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Funny Fast Food Drive-Thru Videos

Funny Fast Food Drive-Thru Videos

What would you do if one of these pranksters rolled up to your window?

These videos are proof that you can be your most creative self at the drive thru.

When you don’t have anything to do on a Friday night, you may be inspired to get in a little mischief. We aren’t saying go out and cause havoc on your hometown...

But a few harmless pranks won’t hurt! Take a cue from some of these hilarious ones. Do you think you could pull them off?

Fast Food Folk Song

You won’t believe what the man working at Taco Bell does next...

Fire Wallet

“This wallet’s on fireeeeeeee”

Drive Thru Rap

You now are required to rap your entire order.

McDonald's Birthday Surprise

A classic: Tape a sign to the speaker and laugh from your car as customer after customer sings Happy Birthday to the cashier.

Elmo Orders Taco Bell

Pick a muppet, any muppet, but Elmo works particularly well here. You thought the word "chalupa" sounded funny before...

Let Me Get...

Here's a creative approach, how long can you express interest in ordering food without actually ordering any? This man's routine has employees calling for their managers at multiple unsuspecting drive-thrus.

The Skippy Stare

We have one word for you: "Hup?"

Shouts out to these kids for breakin it all the way down for this McDonald’s employee who was having a hard time transcribing the actual order from this popular McDonald’s drive-thru freestyle. It’s hard enough to rap, but this group of McDonald’s fans actually were able to rap and keep the beatbox going at three different speeds without messing up once! No mistakes in a drive-thru order? That’s a first for the Golden Arches.

In-N-Out Has a Secret Menu


Whether you like your fries animal style, you can't resist a double-double, or you love feeling like you're shaving off a few calories by ordering protein-style, the In-N-Out Menu is a popular subject among the brand's many devotees. However, there's one secret they won't tell you: that menu isn't secret at all. That's right, all those secret menu options are listed right on their website.

Way To Make Us Feel Ashamed Of Ourselves

While National Roast Day may not be an official holiday, it's certainly a day we take seriously. And it only makes sense that Wendy's, Twitter's most esteemed roast expert, would pull out all the stops for their favorite day of the year. In celebration of this important day, the account doled out roasts to anyone who requested them - and they're far spicier than their nuggets or chicken sandwich. We've rounded up some of their most skillful humiliations from yesterday for your entertainment, but you can catch even more of this fiery goodness on Twitter.

Betty The Chicken is This Fast Food Joint's New Social Media Manager

Something is fowl over at Australian food chain Chicken Treat.

The company has hired a new social media manager, and she's a literal chicken.

Betty the chicken has taken over the restaurant's Twitter account with the goal of sending an actual 5-letter English word by Oct. 30. And so far, she's said some pretty profound things.

=7o8hy6ho4d231wdty - 2 651`r mn 2`13w ygehr nm 11`a xzb m.9,n #chickentweet

&mdash Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 15, 2015

Some words of inspiration from Betty. And remember: if a chicken can tweet, you can do stuff too. #ChickenTweet

&mdash Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 14, 2015

Betty is clearly a very smart chicken. This shouldn't take too much longer.

5. Man poses as police officer to cut Whataburger line

Some people will do anything to get their fast food fix -- including breaking the law. In March of this year, an Odessa, Texas, man was arrested for posing as a police officer to speed through the Whataburger drive-thru line. Not only did the man pick up burgers dressed in uniform, but sped home through traffic lights using fake lights and sirens on his "undercover" police vehicle. The man was fined $15,000. Now that's an expensive meal.

The McDonald's website says that "in order to ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we have proper filtration methods in place." The fast-food chain actually filters their water more than most competitors and invests a lot of money into maintaining their filtration system. Fresh water = fresh Coke.

McDonald's takes the temperature of their soda very seriously. There is an insulated tube that runs from the refrigerator unit in the back, all the way to the soda fountain near the drive-thru window.

The water runs through this tube constantly in order to maintain a temperature just above freezing. The cold temperature is essential for achieving peak C02 levels. This not only ensures the crisp, bubbly taste of your Coke, but also means that the carbonation will last longer than other restaurants.

#SpoonTip: Never order a McDonald's coke without ice. The ice is essential to maintaining the perfect syrup ratio.

If there was Olympics for best fast food social media, Wendy’s Twitter account @Wendys would take the gold. Follow the account for the occasional rap battle against other fast food chains and hilarious responses to fan tweets (have you heard of the Wendy’s nugget boy?).

Arby’s Twitter account @Arbys truly knows how to play with their food. The page is full of adorable food photography with animated characters (think Pokemon, Mario Karts, and Magic School Bus) thrown right into the mix, plus ketchup art and the occasional customer decked out in Game of Thrones armor.

"I know a bunch of yall people saying 'this is bad for you', but I'm talking right now so don't interrupt me, because interrupting me woud be considered rude, and if you're rude to me then you should know that is also detrimental to your health, most likely more immediately. So continuing, you can eat like 4 biscuits drenched in gravy. I like to glaze them in hot sauce in a bowl and forget about them til the middle of the night while I got a Swisher Sweet hangin' off my lip and I stumble into the kitchen with my doo rag on rapping to Wu-Tang Clan after lifting weights and having oily movie sex on leopard skin sheets and just going hog wild on some young filly I met at a cookout and I'm like 'oh f*ck it's like I just went to Popeyes though.'" (source)