema de alune din: ouă, alune prăjite şi măcinate, pesmet, făină, zahăr pudră, zahăr vanilat, lămâie, zahăr, cafea neagră.

    Salata de mazare cu halloumi dupa reteta Florentinei Opris!

    Informatiile zilei:

    Florentina Opris recomanda consumul de halloumi, branza traditionala din Cipru, care poate fi preparata pe gratar sau in tigaie, deoarece ea in comparatie cu celalalte branzeturi, are un grad de topire foarte ridicat! Este satioasa, are putine calorii si iti furnizeaza energie pentru intreaga zi!

    Florentina ne recomanda pentru perioada asta sa preparam o salata de mazare cu halloumi


    - 1 pachet branza Halloumi
    - 700 g cartofi
    - the juice of 1 lemon
    - 2 linguri de ulei de masline
    - menta tocata
    - 75g pachet mazare

    Se fierb cartofii timp de 15-20 de minute sau pana cand incep sa se inmoaie, apoi se adauga mazarea in ultimele 2 minute! Se scurg si se pun intr-un castron mare de servire.

    Florentina Opris, Ambasadorul unui Stil de Viata Sanatos, a fost gazda evenimentului Mediterranea Halloumi Night, unde alaturi de ambasadorul Ciprului la Bucuresti si de chefi recunoscuti, a scos in evidenta importanta algerii retetelor si ingredientelor

    Pe Florentina Opris o poti urmari in fiecare sambata, in cadrul emisiunii “Sport,Dieta & o Vedeta”, pe Kanal D, ora 13.00

    Ingredients Mancarica de mazare cu carne de pui

    500 gr carne de pui (am pus pulpe dezosate)
    1 conserva mazare de 800 gr
    1 onion
    1 pepper
    2 linguri rase faina
    250 ml water
    1 conserva rosii de 400 gr
    putin marar
    salt pepper

    Preparation Mancarica de mazare cu carne de pui

    1. Am taiat pulpele dezosate in 2-3 bucati. Le-am pus in putin ulei (2-3 linguri), le-am condimentat cu sare si piper, am picurat putina apa si am lasat pe foc mediu la inabusit, cu capac, cam 30 minute. Cand carnea e complet facuta, am scos-o din oala.
    2. In locul ei am adaugat ceapa si ardeiul tocate, putina sare si am lasat la prajit pana legumele s-au inmuiat bine. Daca e nevoie mai adaugati putina apa.
    3. Am adaugat faina, am amestecat bine si apoi am inceput sa adaug apa, ca la maioneza, amestecand mereu, pana am obtinut un sos alb.
    4. Am adaugat rosiile din conserva strivite cu furculita si piper si am lasat totul la fiert cu capac 10 minute. Se drege sosul de sare si piper.
    5. Am pus carnea in sosul obtinut, apoi mazarea scursa si marar tocat. Am stins focul, am pus capacul la oala si am lasat sa stea 10 minute ca sa se imbine aromele.

    6. Mancarica de mazare cu carne de pui

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