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Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad

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It is said that eggplant salad prepared with pumpkin is less difficult for the liver.

  • 5 eggplants
  • 3 medium squash
  • 2 green onion threads, only the white part
  • salt to taste
  • 100ml grape seed oil

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


The eggplants are washed and baked on the flame or on the board, twisting them on all sides. Then leave to cool slightly and clean. Cut the stalk, then cut the eggplant lengthwise and gather the whole core with a spoon. Put the core in a large strainer and let it drain for 2-3 hours. Meanwhile, wash and clean the pumpkins, cut the slices and put them to boil in salted water. When they have boiled, let them drain in a saucepan. Although they are said to be best made with a wood chipper, I make them with a robot, they come out fluffier. Put the eggplant, onion and zucchini together in the bowl of the robot and gradually add the oil, then season with salt. Serve cold with tomato salad, or you can add mayonnaise, as desired.


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