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16 Handles Launches Holiday Flavors

16 Handles Launches Holiday Flavors

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Peppermint stick, eggnog join the lineup at the eco-friendly fro-yo chain

Environmentally-friendly frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles, which has 28 locations across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Florida, has rolled out a couple of new flavors just in time for the holidays.

Available only for the month of December, fat-free frozen yogurt in eggnog and peppermint stick flavors will join the rotating roster of options at the chain’s locations, which launched in 2008 and is best known for introducing self-serve frozen yogurt to New York City. After filling up your cup, you can then top it up with a wide variety of fruit, nuts, candies, cakes, sauces, and other toppings.

"Eggnog and Peppermint Stick are both iconic flavors of the holiday season, so we decided to bring them back to our handles to help frozen yogurt fans say cheers to the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy them before the 'handles' run out," said Solomon Choi, 16 Handles founder.

The chain also is committed to being eco-friendly, and uses biodegradable packaging and spoons. Each store also plants 16 trees every day, with more than 87,000 new trees planted to date.

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Edy's Launches a Rocky Road Collection with Three New Flavors

One of the oldest mix-in ice cream flavors gets a serious update.

Needless to say, the past year has been a, uh, rocky road for a lot of folks out there. On the plus side, there&aposs also never really been a better time to just sit at home and gorge yourself on ice cream, free from prying, judgmental eyes.

Fittingly enough for a time like this, Edy&aposs (aka Dreyer&aposs) is introducing an entire rocky road collection paying tribute to one of the oldest favorites in the world of mix-in ice cream flavors. 

Featuring six flavors, the collection is equally divided between old standbys from the Edy&aposs collection and three all-new favorites that should lead rocky road in some new and interesting direction. Among the debuts is Salted Caramel Pretzel Path, which blends chocolate-covered pretzels, plus swirls of fudge and chocolate-covered toffee into a salted caramel ice cream. You can also say hello to Brownie Brick Road, merging brownie pieces, brownie batter swirls, and even crispy brownie edges with a sweet cream ice cream. Rounding out the trifecta of new infrastructure-themed ice creams is the quaint Cookie Cobblestone, pairing chocolate ice cream with cookie dough, marshmallow swirls, and some "crushed chocolate cookie pieces" that look suspiciously like Oreos. 

Though perhaps not quite as adventurous as those new pathways into the world of Rocky Road, the three classics in the Rocky Road Collection deserve their due as well. Mocha Almond Avenue&aposs combination of coffee ice cream, fudge swirls, and crunchy almonds deserves its due. So too does peanut butter park&aposs combination of peanut butter cups and swirls amid chocolate ice cream. And of course you can&apost go wrong with the Original Rocky Road combo of marshmallow pieces, almonds, and chocolate ice cream. 

If you&aposre wondering why Edy&aposs/Dreyer&aposs is focusing its efforts on such a robust lineup of rocky road, it&aposs because they pretty much put the flavor on the map. Their connection to Rocky Road dates all the way back to 1929, when William Dreyer and Joseph Edy first dreamed up Rocky Road, one of the first ice cream flavors anywhere to mix in solid ingredients.

You should be able to  find this collection of rocky road flavors in freezer sections nationwide soon. So even though it&aposs not yet rocky road&aposs 100th birthday for another eight years, we might as well say "close enough" and start to dig in.

Fuchs North America Launches Their "Family Recipes" Collection of Seasonings, Flavors, and Bases

BALTIMORE (PRWEB) February 16, 2021

Fuchs North America, a market leader in innovative seasonings, flavor solutions and spices for the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice industries, introduces the Family Recipes Collection – a new line of seasonings inspired by our team’s favorite family recipes. The collection’s 4 distinctly delicious seasonings honor traditions that have been passed down for generations, while offering mouthwatering takes on comfort food classics that consumers will totally crave.

This collection presents delicious seasoning blends ideal for desserts, spreads, stews and more. These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own rich signature product offerings, with Fuchs’ culinary specialists at their side.

From Our Kitchen to Yours

Our new Family Recipes Collection includes the following 4 seasoning blends:

  • Tangy & Sour Schmear Seasoning
  • Jambalaya Seasoning
  • Lemon Square Seasoning
  • Zucchini Bread Seasoning

In introducing the collection, Shannon Cushen, Fuchs’ director of marketing, explained the strategy behind the collection. “Nostalgic comfort foods are on the rise now more than ever, as consumers tend to reach for their childhood favorites in times of stress. At the same time, they’re still seeking out trendy and exciting new flavors to shake things up,” she observes.

“Our newest collection delivers on nostalgia, while providing new takes on old favorites. We transformed some of our team members’ family recipes into seasonings that deliver not only the nostalgia that consumers are seeking, but that also reflect many of the flavor trends we’re anticipating for 2021,” Cushen adds.

Fuchs helps food companies make sense of the trends and tap into where the culinary energy is strongest. In this spirit, each of the items that make up Fuchs’ Family Recipes Collection features delicious new takes on classic comfort foods.

For Continuous Improvement Engineer Ian Stroube, part of the fun of family recipes is making them your own. Inspired by one of his parents’ favorite holiday recipes that he’s put his own twist on, the Jambalaya Seasoning in the new collection delivers craveable heat. “This seasoning packs a lot of punch when it comes to flavor, making for a delicious meal,” explains Chef Howard Cantor, corporate executive chef at Fuchs North America.

Spectacular Spread Seasoning

The Tangy & Sour Schmear Seasoning based on one of Food Scientist Alyssa Chircus’ mother’s go-to holiday recipes is incredibly versatile. Put it on brisket, bread, or use it as a dip – the possibilities are endless! Better yet, its tangy flavor is exactly what consumers are craving these days.

Delicious Dessert Seasonings

Talk about taking an old favorite to the next level! For Dan Grazaitis, Director of Research & Development at Fuchs, it’s the nutmeg that really makes his family’s zucchini bread stand out. The Zucchini Bread Seasoning in our newest collection is inspired by his family’s “not-so-secret” recipe.

Classic doesn’t even begin to describe this Lemon Square Seasoning! Hitting all of the right tart, sour and sweet notes, this seasoning draws inspiration from a recipe that has been passed down for generations. Originally developed by Vice President of Sales & Technical Services Ken Wuestenfeld’s grandmother, this seasoning’s nostalgic roots and on-trend flavor profile are sure to be a hit with consumers.

Fuchs North America’s experts in consumer taste preferences translate food trends into irresistibly craveable products with offerings like the Family Recipes Collection. According to Ken Wuestenfeld, vice president of sales and technical services, these special collections serve as a way of partnering with food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world.

As Wuestenfeld explains, through in-depth trend analysis, Fuchs listens to consumers’ desires and helps elevate favorite foods, flavors and brands with distinctive, trend-driven seasonings. “We create flavors consumers will love to pass around. Our flavors bring people together – and keep them coming back for more.”

Fuchs’ development process is the perfect blend of science and art. In a competitive food market, brands need to offer something unique, but also get it to market quickly and reliably. Fuchs North America’s cutting-edge seasoning solutions, quick response times, deep expertise and customer-centric process allow for a customized approach to turning fresh ideas into consumer-favorite products.

“With Fuchs, you can expect results-oriented support that’s focused, flexible and responsive. We innovate for you – from our marketing insights to R&D expertise, we support you through all stages of the product development cycle. Our regulatory and quality experts are on-hand to ensure that the end result meets your desired specifications,” Wuestenfeld reports.

With over 75 years of experience, Fuchs is committed to delivering quality products the first time and every time. Contact us to see how Fuchs can help you create something special.

About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is a leading supplier of value-added seasonings, spices and flavor solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries. With a heritage that extends back several decades, the company specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles and seasoning products – including supporting some of the world’s largest and best-recognized food brands.

Fuchs North America’s seasoning and flavor experts specialize in anticipating and identifying consumer trends – and converting them into successful flavor profiles. We partner closely with the marketing and R&D departments of food companies to design unique, next-level seasoning solutions. Our products are made in a precision processing environment that ensures consistent, repeatable quality, order to order.

Since 1990, we’ve been part of the worldwide Fuchs Gruppe, the world’s largest privately-held seasoning and spice company. Our worldwide capabilities support local as well as global resourcing, giving you maximum flexibility. Operations on four continents carry out our mission to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world.

16 Handles to Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day with Free Frozen Yogurt

16 Handles will celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day with 3 ounces of soft serve + toppings free for rewards members at all 16 Handles locations on Saturday, February 6th. In addition to 3 ounces free on 2/6, customers who stop in to 16 Handles on National Frozen Yogurt Day will also receive a $2.75 credit for their next visit from 2/7-2/28/21, totaling $5 in free credits during the month of February.

16 Handles is known for its innovation, and in recent years, the brand’s menu has expanded to include ice cream, gelato, and industry-leading vegan soft serve made with oat milk. While all of these treats are also available as part of the National Frozen Yogurt Day promotion, the holiday celebrates 16 Handles’ best-loved frozen yogurt recipes, including proprietary Artisan flavors like Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Fudge Brownie, and Peanut Butter Perfection.

“Although the past year has been filled with unexpected challenges, we’re excited to be able to continue our tradition of celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day by treating our amazing fans.” says CEO and founder Solomon Choi. “It’s the perfect way to show our gratitude to our guests and to share some joy when we all need it most, whether it’s at one of our locations or from the comfort of their homes with our new, in-app delivery service. Our goal is to make sure everyone can celebrate with us however they feel most comfortable.”

16 Handles Celebrates National Frozen Yogurt Day with FREE FRO-YO!

New York, NY ( ) On February 6 th , 2019, 16 Handles is celebrating “National Frozen Yogurt Day” with free Fro-Yo for all of their rewards members!

National Frozen Yogurt Day celebrates one of the most delicious frozen dessert treats in the world – frozen yogurt! In honor of the holiday, 16 Handles will thank its loyal rewards members with free frozen yogurt (up to 3 ounces) throughout all of its locations. Non-rewards members may sign up on the spot by downloading the new 16 Handles mobile app to redeem their free Fro-Yo.

“We love our customers – this day is really about celebrating them. We couldn’t think of a better way to say ‘thank you’ for their continued loyalty to our business,” says Solomon Choi, CE-YO! of 16 Handles.

Customers will be able to choose from any of the 16 delicious flavors on tap, topping their custom creations with a mix of the brand’s 50+ toppings. Plus, guests will have the chance to try 16 Handles’ new flavor, Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle! Made with cashew milk, this vegan flavor is the first of three cashew milk based soft serve flavors the brand is releasing through March. All developed with proprietary recipes and real, natural ingredients, these new flavors are part of 16 Handles’ ongoing efforts to be inclusive of all individuals with different preferences and dietary restrictions. This National Frozen Yogurt Day, guests can try it for free when they check out with the 16 Handles mobile app.

16 Handles Launches New Flavor: Duff’s Red Velvet Cake

16 Handles and Duff Goldman have partnered once again for a delicious new flavor – Duff’s Red Velvet Cake! This frozen yogurt embodies the rich flavor of red velvet cake, which is universally adored for its soft cake batter, sweet cream cheese frosting, and festive color.

Traditionally known for its frozen yogurt, smoothies, and toppings, 16 Handles has also expanded its offerings to include ice cream and a variety of frozen desserts. 16 Handles and Duff Goldman have previously partnered on delicious flavors like Duff’s Strawberry Shortcake ice cream, Duff’s Confetti Cake ice cream, and Duff’s Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt.

“Red velvet is an extremely popular cake to indulge in during the holidays,” says CEO and founder, Solomon Choi. “We’re excited to be collaborating with Chef Duff Goldman, one of the most sought after cake makers in the country.”

Duff’s Red Velvet Cake launches November 16th at participating 16 Handles locations.

Duff Goldman is a chef, artist, entrepreneur, and celebrated TV personality who is known for the hit Food Network show Ace of Cakes, which took place in his world-renowned Baltimore bakery – Charm City Cakes. Duff is currently starring in several new shows on Food Network, including: Holiday Baking Championship and Kids Baking Championship. As part of the 16 Handles partnership, facilitated by Duff’s licensing agency Perpetual Licensing, Duff will continue to introduce seasonal flavors and offerings to 16 Handles at all locations.

Cookie Monster

What it is: Cookies and cream yogurt topped with crushed Oreos, Oreo pieces, and chocolate sauce.

Where to get it: 16 Handles, Menchie’s, and sweetFrog all offer cookies and cream flavors, but only 16 Handles have both crushed Oreos and larger pieces.

How to make it: This one is a cinch to make at home with this recipe from Healthy Food for Living .

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle tastes just like your grandma's favorite cookies—but it's far healthier! Now available in single-serve squeeze packs for on-the-go enjoyment.

We make delicious nut butters, yes. But we exist, first and foremost, to provide job skills training to womxn overcoming adversity. Through our 6-9 month employment training program, womxn are given the confidence, skills and opportunity they need to get back on their feet. In 4 years, we've employed over 30 womxn. (Thanks to you!)

8 Delicious Mother's Day Lunch Menus She'll Totally Love

Make a beautiful meal for a beautiful woman&mdashyour mother. Our easy Mother's Day lunch ideas are the perfect way to celebrate Mom. She'll feel extra special with a menu made just for her.

Put together a simple Mother&aposs Day menu she&aposs sure to love. We&aposre sharing our best Mother&aposs Day lunch ideas, including delicious recipes for her favorite classic brunch dishes. Whether you&aposre throwing a tea party just for her or having a lunch for two, these simple, flavorful recipes are our favorite way to celebrate mom. We&aposre sharing delicious lunch recipes for Mother&aposs Day including flavorful lettuce salads, hearty sandwiches, and delicious vegetable pasta bowls. Round out your lunch on Mother&aposs Day with a truly festive Mother&aposs Day dessert and don&apost forget to add a DIY gift for her or a heartfelt homemade card.

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