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Desert Cheesecake Oreo

Desert Cheesecake Oreo

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First, separate the cream from each Oreo cookie and set it aside. We keep only a few biscuits to add to the cream and for decoration, and we crush the rest with the Petit Beurre and add the melted margarine. Put the biscuit mixture in a form with the removable bottom and press well, then put in the fridge.

Over the cream from the Oreo biscuits, add mascarpone and a pinch of salt and mix well. Whip the whipped cream separately together with the powdered sugar (the whipped cream must be firm, then add it over the mascarpone. Add a few crushed biscuits and, with the help of a spatula, incorporate everything, stirring lightly, from the bottom up.

Pour the cream over the biscuit base and decorate with crushed biscuits, then put back in the fridge for a few hours.

Easy Golden Oreo No Bake Cheesecake

Golden Oreo & # x27s and No Bake Cheesecake are combined to create a dessert that will have you doing a happy dance. It is easy to make, ready in 15 minutes and tastes absolutely delicious!

Keyword golden oreo no bake cheesecake




  • 16 oz. cream cheese
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 cups Cool Whip
  • 1 / 2-3 / 4 cup Golden Oreo & # x27s



Grind the Golden Oreo cookies into a fine crumb using a food processor or blender. Mix together Golden Oreo crumbs and melted butter, stir until crumbs are completely coated. Pour crumbs into a greased 9 & quot spring form pan and press into the bottom and partially up the sides of pan. Refrigerate the crust until the filling is prepared.


In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and powdered sugar together, mixing until incorporated. Finally, add Cool Whip to mixture and gently mix. Fold in chopped Golden Oreoâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s into the cheesecake mixture by hand. Add cheesecake mixture into prepared Golden Oreo crust, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a minimum of 10 minutes but closer to 1 hour or longer.

Serve your Golden Oreo no bake cheesecake, or refrigerate for up to 3 days.


Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies are like our Oreo Chunk Cookies taken to the next level (if that & # 8217s even possible!). The addition of cream cheese to the mixture makes the dough so tender they almost taste like a Lofthouse Cookie!

Because you & # 8217re adding cream cheese to the mixture you & # 8217ll find the dough is a bit softer than usual so we put this dough in the refrigerator to cool it before baking. Scooping it with a cookie scoop also helps because it minimizes the dough being handled with warm hands. Colder dough = more tender cookies.

In case you didn't already know, a brookie is a combination of a brownie and a cookie. Once you throw in an Oreo it becomes what is known as a & ldquoslutty brookie & rdquo. So technically this could be a Slutty Brookie Cheesecake but adding Oreo sounds much more, dare I say, appropriate?

This Oreo Brookie Mousse Cake has so many amazing layers, it & rsquos hard to pick a favorite.

How to make Oreo & Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake?

For cheesecake crust:

1. We're gonna be doing some pulsing in the food processor. If you don & # 8217t have one or you wanna like it out, just get a plastic bag and start crushing one sleeve or 12 Oreos right in there and let & # 8217s pulse it up. Don't mind if there & # 8217s like some big pieces in there, that's totally fine and actually good.

Pulse around 24 Oreos, but you can also use about 30, and then add half a cup or 113 grams of melted butter and mix pulse… (This looks perfect). Sometimes when you process the butter and there can be a little pool in the center, that's fine. Just mix it in by hand with your spatula but this cannot be perfect.

2. We & # 8217ll do an optional step, It & # 8217s not a crazy person steps though because if you were ever got a cheesecake off of this springform base you know, it can be a little harrowing.

What we will do is take a little bit of parchment paper and cut it into a circle sheet and then place it onto the bottom of the springform pan. You can add a little bit of butter at the bottom just to help it stick. It & # 8217s not like you & # 8217re buttering and flowering a pan though. (Spread more towards the edges, because that & # 8217s where most of the crumbs are going).

Now pour the whole oreo crumb onto the base of the pan and press it to the bottom of the pan with the help of a glass or measuring cup. Set this aside into the fridge to chill out for however long it takes you to make the butter. You just wanna firm it up a bit so it's gonna be a bit more stable.

For cheesecake filling:

3. For the filling we need room temperature cream cheese, so if it & # 8217s freezing, you & # 8217re gonna want to have the microwave warm this up. Take it out of the foil first though. (If it & # 8217s not room temperature, you & # 8217ll have like little, little granules of cream cheese and it just won & # 8217t be as smooth as you want).

Alright, add 24 ounces or three eight-ounce packages of room temperature cream cheese, you can add in your half teaspoon of salt, and run you stand mixer. Now add one full one cup / 200 grams of sugar and just give it one little scrape and let the mixer run for a minute. Now, run it on high, let it run for like a minute, two minutes. You want to have a nice cream cheese sugar combo. Now you & # 8217re just gonna run this on low and sift in three tablespoons or about like 24 grams of flour.

4. Now add in half a cup of sour cream, and mix that sour cream in there. Scrape the bowl down and you & # 8217ll see beautiful glossy homogenous peaks and that & # 8217s what we want. (If you're really struggling with your cheesecake and it totally happens, it's not your fault all the time). But you don't want to mix too much air in there.

5. All right now we & # 8217ll be adding four eggs (three eggs and one yolk) at room temperature, add them in slowly, one at a time, and mix it well. Now we are gonna add a splash of vanilla. Now we're gonna add our oreo crumb mixture. Add those in and we & # 8217re gonna fold them by hand. You need to dump all the Oreos in that, you can roughly chop or you can layer them in and mix well. We don't want to over mix this.

Making cheesecake layer:

6. Let & # 8217s grab our crust and ready to go. Now to beat into like three layers. So pour a third of the batter in first, spread it out just a bit. Now you can add in a sprinkling of your roughly chopped or just broken up Oreos. It & # 8217ll look nice and give you a little bit of texture and play of tastes.

This one & # 8217s easy-breezy like it & # 8217s gonna have little cracks in it but we & # 8217ll also be covering the top with a beautiful black and white chocolate ganache and it & # 8217s gonna look just beautiful. And I & # 8217ve used kind of a smaller like an eight or 8.5-inch springform pan, but if you want to go for the bigger ones, use a bigger one. Your cheesecake will just be a little bit thinner but totally delicious.

7. Pop this into the oven, onto the rack, 350F for 10 minutes, then take the temperature down to 300. Don & # 8217t open the oven, leave it closed, please. Bake it for 45 to 50 minutes until the center is wobbly but set. You & # 8217ll see some cracks, it & # 8217ll rise up. It & # 8217ll be a little bit brown on the sides just a little bit. And then you're going to leave it in the oven for about an hour.

You can take it out, cover it and chill it overnight or chill for 4 hours minimum. Your cheesecake really needs to chill and set, that is the best way to have it nice, cuttable, it & # 8217s not going to be messy. You & # 8217ll love it. (Make it a day ahead or make it in the morning). Don & # 8217t try and rush this step.

8. When it & # 8217s chilled overnight, just run a knife along the edge to make sure that there & # 8217s no stray bits. Although you know, they are hard to find. Release that springform pan from the bottom of the cheesecake, this is the tricky part but you're going to use your palette knife and this is where we used that parchment paper round at the bottom will show it & # 8217s magic.

Just take the paper it & # 8217ll come right off and the whole presentation will atleast look a little bit more clean, yes there will be a couple of crumbs but don't worry about it.

9. Now it's time for the white and dark chocolate ganache. For that white chocolate ganache, we & # 8217ll be adding in one cup of white chocolate, use a double boiler but you could also use a microwave, It & # 8217s totally up to you. So once you see the chocolate start to melt in the bottom, just move it around.

Add one-third of a cup of cream, and stir. And after a few seconds take it off the heat. The dark chocolate is way more forgiving, so in a small bowl just add in about two tablespoons of the chips, one tablespoon of cream, and zap it in the microwave at 50% power in like 30-second intervals. You don't need a double boiler for it, but you could pop this on the double boiler if you wanted to.

10. So when ganache really sets up, you're going to pour this onto the chilled cheesecake and spread this out. Now add a couple of dark chocolate dollops and by using the skewer and you & # 8217re going to loop this in and out to make a nice marbleized pattern. (The key is to not over mix & # 8217cause then it & # 8217ll muddy things up. But you can have fun with it, just trying to over mix). Hang this out in the fridge for a minute while you make that whipped cream, which you know is super quick.

11. We & # 8217ll be crowning this cake with some beautiful and easy whipped cream. So add one cup of the cold, heavy whipped cream into the bowl of your stand mixer, one-quarter cup of powdered sugar, and just a little splash of vanilla, and whip it up. Keep an eye on this. We want thicker peaks because we're gonna be piping the whipped cream.

12. Fill your piping bag up (If you don & # 8217t want to pipe this you could just make little dollops with your spatula, but with a piping bag, it looks so much nicer).

You & # 8217re gonna pipe in a spiral as you move along and have your cake on a turntable as it makes it so much easier (a turntable is really a must if you like decorating cake). If you don't want to do this process, regularly dollops totally work nicely as well. Make little coils and if you need to stop you can stop like for example if you didn't make enough whipped cream.

13. You're gonna garnish Oreo and Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake with some Oreos, but it & # 8217ll look nicer if they & # 8217re cut in half, so just chop them into halves with a sharp knife and chop. Just space them evenly apart, you don't have to stress out about it too much.

This Oreo and Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake is actually all chilled and setup that ganache really hard and quickly. This room is like a refrigerator right now.

Tips for Oreo and Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Recipe:

  • Make sure to scrape the mixer bowl, so that if any unmixed and lumpy cream cheese is left, it gets mixed well.
  • You can adjust the amount of the Oreos if you want lighter looking cheesecake.
  • This is the perfect make-ahead recipe. But make sure to add whipped cream at last if you want that silkier touch.
  • Always use ingredients at room temperature for smooth filling, especially cream cheese as frozen one will create lumps and hence resulting in a lumpy and unmixed filling.
  • Try not to open the oven as cold air is not good for cheesecake.
  • Don & # 8217t sweat if your cheesecake has little bits of cracks, as it can be covered with the ganache and cream layer on the top.
  • DO not overmix the filling or else it will acquire more air and will be fluffy. And at last, resulting in dreaded cracks.
  • Always make sure to add eggs at last and one by one, so that while mixing it doesn & # 8217t make the filling much airy and light.

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OREO Cheesecake Cookies


  • 1/2 cup softened butter
  • 4 oz softened cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup flour
  • 12 OREOs


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Break Oreos into pieces.
  3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  4. Cream together butter and cream cheese until smooth and blended. Add in the sugar and vanilla. Mix until combined.
  5. Add the flour and mix until incorporated. Fold in the Oreo pieces.
  6. Form the dough into about 1 1/2 & # 8243 balls and place on prepared baking sheet. Lightly press down on each.
  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the edges are just slightly browned.
  8. Allow to cool for at least 10 minutes on pan before transferring to a wire rack to finish cooling.

It's really hard to go wrong with any recipe that has OREO cookies in it, right? I mean it's impossible. Everything I have ever eaten that's made with OREOs is just delicious. Whether you needed oreo and cream cheese cookies, oreo cream cheese cookies, oreo cheesecake cookies pioneer woman, cookies and cream cheese cookies or even oreo cheesecake cookie bars, our cookies and cream cheesecake cookies will not disappoint. We hope that you are inspired by this OREO Cheesecake Cookies recipe. Happy baking!

No Bake Oreo Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

No Bake Oreo Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake is a quick and easy dessert recipe perfect for any occasion. An Oreo cookie pie crust is filled with a delicious peanut butter and cream cheese mixture loaded with pieces of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Oreo cookies. This chocolate peanut butter dessert is perfect for summer.

How to make Oreo Dessert Pots.

Start by mixing crushed Oreo biscuits with melted butter and put a layer of them into the bottom of your serving glasses.

To make the cheesecake, use an electric hand whisk to mix together the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract. Once it is smooth with no lumps, add the double cream and whisk until it is very thick and holds it’s shape.

Then stir in some crushed Oreos.

Layer up the serving glasses with cheesecake, then more Oreo biscuits and more cheesecake. Decorate with a swirl of whipped cream, an Oreo biscuit and some crushed Oreo crumbs.