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Aperitif salted waffles

Aperitif salted waffles

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In a tall bowl, for the mixer, put all the ingredients and mix vigorously until smooth and you get a dough a little firmer than the pancake.

The waffle maker is heated. The appliance does not need to be oiled, the dough is buttery, it is sufficiently greasy and does not stick.

In the center of the plate, put a dough polish, without stretching, then close the lid and wait for approx. 1-2 minutes maximum. The waffles are ready when browned. It is best to check after 1 minute, and if necessary, leave until ready.

The salted waffles are served plain or with a little cream, accompanied by a beer or a summer splash!

Good luck and good luck!

Montignac recipes - Waffles, waffles, honeycombs

Sheng, I did too & # 33 Super fine. Thanks for the tip.

1) Appetizer with kefir, parmesan and oat bran

I put it like this: kefir, water, a little grated Parmesan, 2 eggs, a little salt, a little baked powder, oil, oat bran and wholemeal flour 50:50.

I got 2 plates out of a composition bowl.

I took it to myself today, I ate 2 popcorn and I'm already tired. Today I stop to buy dill and green onions, I have telemea at home and I want to repeat them.

I'm not exactly what I expected (to be thicker and stronger) but they are extraordinarily good. And your word, no smoke, no smell, everything clean and civilized.

Thumbnails attached

# 2 sheng

Yeeee, you made them happy

You need to form your eye with the thickness / consistency of the composition. Everywhere it is written that it must be a bit thicker than the one for pancakes. That's right, but how thick only you get an idea, experimenting. It also depends on what ingredients you have, I noticed.

In addition to the above advantages. the appliance stays clean after you make them, which is very important

# 3 leo53

& # 39Girls night - here they are. This morning I'm checking recipes and I started with a simple and compliant one. Like Adeje I expected them to be thicker and crispier as I left them a little the tan - but they are perfect and so on. Now I made them sweet but I want to make them salty, spicy and with spinach. These are the beginner's ones. They gave me emotions until I lifted the lid for the first time. I laughed at her until I took pictures. Thanks for the tips and links Rodica.

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