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Game-Day Patatas Bravas

Game-Day Patatas Bravas

Peel and cut the potatoes into equal size pieces, about 2 inches. Place into a pan of boiling salted water and par boil for about 10 minutes.

Peel and crush the garlic and chop the tomatoes into small pieces. In a frying pan heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add the garlic and sauté for a few minutes until soft, add the tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes on a low heat adding the cayenne pepper, sugar and vinegar after around 10 minutes. Using a hand blender, blend the tomato sauce, and then taste and adjust the seasoning.

When the potatoes have been cooking for 10 minutes, remove from the heat and drain and dry with a paper towel. Heat enough oil to fry the potatoes in a small, deep pan and when hot, add the potatoes. Cook for until golden brown, 5 to 8 minutes, and drain on paper towels. Serve the potatoes on a large serving dish and add the tomato salsa on a container for dipping.

Receta de Patatas Bravas - Patatas Bravas Recipe

Coat potato pieces with olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt to taste, then place on baking sheet. Bake 20-25 minutes or until golden and fork tender, stirring once.


Saute onion in olive oil about 8 minutes. Add garlic and stir for 30 seconds. Add tomatoes, salt, paprika and hot sauce, stir and bring to a simmer.

Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Adjust seasonings to your taste.

Allow sauce to cool, then transfer to a food processor and puree.

Serve the potatoes in separate shallow bowls or cazuelas, drizzled liberally with the salsa brava. Garnish with parsley.

Reviews (2)

November 2016

Este plato es muy delicioso, me encanta el puré de patatas, pero estos pueden ser mis nuevos favoritos.

September 2016

Love these on a weekend morning! The spicy sauce puts the potatoes over the top!

30 Easy Air Fryer Dinner Recipes

With these easy air fryer dinner recipes, getting a meal on the table has never been easier!

These are the perfect quick and easy dishes to serve after a busy day.

These air fryer dinner recipes are incredibly versatile, and you won&rsquot break a sweat.

Why spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when you can let the air fryer do all the work?

From classic recipes like pork roasts and butternut squash to fun dishes like fish tacos and buffalo cauliflower bites, this list has something for everyone.

Say goodbye to stressing over what to make for dinner and hello to your new favorite recipes.

The best part? Simply let the air fryer do all the work!

Game Day

Patatas bravas meets marinara sauce. The Marsala makes the potatoes sticky and sweet, but it can be swapped for anything similar you have at hand, such as stock or water.

Shrimp Boulettes

Shrimp boulettes, or fried shrimp balls, might remind you of Thai fish cakes or Vietnamese shrimp on sugarcane. The shrimp is ground up and fried without any flour or cornmeal (shrimp is sticky enough to bind the vegetables together, so you don’t need to add any filler). Eat the boulettes as a snack with hot sauce, or put some on a roll with bitter greens, cocktail sauce, or spicy mayo to turn them into a sandwich. Either way, they are a great way to eat small fresh shrimp.

30-Minute Green Chicken Chili

While working at Food & Wine magazine in my early twenties, some of the editors were raving about Hatch green chillies as we chatted, and, not wanting to seem like a total idiot, I nodded enthusiastically and then immediately went to search what these things were. They are, in fact, pretty awesome, and come from a town called Hatch in New Mexico, USA. You can add them to soups, stews, salsas or use as toppings for burgers or pizzas for a great depth of flavour. They range in heat level (and also offer a subtle sweetness to them), so buy whichever are better for your palate.

Grilled Bologna Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls

I was fortunate enough to have Matty participate in one of my Food Salons in New York. I was consistently impressed by the way he wove together serious topics and those that were not so serious. He talked about his family and how food was a unifying force early in his life. He talked about moving from a small town to Toronto and taking in the energy of the city. He talked about the stresses of a chef’s life. We also talked about sneakers, which we both collect, and which raise some of the same creative issues as food—how to innovate while also respecting tradition, for example. This was still in my mind when I asked him to join in on the potluck, which is why I’m sending him Run-D.M.C.’s “My Adidas,” one of the legendary songs about shoes, stress, energy, and unifying forces.

Savory Sausage Rolls

Any sausage roll is a good thing, but these are a very good thing indeed. Savory is a really old herb that was used in cooking centuries ago. We wanted to recreate a sausage roll that you might have unearthed in an ancient English recipe in some dusty old book somewhere. And we’ve used plenty of savory to bring that nice herby taste to the fore. These are great for picnics or packed lunches, eaten hot or cold.

Bacon-Ranch Cheese Ball

We passed on the processed cheese for more flavorful cheddar in our Bacon-Ranch Cheese Balls. To add creaminess and help bind the ingredients, we turned to cream cheese. Incorporating mayonnaise provided additional sticking power for the coating. A few hours in the refrigerator ensured that the cheese balls set up perfectly.

Tot-Stuffed Pork Meatballs with Spicy Romesco Sauce

In hindsight, stuffing a meatball with a tot seems like an obvious idea, but I couldn’t find any evidence of it being done before! After testing the merits of precooking the tots to add an extra dimension of brown flavor and crispness, my tasters unanimously agreed that the uncooked tots worked better. This is because browning the tots essentially seals them inside a crust, keeping them separate from the meat surrounding them. But when you wrap the thawed tots in meat, they really become one with the meatballs and the delicious pork flavor permeates the tots.

Cheeseburger Tot Sliders

Why have a burger with some tots on the side when you can just build a burger with tots as the bun! These mini tot sliders are first and foremost insanely cute. Believe it or not, they are actually pretty easy to make, too. But most important—they are extremely delicious. If you serve your friends these sliders when they come over for the big game, they will lose their minds!

Buffalo-Style Snacks for Game Day

Photo by: Stephen Johnson ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Stephen Johnson, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

When Buffalo chicken wings hit the snack table on football Sunday, it’s game over. No other snack food can compete — no matter how cheesy or spicy it is. The focus shifts from the TV to the saucy grub as each guest reaches to get his or her fair share (or more).

The sauce, traditionally made with a mixture of butter and hot sauce, is the reason the wings are so irresistible. And while it makes an awesome coating for baked or fried chicken, there’s no limit to where you can apply that beloved flavor combination. Even vegetables taste great dressed in the tangy mixture. Below are some new takes on Buffalo-style snacks that’ll give traditional wings a run for their money.

On Sundays, it can be hard not to undo your week’s worth of healthy eating. But Buffalo cauliflower will make it easier. With a fraction of the calories and fat, it’s a good and satisfying alternative that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

Recipe Summary

  • 1 pound ground beef chuck
  • 1 (8 ounce) package shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 1 (1 ounce) package dry onion soup mix
  • 24 (2 inch square) dinner rolls, split

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

In a medium bowl, thoroughly mix ground beef chuck, Cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and dry onion soup mix.

Spread even amounts of the ground beef onto the bottom half of each roll. Place top halves on, forming little sandwiches. If you purchased the rolls in aluminum foil pans, you may return them to the same pan for baking. Otherwise, place them on a baking sheet or baking pan. Cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil.

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes in the preheated oven, or until meat is cooked through.

Healthier patatas bravas

As a Brit, 'football' to me is what Americans call soccer. While it was all around in the UK, I admit I didn't really like British football all that much - too many divas, faking injuries etc I was more of a rugby fan.

While living in Spain, though, I was a bit more appreciative - there were still many of the same issues in the game, but it all seemed to have a better pace to it. Plus, there were way better snacks: tapas are perfect as football snacks, whichever version of the word you are talking about.

One tapas dish that is pretty much central to any order is patatas bravas, and today I am sharing a healthier patatas bravas where the potatoes are roasted rather than fried and the sauce has no sugar or salt. Don't worry though, this sauce is SO good, you'll be adding loads and cooking up some more potatoes soon or finding any other excuse to use it again.

The first time I lived in Spain, I lived in Catalunya which in general supports Barcelona's football team (often known as Barça). However Barça is a team that seems to create enemies and so there were also a number of Real Madrid fans in the town I was in who in many cases supported them as they were seen as Barça's big rival.

Barça-Real match nights were always interesting but I remember one night when I was teaching during an important game and you could tell when every goal happened, and who it was, by what the shouts were from the bar next door and which direction the fireworks came from to celebrate (there were strong supporters' bars for each team in different directions).

Much as I loved my class, I would still have loved to have been taking in the atmosphere in the bar, sipping on a beer and eating some patatas bravas and other tapas. These days, and maybe then too, I am even happier making these healthier patatas bravas to enjoy at home, whether as a snack on their own or alongside other tapas like pinchos morunos and fried eggplant, as we had here.

What are patatas bravas?

Patatas bravas - 'brave potatoes' - are traditionally deep fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce. Exactly what is in the sauce varies a little from region to region - when I lived in Madrid, patatas bravas came with just a spicy tomato-based sauce and you had to get 'patatas mixtas' to get it with alioli (garlic mayo) as well.

In Catalunya, the sauce was always what seemed to be the two blended together already. Personally I like having a little of both but that you can mix yourself, and so that's what I have made for these healthier patatas bravas.

Making bravas sauce (salsa bravas)

The tomato sauce can be either cooked while the potatoes are roasting or you can make it ahead and keep it in the fridge - it's fine either warm or cold. It's easy to make, being simply some onion and garlic cooked up, spices added then wine and tomatoes, cooked down and blended.

I used some fantastic smoked paprika I got recently which helped give it great depth of flavor. It's also got a nice kick without being over the top. Any leftover sauce is great to use with other things too, just store it in the fridge.

These healthier patatas bravas may be more at home watching Spanish football than American football, but they are so good they certainly should fit in as any kind of game snack, which is why I'm sharing them for today's football-themed Sunday Supper. The sauce has so much flavor and is perfect, especially alongside some simple alioli (garlic mayo), to smother the roast potatoes. Easy but oh so good.

21 Spanish Vegan Tapas That Make You Feel At Home

You don’t need to travel overseas to experience Spanish-style tapenade and tapas. Let your taste buds transport you with these vegan tapa options you can make anytime at home.

These vegan tapas are perfect for entertaining, potluck or hors d’oeuvre with your favorite drink.

1. Olive Artichoke Crostini | Vanilla And Bean

Crunchy, garlicky, salty and spicy, olive artichoke crostini are a lighter appetizer to adorn your holiday or party table.

2. Easy Raw Beet Ravioli | Pickles 'N Honey

One of my favorite recipes for REAL. These raw beet ravioli are decadent + beautiful, but secretly easy to make. You'll LOVE the Almond Thyme Pâté filling.

3. Pesto Polenta Bites with Tomato Bruschetta | Joyful Healthy Eats

Crispy Polenta Bites with a Basil Pesto spread and topped with fresh Tomato Bruschetta. These Polenta Bites are quick, healthy, easy, and the perfect bite-size appetizer!

4. Vegan Calamari | Eat Figs, Not Pigs

A plant based spin on a classic and traditional calamari recipe that is sure not to disappoint! Our vegan calamari is crispy, light and absolutely delicious. You will never know it didn't come straight out of the sea!

5. Spanish Spinach Croquettes | Cilantro and Citronella

These Spanish spinach croquettes are a typical tapa in bars all around Spain. They’re simple to make and make a great vegan party finger food or appetizer!

6. Easy Vegan Corn Empanadas | From My Bowl

These oil-free Vegan Corn Empanadas are so simple to make, but don't skip out on any flavor! They're perfect for a party appetizers, potlucks, etc!

7. Easy Tomato Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze | Ahead of Thyme

Entertaining has never been easier with this delicious, fresh and simple Italian appetizer. Try an easy tomato bruschetta with balsamic glaze today!

8. Ultimate Gazpacho Recipe | Cookie and Kate

This gazpacho recipe is the best! It's a refreshing chilled summer soup, perfect for your garden tomatoes and cucumber. Vegan and gluten free.

9. Lemon, Thyme and Garlic Marinated Olives | Delicious Everyday

Plump green Sicilian olives are marinated in lemon zest and juice, garlic and thyme for a totally addictive and delicious treat.

10. Vegan Mushroom Tapenade | Vegangela

This vegan mushroom tapenade made of savory mushrooms, olives and capers makes a great appetizer / hors d'oeuvre. Vegan & gluten-free!

11. Olive Tapenade | Vanilla and Bean

Olive Tapenade: A salty, garlicky, lemony snack, spread or appetizer. Ten minutes and you're done! Vegan + GF

12. Vegan Olivier Salad | Simple Vegan Blog

Although Olivier Salad is a traditional Russian dish, you can find it at many restaurants here in Spain. This recipe is healthier and cholesterol-free.

13. Patatas Bravas | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Simple patatas bravas just like you'd find in Spain, only healthier! Baked crispy potato wedges topped with a spicy tomato sauce. Keep it vegan by omitting aioli and cheese. Fresh herbs make a bright, earthy finish.

14. Creamy Quinoa Jalapeño Poppers with Coconut Bacon | Vegan Yack Attack

Creamy quinoa jalapeño poppers topped with smoky chipotle coconut bacon. So dreamy! And the perfect appetizer for game day.

15. Two-Bite Vegan Baked Potatoes | I LOVE VEGAN

The Little Potato Company's Fingerling potatoes are the star of this recipe! Thin-skinned with firm flesh and a unique flavour, their elongated shape makes them perfect for mini baked potatoes! Customize them with your favourite toppings or follow our directions for "Tex-Mex" or "Loaded" two bite baked potatoes. They're quick, easy, and simply delicious!

16. Smokey Spanish Potatoes | Sprinkles and Sprouts

Smokey Spanish Potatoes. Crisp, smokey, with a touch of citrus, these Spanish potatoes are a great side dish or as an appetiser with drinks.

17. Tempeh Bacon & Asparagus Canapés | Vegan Recipe

These Tempeh Bacon & Asparagus Canapés make a great appetiser or vegan addition to any buffet. They’re fancy enough to serve up for New Year’s Eve, but so easy to make that you might want them a bit more often than that!

18. Sweet Potato & Avocado Bites | Blissful Basil

These vegan sweet potato + avocado bites make the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer! Sweet potato slices are tossed in olive oil, cumin, and paprika and roasted to tender perfection. A creamy mixture of avocado and lime juice is dolloped on top, and the little stacks are then garnished with a slice of tomato and radish sprouts. These bites are vibrant, zesty, and addictive!

19. Coconut Crusted Tofu with Green Curry Sauce | Ricki Heller

Quick and easy bites are crispy on the outside and a perfect pairing with sweet and spicy, creamy green curry sauce.

20. Vegan Tortilla Española | Keepin' It Kind

I did not think I would find a vegan version (Spolier Alert. ) but I totally did and it was better than I ever remember the egg-based dish being. I’ve recreated it, replacing the eggs with chickpea flour and extra-firm tofu. It is delicious and transports me right back to the wonderful, dimly-lit tapas bars I used to frequent.

21. Quinoa & Hummus Zucchini Roll Ups | Simply Quinoa

These delicious zucchini roll ups are made with a protein-packed filling of hummus and quinoa, along with fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Tapas Party Recipes & Tips

opular lore claims that tapa, which means lid or cover, originally referred to the practice of placing a slice of ham or bread on top of one’s glass of wine or beer to keep out the flying insects. People took to this utilitarian snack (and who wouldn’t want a nibble of fine cured ham with their early-evening sherry), bringing the drink-and-appetizer tradition to life.

Tapas Origins

Owing to Spain&rsquos rich growing soil and varied terrain, each region developed its own little dishes based on seasonal, local ingredients. Coastal towns took advantage of the thriving fishing industry, the interior produced ham and other meats and a wide array of vegetables, and the south brought more fresh produce including citrus and olives. Rustic preparations and hearty flavors have always characterized this finger-licking culinary tradition.

Today&rsquos Tapas

Spain boasts a highly sociable culture. Friends regularly gather in bars after work to enjoy their version of happy hour complete with lively conversation, a glass or two of wine, and complimentary snacks. And since each bar specializes in certain dishes, diners will often stop at multiple places in an evening to sample the best that each has to offer. Bars usually have several types of tapas dishes ready and warm or at room temperature for ease of service.

DIY Tapas Party

Small plates of savory finger foods and a few bottles of robust Spanish wine are pretty much foolproof ingredients for a successful party. Just make sure to cook up a proper selection of tapas to showcase this good-time cuisine. Must-have dishes include:

Watch the video: The BEST Patatas Bravas you will EVER eat. Patatas Bravas Recipe (October 2021).