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Cocoa cake with coconut heart

Cocoa cake with coconut heart

Mix the egg whites with the sugar, and in another bowl the yolks with a cup of oil, milk, sifted flour in which we mixed the baking powder, cocoa, then we put the baking soda quenched with lemon juice.

This composition is easily mixed with egg whites, from the bottom up, with a fork or a wooden spoon.

Put the chocolate composition aside and mix an egg white with 130 g of sugar. Pour over 50 ml of milk and 3 teaspoons of starch and mix again. Then put the coconut and mix.

We wallpapered a shape with a diameter of 26 cm with butter and flour. I made 2 smaller cakes. One in the shape of a plum cake and one in the shape of a round cake.

I explain that for a single shape: we put half of the cocoa composition in the shape of a cake, then with a spoon we take the coconut composition and put it in the center, from place to place, or stretched.

Pour all the remaining cocoa composition on top and put the oven on 180 degrees, for about 40 minutes.

We do the toothpick test, and if it comes out dry, let it cool a bit, then place the cake on a plate and wait for it to cool before serving, even if the temptation is great.

Once cooled, put a little powdered sugar in a tea strainer and powder.


The cup used for measurements is a 250 ml cup.

If you do not want to powder with sugar, or if you want a special cake, melt on steam or in the microwave 150 g chocolate with 3-4 tablespoons of milk, then pour on top. It will be mega chocolates.

Cocoa cake with coconut heart

Felis, darling, is delicious. Especially since I saw that you like the rooster. Wonderful idea with snails. I'll try them soon. Btw, I really like your blog. Kiss you!

A beauty! And I have such a craving for something sweet right now & # 8230 of!

Elena, I'm drinking a cup of green tea right now with a slice of this cake goodness. Sooo relaxing & # 8230 :))) Make yourself something sweet quickly, but put the recipe! :)) Pup u!

What is this silence? Let me turn on the valve and tell you that today I made a heartless green cock. Peseu: the rooster was green :)) !! More peace, thank you !!

Zgaiby, I'm really glad you tried it. If it has turned green, even better. :))) I recommend 2 super simple cakes that you will definitely fall in love with. Apple pie and carrot cake. If you take my word for it, try them and you will be convinced. :) I kiss you and I'm still waiting for you at my place!: *: *: *: *

Super idea with coconut especially since I am a big fan of coconut .. as for the coconut snails I made with chicken breast & # 8230ies super good & # 8230 worth a try!

Ionela, my dear, we also like the rooster very much, and we haven't tried the snails yet. How soon I will do it, though. We don't eat fried foods and things like that until we detox from the effects of the long winter. :)) I kiss you and I'm waiting for you around me 1: *: *

with the little time I have & # 8230 today I made this cake & # 8230e in the oven now & # 8230but it looks really good :)

Do I really need to add starch?

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