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Best Chicken and Rice Recipes

Best Chicken and Rice Recipes

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Top Rated Chicken and Rice Recipes

Zesty Mexican spices liven up this loaded casserole of chicken, rice, beans, and broccoli—all topped with a layer of cheddar before baking. The dish is complete with crispy tortilla strips and sour cream.Recipe courtesy of Blue Apron

In Persian cuisine, this is traditionally a peasant dish made with lamb called 'tah cheen' because tah means “bottom” and cheen means “to layer"; and the dish is essentially layers of rice and meat. The bottom of the pan produces the delicious, flavorful and crispy layer of rice called tah-deeg that gives it the look of a golden brown cake. This recipe is made with boneless chicken, but fish, lamb or a whole chicken are other options. In the Persian tradition, tah cheen should be paired with yogurt, herbs and eaten immediately so that the tah-deeg does not become soggy.As most Persians cooks do not use measurements or recipes because they develop their own during a lifetime of cooking, the cuisine is both challenging and rewarding for the novice cook. A blending of scribbled notes, directions, and tips from my parents and grandmother along with the cookbook A Taste of Persia by Najmieh Batmanglij produced this recipe for tah cheen.Good luck and enjoy!

Just to clarify, this isn't a curry recipe, it's a recipe for curried rice. Much simpler than putting together a complex — and quite delicious, might I add — curry sauce, this rice recipe comes together in 20 minutes and is a great side for grilled chicken, fish, or steak.Click here to see 12 Fresh and New Rice Recipes

Try this delicious Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup that is loaded with flavor.Click here to see 101 Ways to Cook ChickenClick here for more of the 101 Best Slow Cooker Recipes

A hearty rice dish that can use almost anything you find in your refrigerator. This recipe makes three servings, so enjoy with friends or save leftovers for lunches and dinners.Click here to see Rice Made Sexy — 5 Great Dinner Recipes.Click here to see 101 Ways to Cook Chicken

In Midtown Manhattan, you’ll see (and smell!) chicken and rice carts on almost every city street. Office lunchers and late-night eaters alike love the chicken-and-rice platters (which rarely cost more than $5) as hearty and spicy meals on the go; we’ve replicated those Styrofoam-packaged meals here.

This Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup recipe uses lemongrass, cilantro, and serrano chile peppers to give it a unique flavor and heat.

The Best Recipes To Try When You're Craving Chicken And Rice

From Latin American cuisine to Indian cuisine, and from Chinese cuisine to Cajun cuisine, chicken and rice is a yummy combination that thrills taste buds in virtually every corner of the Earth. Even though this combo might sound yawn-inducing to a novice, chicken and rice connoisseurs know that there's absolutely nothing boring about the flavor of these dishes.

Beyond being tasty, chicken and rice can both be beneficial to your health and well-being. Chicken is high in protein and also contains essential nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin B. Rice is a naturally gluten-free food that can lower your risk of cancer, improve the health of your heart, and supply you with the energy that you need to get through the day.

If you're looking to satisfy a craving for chicken and rice, look no further. We have gathered six Mashed recipes that are easy to follow and will result in a scrumptious dish powered by chicken and rice.

This recipe is made directly in a 9吉 baking dish. There’s no need to dirty any bowls or pots or pans. Simply stir everything together directly in the 9吉 pan, add in your chicken, season, and bake. It’s that simple!

Chicken thighs are used in this recipe because they will stay moist during the long baking process. If you prefer, chicken breasts can be used instead, but you’ll want to check the chicken and rice to see if both are done after baking for 1 hour. The additional 30 minutes of cooking may be unnecessary for chicken breasts. Use thick chicken breasts for best results.

If you like this recipe, you may be interested in these other delicious chicken thigh recipes:

Watch the video below where Rachel will walk you through every step of this recipe. Sometimes it helps to have a visual, and we’ve always got you covered with our cooking show. You can find the complete collection of recipes on YouTube, Facebook Watch, or our Facebook Page, or right here on our website with their corresponding recipes.

Nana’s Best Chicken and Rice

So why is my mom’s chicken and rice recipe so darn good?

Because Nana keeps it simple, yet doesn’t cut corners… She knows exactly where the best flavors come from!

Nana always uses a combination of light and dark meat chicken, plenty of fresh veggies, and just the right amount of herbs and spices.

This recipe is not meant to be spicy. It’s meant to be mild and calming. The kind of dinner anyone can enjoy, from the very young to the very old.

Yet it’s also not meant to be boring.

Nana’s Chicken and Rice is one of those classic dishes that might sound ho-hum, yet once you start eating it, you just can’t seem to get enough!

Oven Baked Chicken and Rice

Preparation is super simple and fast for this chicken rice bake. I combine the rice with the creamy soup mixture, diced onion and celery. Arrange the chicken pieces over the rice. Yes, it&rsquos really that easy!

Busy moms and dads, this is the answer to &ldquowhat should I fix for dinner after a long busy day?&rdquo.

As I previously mention, I prefer buying the whole chicken and cutting it up myself. Once you get the hang of cutting up a chicken, it is so easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

I also like the fact that I have more control over the size of the chicken I need for my meal preparation.

Use kitchen shears to remove the backbone, or spatchcock, the chicken makes the cutting up process easier. I add the back bone to my collection of chicken parts in the freezer for making stock.

You&rsquoll cover your casserole for much of the time that it bakes in the oven so that the rice has plenty of moisture to cook until tender.

Southern Baked Chicken and Rice

Once your chicken and rice come out of the oven, use a serving spoon or fork to fluff up the rice before serving. I recommend allowing the casserole to cool down slightly, about 10 minutes, before serving.

Doesn&rsquot that look delicious?This is the best chicken and rice recipe. It is one of those meals that have been around forever and a day. A tried and true classic.

Let&rsquos make this Baked Chicken and Rice Recipe!

One Pot Chicken and Rice

Sliced carrots are sauteed in butter and homemade seasoned salt then simmered with dried minced onions and garlic, white rice, diced chicken, and rich chicken stock until thick and irresistible. THEN it’s finished with a couple pats of butter. Did I mention it’s irresistable? This recipe makes enough to feed a crowd and anything we don’t finish reheats wonderfully, too. It is not an understatement to say that my entire family LOVES this dish!

20 Simple Chicken and Rice Recipes

Enjoy these chicken and rice recipes that are simple and delicious. With 20 recipes to choose from, you’ll definitely find the one that your family will love!

There are many different chicken and rice recipes that you can find online. It’s because chicken and rice are some of the cheapest and most available food ingredients that you can buy.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a super healthy meal or you’re cooking on a budget. There is going to be a different chicken and rice recipe that’ll work for the exact meal that you’re looking to make.

So that’s what we did when we came up with this list of 20 different and simple chicken and rice meals. If you want to do something in one pot – we got it here. Maybe you want something with more spice with it – we got that too.

So take a look at what chicken and rice recipes we’ve accumulated from our search for the simplest and most tasty meals that you can make with those two staple ingredients – chicken and rice.

1. Chicken Scampi with Garlic Parmesan Rice

This chicken and rice skillet meal is so simple to make. Tender chicken scampi over buttery garlic Parmesan rice. Your family is going to want seconds and third helpings!

2. One Pot Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice

Make this one pot cheesy chicken and broccoli rice for dinner tonight. It comes together in one pot and only takes a few simple ingredients. It’s a delicious and cheesy meal for the family!

3. Four Ingredient Chicken Rice Casserole

It’s going to take just four ingredients to make this dish. Juicy chicken breasts and tender rice in a fantastic and yummy creamy sauce. Every bite is going to pack the flavor!

4. One Pot Chicken and Dirty Rice

One pot chicken and dirty rice is so perfect. The chicken gets cooked on top of the rice, so all the delicious droppings cover the rice for a flavor filled dish!

5. Instant Pot Cajun Chicken and Rice

This Instant Pot cajun chicken and rice comes together in just 30 minutes. It’s a quick and delicious meal that you can make for your family.

6. Slow Cooker Parmesan Chicken and Rice

Only five ingredients are needed to make this slow cooker Parmesan chicken and rice. You can even add in some mixed veggies if you want. Great for leftovers the next day!

7. Chicken and Rice Soup

This chicken rice soup is a healthy recipe for chilly days. It’s loaded up with vegetables and brown rice. The chicken broth is so tasty and so is the creamy sauce used to complete it at the end.

8. Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole

What makes this broccoli cheddar chicken and rice casserole so good is that you can prepare it up to three days ahead of time. When you need a quick dinner just pop it in the oven and bake it!

9. Oven Baked Chicken and Rice

You can make this recipe in the oven so there’s no need for the stove. The rice is incredibly delicious and the chicken is nothing to sneeze at. The flavors just come together perfectly!

10. Better Than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

Eating takeout Chinese isn’t the worst thing, but it’s not always the best thing either. This chicken fried rice will be a nice replacement. It may even taste better than the Chinese stores version!

11. Pineapple Chicken and Rice

The chicken in this recipe is super tender and cooked in a sweet pineapple honey Dijon sauce. Serve it over rice and your meal is complete. It doesn’t get any easier!

12. Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice Recipe

This recipe is bursting with flavor. You can blame that on the buttery garlic sauce that covers the perfectly cooked chicken thighs. Cook it all in one pot for easy clean up!

13. Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz con Pollo is a famous Spanish dish and this proves it. It’s a one pot meal that’s full of tender chicken thighs, and creamy saffron rice and vegetables.

14. 20 Minute Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

These 20 minute chicken burrito bowls are super easy to make. You’ll most likely have all the ingredients in your house already. You can mix and match the ingredients to fit your taste.

15. Broccoli, Rice, and Chicken Casserole

This whole meal comes together in less than 45 minutes. All it takes in one bowl and a few ingredients. Top it off with buttery Ritz crackers for the crust and it’s ready to serve.

16. One Pan Cilantro-Lime Chicken and Rice with Black Beans

This recipe is so easy to prepare and is packed with so much flavor. Make this cilantro lime chicken in one pan. Top if off with your favorite Mexican toppings.

17. One Pot Spicy Cajun Chicken and Rice

This one pot spicy Cajun chicken and rice comes together in just 30 minutes. The peppers and rice cook together in one single pot. Easy to make and easy to clean up after!

18. Creamy Parmesan One Pot Chicken and Rice

This recipe is one of the easiest one pot chicken and rice recipes we’ve found. The juicy chicken and creamy cheese really blend all the flavors together.

19. Chicken and Rice Casserole

You don’t even need to precook the rice or brown the chicken. Mix them all together in this easy casserole recipe. Enjoy the creamy rice and incredibly tender chicken.

20. Stovetop Cracked Out Chicken and Rice

This chicken and rice recipe is called “cracked out” for a reason. It comes together in 15 minutes and is loaded up with cheddar, bacon, and ranch. It’s perfect for a weeknight meal with the family!

10 Delicious Ways to Serve Chicken and Rice for Dinner

In the pantheon of perfect pairings, there are a few timeless standouts. Bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Sauternes and foie gras. And, of course, chicken and rice. It's no coincidence that these two staple ingredients come together in so many global cuisines.

First up in the chicken and rice hall of fame is arroz con pollo (which is just Spanish for chicken with rice). It's a traditional dish that&rsquos fundamental to Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, where each country has its own distinct variation. Arroz con pollo is a cousin of Spanish paella and Cajun jambalaya. These closely related chicken and rice dishes are widely agreed to have originated in Africa.

In Puerto Rico's arroz con pollo the rice is usually seasoned with sofrito, a seriously savory garlicky pepper sauce Cuban arroz con pollo gets its inimitable flavor from beer and sour orange juice and Dominican arroz con pollo&mdashalso called locrio de pollo&mdashstands out from its neighbors thanks to the caramelized sugar that coats the chicken.

Some of our other favorite standout chicken and rice dishes include Indian biryani, Caribbean coconut rice with chicken, and the down-home American classic that is creamy, cheesy chicken-and-rice casserole. Chicken and rice are both budget-friendly ingredients from which you can build dozens of different meals. (You can save even more money by purchasing whole chickens and cutting them up at home.) Best of all, even the pickiest eaters will chow down on a plate of tender chicken and savory rice.

Strapped for time? Chicken and rice have your back! Most of these chicken and rice dishes are one-pot meals, which means less time standing at the stove and fewer dishes to wash afterwards. Now you know what they mean when they say, "Winner, winner chicken dinner!"

Chicken Stuffed With Basil and Mozzarella Cheese

The Spruce / Diana Rattray

This easy-to-prepare chicken dish makes an extraordinary topping for angel hair pasta or thin spaghetti. The chicken breasts are rolled around basil and mozzarella cheese and served with a homemade cream sauce.

Best Chicken and Rice Recipes - Recipes


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This looks like an amazing, quick version! I’ve always been too intimidated to make this dish because it involves a whole chicken but using chicken thighs instead is pretty genius. Just one question: what about the soup/broth that is usually served with it? My mom would be very sad if I served it without that!

it’s usually the broth that the chicken has been cooked it. you can make a little cheat version by using low sodium chicken broth that you simmer with some ginger and green onions :)

I’m sure you’re brought up by this method, and its so exciting to see you prepare this way, I’m of the another method of boiling whole chicken and dunking the steaming chicken into ice water so as to glaze the skin from breaking up, stop blood flow and sealing in the flavours. Use the boiled chicken stock with ginger and garlic to be the water stock that cooks the rice fried gently in butter and then into the rice cooker for cooking until a shade of yellowness in the chicken flavored rice. Then there’s the garlic, the onions and chillis all chopped up and mixed into a rich chillipaste with oil. Lastly chop your boiled chicken without breaking any bones cleanly and drizzled soya sauce. Add thinly sliced cucumbers the longer the better to the dish for a crunchy experience of the dish. My mouth is salivating already thinking about swallowing my first chomp.

Yes, I’ve often used this method as well. It’s my favourite chicken-and-rice dish of all time. My ultimate comfort food.

To be honest my eyes watered just seeing your images here!

This looks amazing. Can I cook it in a wok, or would it turn out differently?

i think it’ll be okay in a wok, but it’ll depend on if the rice is submerged in the chicken stock or not. you can use any size pot though!

Thank you! Does the rice need to be washed before cooking it in the pan?

hi kath,
i don’t wash my rice (a bad asian, i know! but apparently the rice washing thing is debunk?!) but if you prefer to, you can definitely do that, just make sure that you toast it well :)

I made this the day after you first posted it and it was AMAZING. My husband and I are both from Singapore and when we tasted this we both agreed that this was super legit. So glad I now have a recipe I can use to whip up my favorite childhood food anytime. THANK YOU!!
P.S. I am back here because I want to make this again :)

oh yay! that makes me so happy :)
i’ll have to post my hardcore “real” version soon and see what you think!

From a Singaporean explant to New York City (and its tiny kitchens) this makes HCR look manageable. Especially for one person + leftovers!

p.s. love the step-by-step pictures

Never had Hainanese chicken but though this recipe was so good! Couldn’t find boneless thighs that still had the skin on so used bone-in and extended the cooking time. I agree, could just eat a bowl of the rice. YUM!

If I double the recipe, does the cooking and resting time change? Thank you!

hi christine,
it shouldn’t affect the cooking and resting time!

Absolutely love this recipe – so easy and I love the ginger taste coming out. I grated my garlic, ginger and shallots which is just a personal preference.

One question though, my chicken wasn’t cooked through with the time scale provided. Didn’t want to put it longer in case the rice starts to stick and adding more water would just make mushy rice. Any advice anyone?

hi jess,
i would look for smaller pieces of chicken or even cutting the thighs into smaller pieces – a smaller mass means the heat will do more and cook the meat faster. hope that helps!

I am a longtime huge fan of your recipes, photos and writing !

What would you recommend as a neutral oil?

hi maria,
we tend to use grapeseed oil or canola :)

Having lived in Asia for many years I am looking forward to trying this recipe! Can this recipe be doubled in equal portions in a 7.5 quart sauteuse? Also, is the jasmine rice pre-cooked? Love your blog!

you can definitely double it and the recipe is uncooked! :) hope you love it!

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Like you, I’m a huge fan of the dish!

I’m hoping to get your suggestions on how I can improve the outcome. I’ve followed your recipe twice and each time the rice has either been too wet or greasy. Not sure if I’m trimming enough fat off the chicken? Heat is too low? Too much water? While the flavors are great, sadly my rice hasn’t been fluffy.

Any tips would be appreciated!

hi albert,
it’s hard to diagnose without seeing it but it’s probably that your heat is too low. try turning it up a bit :) if you find it too greasy, i would trim off more chicken fat, but the chicken fat is pretty essential to the authentic taste :)

Hello! I just wanted to know how many people this recipe serves, since 4 chicken thighs are needed. I plan on making this dish for myself, so I was wondering how I could change the recipe to serve just one. And I don’t have kosher salt. What would be a good substitute?

hi jamie,
i would say it serves 2 so you can make the recipe as is and have leftovers :)
as for kosher salt, you can use regular table salt, just sprinkle it on the chicken to taste. hope that helps!

Hello! How did you render the fat out of the chicken skin? Is it just chopped up raw chicken skin heated up in a pan?

hi naz,
yes, i just heated up chopped up chicken skin in a non-stick pan over low to medium low heat, stirring occasionally. it takes a while :)

Hi. How would I adjust this recipe if I wanted to cook the rice in a rice cooker instead of stovetop?

hi ray,
i would measure out the rice using the cup that your rice cooker came with (2 cups) and then add chicken stock up to the line for 2 cups then add the chicken and green onions on top. turn on the rice cooker and when the rice cooker is done cooking, let it sit for an extra ten minutes.

Hello! What time/other adjustments might I need to make if using bone-in thighs? Thank you!

hi lucy,
i haven’t tried with bone in thighs – their cook time is a bit longer which means that the rice would get over cooked. if you don’t mind the rice being a bit on the well done side, i would increase the cook time by 5 minutes. hope that helps!

Chicken and Rice Dog Food for Upset Stomach

A diet change is a quick and easy way to help a dog with an upset stomach. Chicken and Rice Dog Food is one of the most widely recommended recipes for ill dogs. This recipe is made with three ingredients that are easy to digest and help to soothe an irritated digest tract.


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