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25 Party Favors for Winter Birthdays

25 Party Favors for Winter Birthdays

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Celebrate the best season with these winter gifts


Winter, the season for snow, warm fires, and hot cocoa, is finally here. Use the next birthday on your calendar as an excuse to put on a party that will be so hot, everyone will forget about the chilly frost outside.

With our warming recipes and appetizers, we know you’ll develop a perfect menu for your guests at your winter party. And finding a winter theme is all too easy with our ideas. But party favors? That’s a whole different ball game.

25 Party Favors for Winter Birthdays


Winter, the season for snow, warm fires, and hot cocoa, is finally here. But party favors? That’s a whole different ball game.

Bouquets on the Go

Stealing the flower arrangements at incredible events always crosses our minds, especially when you know they’re just going to be thrown away. Give your guests beautiful bouquets to take home, so they can decorate their own space with seasonal flowers.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are fantastic party favor desserts because they look beautiful and can be made to reflect any theme. Decorate your homemade cake pops in blue, white, and silver for a wintry look.

Candied Nuts

The aromas from candied nuts instantly elicit images of winter evenings sitting by the fire. Package some homemade candied nuts for your guests to take home as an edible party favor.


Give your guests warm winter candles, like peppermint and gingerbread scents, to burn throughout their homes. They’ll love lighting your candle on a cold winter’s night.

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Dip long pretzel sticks into white chocolate and light blue-dyed chocolate for a thoughtful homemade party favor. Wrap up the chocolate-dipped pretzels into beautiful bags for your guests to take home.

Coffee on the Go

Fill up porcelain coffee tumblers with hot coffee, hot cocoa, and apple cider, so everyone can take a hot drink along as they depart into the cold. This makes a fantastic useful gift because your guests get to keep the coffee tumblers when they’re finished with the beverage.

DIY Ornament Party Favors

Here's a cute idea for DIY party favors that fit the season: Buy the empty ornaments at a craft store, along with some glistening snow glitter and miniature Christmas trees. If you don’t want to worry about having to craft your decoration in a small ornament, make these party favors in mason jars and turn them into snow globes!

Flask Favors


The men may be feeling a little left out with all of the cutesy party favors, so set out some nice metal flasks filled with spirits, like Fireball whisky, to give everyone the gift of a liquor blanket this season.

Homemade Bottled Eggnog


Just because Christmas has passed, doesn’t mean we’ve stopped drinking our favorite seasonal drink! Make some thick, sweet homemade eggnog and bottle it up for your friends to take home with them.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Make vanilla extract from scratch and bottle it for your guests, since winter is the baking season! Keep in mind the extract takes four-six months to infuse, so make this party favor in advance.

Honey Jar with Dipper

When you’re feeling under the weather in winter, drinking hot tea and honey can really help you feel better. Give your guests a delicious jar of sweet honey with a honey dipper, so they always have some in their pantry.

Jarred Desserts

Make some cupcakes in a jar for your guests to take home. Try layering a homemade red velvet cake with graham cracker crumbs and cream cheese frosting for a mouth-watering dessert.

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa

This easy party favor is always a welcomed gift in the cold winter months. Simply fill the decorated mason jar with hot cocoa mix and top it off with miniature marshmallows!

Mini Champagne Bottles

Keep the party going by giving your guests personal miniature champagne bottles for them to take home!


Get a bunch of different colored pairs of mittens for your friends to take home. They’ll love picking out their favorite color, and you’ll love giving the gift of warmth in winter.

Monogramed Blankets

Who couldn’t use a fuzzy blanket come winter? If your budget is a bit less restrictive than others, monogram blankets with the date of your party, so everyone remembers who gave them a cozy, warm gift.

Mugs with Tea

Give your guests winter-decorated mugs from your party with a tea bag in each! They can pick their mug based on their tea preference, whether it’d be green, black, or white.

Pinecone Fire Starter

Cover pinecones in different colors of wax and tie a wick to the top of your pinecone for a cute winter party favor. Click here to learn how to make your own pinecone fire starters!

Popcorn Kernels

Winter is the season to snuggle up and watch movies on the couch with a warm bowl of popcorn. Put some kernels in a mason jar with fabric and ribbon for this adorable gift.

Rock Candy Icicles

Make homemade rock candy that looks like icicles and wrap it up for your guests to take home. They’ll love having a sweet winter treat to remember your fun soirée!

S’mores Gift


Wrap up the ingredients needed to make one or two s’mores. Your guests will love you when they’re craving an ooey, gooey marshmallow and graham cracker sandwich and don’t have any of the ingredients on hand!

Snow Globes


Give each of your guests an adorable winter snow globe to provide a little trinket to remind them of your winter wonderland party. Your guests will love picking out a beautiful snow globe to take home and place in their living rooms.

Soup Mix Party Favors

Make a variety of homemade soup mixes in mason jars, so your guests can pick their favorite soups and make them at home. They will love taking home all of the ingredients for a warm pot of chili.


Give your guests a bit of green for their homes this winter by gifting succulents as party favors. These plants can survive indoors with little light and in cold temperatures, making them the perfect winter gift.

Tree Saplings

Pot little evergreens or pine trees and wrap a ribbon around them, so your guests can take home a little green plant party favor. These trees will make excellent winter decorations in any home, and have the added bonus of possessing iconic winter smells.

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