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Burgers and Pizza: 14 Celebrity Favorites

Burgers and Pizza: 14 Celebrity Favorites

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in this country who simply doesn’t like burgers and pizza. And even though it might seem like celebrities exist on an entirely separate plane from the common man, they get cravings for these American classics just like the rest of us. From Aziz Ansari to Scarlett Johansson, we tracked down what some of the biggest rock stars, movie stars, TV stars, and sports heroes have to say about their favorite burgers and pizza.

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We are a celebrity-centric culture. Even if you don’t buy gossip rags or fawn over the latest cleverly named celebrity couple, news about movie, sports, and rock stars is impossible to avoid. Celebrities give us insight on how to dress, what workout we should be doing, enlighten us with wisdom on current events and, of course, they’re also always willing to give us their opinion on haute cuisine. But even with all their wealth, status and cultural importance, celebrities are beckoned by the same siren song of burgers and pizza that us plebeians also dance to.

No amount of fame immunizes us from the feeling that a great slice of pizza is the only way to regain equilibrium after an exhausting day. Our icons of sport, screen and music live a life that’s hard to relate to, so it makes them seem more accessible to know they too have opinions on pizza and burgers; two foods that make periodic appearances in many of our lives. It’s refreshing to know that you might just bump into one of your favorite actors at a popular fast food chain, appeasing that same primordial burger craving we all get.

There’s a trivial comfort in knowing you have star-power backing up your side of the Chicago versus New York pizza debate. The go-to meals that are at the center of our victories and provide comfort in our momentary defeats also anchor the same moments in the lives of those who provide us with inspiring performances and edge-of-your-seat moments. There’s also a certain level of consolation in knowing that at the end of the day mustard doesn’t discriminate when it comes to staining a shirt and pizza cares not about your cultural status; it only stays hot for so long.

We rounded up quotes from celebrities about the ubiquitous and soothing meals we know as pizza and burgers. While tennis star Venus Williams and actress Christina Ricci prefer McDonald's, it's all about Shake Shack for Aziz Ansari. And while actor Nick Offerman will defend Chicago-style pizza to the death, designer Marc Jacobs misses the tuna pizza at Mercer Kitchen most of all when he leaves New York. Just as us proletarians have our idiosyncratic preferences when it comes to the nuances of how these two foods should be prepared it shouldn’t surprise you to know celebrities are passionate and outspoken on this subject as well. So, while we might not ever go to the Academy Awards or have a limousine pick us up every morning; we might just see that limo at an In-N-Out Burger while waiting for our food. Without any further ado, here’s a roundup of celebrities talking about their favorite pizza and burgers.

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A refreshing $14 Tuscan red seeks burgers or pizza for a delicious match

Italian wine may be in vogue right now in part because other wines from Europe are being slapped with higher tariffs in trade disputes that have nothing to do with wine. Italy has always offered great quality and price for value, of course, and here are three wines that fit that model. We also have a delicious sauvignon blanc from Australia and a top-notch malbec from Argentina.


Rocca di Fabbri Montefalco Rosso 2016

A lovely translucent ruby color gleams from the glass, followed by aromas of black olives, tea, roasted mushrooms, dried cherries, plums and blackberries. A delightful wine ideal for hearty winter roasts and stews, or just a conversation by the fire. Alcohol by volume: 14.5 percent.

Imported and distributed by M. Touton Selection: Available in the District at the Bottle Shop, Morris Miller Wine & Liquor, Pearson’s, Rodman’s, Streets Market (Connecticut Avenue), Whole Foods Market (P Street). Available in Maryland at Cork 57 Beer and Wine in Bethesda, Di Pasquale’s Marketplace and Wine Source in Baltimore, in Gaithersburg, Maryland Discount Beverage Center in Cumberland, Old Farm Liquors in Frederick, the Perfect Pour in Elkridge, Petite Cellars in Ellicott City. Available in Virginia at Leesburg Gourmet in Leesburg, Vino Market in Midlothian.


Laureano Gomez Malbec 2019

Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina, $20

Laureano Gomez made wine for three decades for Trapiche and Bodegas Salentein. Now retired, he and his family make about 2,000 cases of wine from 12 acres around their home in the Uco Valley, a high-altitude region in the Andes foothills, in the southern end of the Mendoza region. This delicious malbec has energy and flavors of blueberries and blackberries dusted with cocoa. ABV: 14 percent.

Imported by the Artisan Collection, distributed by Le Storie: Available in the District at Ace Beverage, Calvert Woodley, Harry’s Reserve Fine Wine & Spirits. Available in Virginia at Arrowine and Cheese and Osteria del Nino in Arlington Branch & Vine, Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Market, Oxford Cellars and Rowland in Richmond Dominion Wine and Beer in Falls Church Grape + Bean in Alexandria Oakton Wine Shop in Oakton Vino Market in Midlothian.

Conti Zecca Liranu Negroamaro Rosso Riserva 2016

The negroamaro grape yields wines that live up to the name: dark in color and slightly bitter, in a good way. The subtle bitterness appears on the finish, and refreshes and primes your palate for the next sip. And while some wines from this grape can be quite lean, this one is ripe and plush. Pair it with grilled or roasted meats, or mature hard cheeses. ABV: 14 percent.