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Leek soup with vegetables and pasta

Leek soup with vegetables and pasta

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The roots (carrots, parsley and celery) are cleaned, washed, cut and boiled with 3 liters of cold water. When foam forms, it is collected and discarded. Top up with hot water, when appropriate.

Unfold and discard the first two leek leaves, wash very well and then cut the slices, 1-1.5 cm thick, to the area where the leaves unfold.

Peel the onion and garlic, wash, cut into small pieces and sauté lightly, in enough oil and over low heat, until soft.

Wash the capsicum, wash it, clean it of the stalk and seeds, then cut it into juliennes and fry it with onions and garlic.

Wash the tomatoes, cut them into cubes and put them in the pan with the other vegetables, so that they soften well. When the liquid left by the tomatoes has decreased a little, add the leek slices and leave on low heat, covered, for 8-10 minutes, until soft.

As the roots are almost cooked, add the hardened vegetables to the pot and leave the pot on low heat, over medium heat, for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, boil the pasta according to the recommendations on the package.

The parsley leaves are picked, washed, chopped and finely chopped.

After 10 minutes, after adding the hardened vegetables to the pot, season the soup with salt and pepper, to taste, add the cooked pasta and drain well and after another 3-4 minutes of cooking, over low heat, sprinkle with chopped parsley, put the lid on the pot and turn off the heat from the stove.

The soup is served after 10 minutes of "rest". Whoever wants, can sour it with lemon juice, when serving, if he has not soured it beforehand, with something else.

Ingredients needed for vegetable soup:

- 2 onions
- 2 leek threads
- 2 bell peppers
- 2 carrots
- 3 potatoes
- 200 gr peas
- 4 tomatoes
- 1/4 celery
- 1 small parsley root
- 3 tablespoons oil
- patrol
- Leustean
- salt
- pepper

Chop the onion and pepper. Carrots, parsley root and celery are grated and diced potatoes. The leek is cut into rounds and the tomatoes are cleaned of the skin and cut into pieces.

Fry the onion, pepper and carrot in oil. Add 4 liters of water and celery, parsley root and leeks. Boil for 20 minutes on low heat.

Add rice, peas, tomatoes and potatoes. Leave until the potatoes and rice are cooked. Season with salt and pepper and add chopped parsley and larch. If you are not fasting, you can add a beaten egg at the end and serve with sour cream.

Here is a recipe for vegetable soup full of vitamins. Whether you are fasting or simply crave vegetables, this recipe is very tasty and nutritious.

Leek soup

Vegetable soups are a boon for your child. The secret for the little one to eat with pleasure is to always choose sweet vegetables, which will give a pleasant taste to the soups, to cut the vegetables into small pieces, to add milk or cream and to serve them at a suitable temperature, because the little ones hate food. hot.

Leek soup is more valuable than a vitamin pill, it is a perfect meal for lunch, it is easy to make and can be eaten by all family members.

To make leek ciroba, enough to reach everyone in the house, you need about 500 grams of leeks, with leaves, a water onion, two carrots, a small celery, two bell peppers, salt, seeds dill, a little thyme, two tablespoons of oil, a small jar of yogurt or a few tablespoons of sour cream and a yolk.

Peel the vegetables. Cut onions, carrots, celery, peppers and leeks, finely. Cut the leek leaves as well. Put the leeks (white part) and onion to harden in a little oil, with a pinch of salt. When it unfolds and becomes transparent, add the other vegetables and leek slices.


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