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Starbucks Sends Legal Letter to ‘Star Box’ Coffee Kiosk to Change Its Name

Starbucks Sends Legal Letter to ‘Star Box’ Coffee Kiosk to Change Its Name

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The legal letter was reportedly hand-delivered to the coffee kiosk owner

According to Kamali, the coffee chain offered to pay him around $370 as a “goodwill payment.”

Star Box Coffee owner Nasser Kamali, an Iranian refugee, has run his small kiosk in North London for around five years, but has recently received a legal letter from global coffee powerhouse Starbucks demanding that he change the name of his shop, the Camden New Journal reported.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, “Trademark law is there to protect brand identity. In this instance it was too close to our brand and could lead to such confusion.”

In response to the letter, Kamali has changed his main sign and removed the word “star” from his menus, posters, and stickers.

“I may be small, but inside I am big,” Kamali told the Camden New Journal. “I’m not taking their money and I’m not scared of them. But I could not beat Starbucks in court. Be realistic. They have all the lawyers — and the government — so I just made the changes.”

According to Kamali, he keeps a Karl Marx mug and red star in his kiosk because of his belief in Marxism.

“That is why I had the red star logo on my stickers. I am in a box. It’s my red, star box,” he said.