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How to Make Iced Coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee

This cold-brew method is richer than regular iced coffee, and the DIY version is better than you can get at Starbucks

Cold-brew coffee makes a full-flavored brew than regular iced coffee.

Cold-brew coffee has a richer, fuller flavor than regular iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then poured over ice cubes. Traditional iced coffee tends to taste a little bit like stale coffee, and is often very acidic. Cold-brew coffee may take a little extra time, but the result is an iced coffee that is more powerfully flavored, and perhaps a bit tart.

The resulting product of the cold brew coffee process is a kind of coffee concentrate, so don’t go overboard — make sure to dilute your glass of iced coffee with cold, fresh water or you’ll be drinking far too much caffeine. Use simple syrup instead of sugar to sweeten your drink, as sugar won’t dissolve in cold drinks, but simple syrup will work just fine.

If you want ice cubes to keep your drink colder longer —but don’t want your drink to get watered down by melting ice cubes — try making your own coffee ice cubes. To make ideal coffee ice cubes made just to your taste, prepare your cold-brew coffee exactly the way you like it (the perfect proportion of coffee, cream, and sugar to taste), then pour into an ice cube tray and allow to set in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. These coffee cubes will keep your iced coffee cold even on the hottest days, and when they melt, they won’t dilute the flavor of your coffee one bit.

Try The Best Iced Coffee Recipe.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Recipe

Millions of thirsty coffee lovers find their caffeine fix in one of the most popular McDonald’s coffee drinks, their iced coffee which was first introduced in 2009. Ever since then, customers choose to enjoy this refreshingly cool McDonald’s iced coffee recipe drink with one of the four flavored syrups available, hazelnut, caramel, French vanilla, and sugar-free French vanilla.

Easy Iced Coffee recipe in a Blender

Don’t you just love those iced coffee drinks you pay a lot of money for at the fancy shops? Well, I’ve created my own version at home with the help of flavored coffee creamer, ice cream, and a blender. And it is delicious!

This iced coffee is easy to make using just 3 ingredients. It’s refreshing and just what you need on a hot afternoon as a little pick-me-up. You could say it’s the frozen dessert version of your morning coffee.

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How to make iced coffee fast

If you don’t have a lot of time to make your coffee drink, then iced coffee might seem like a little too much waiting around. But there are some tips on how to make iced coffee fast:

Use thermal shock resistant glass

Remember you are taking something hot and making it cold quickly – this can shatter glass or china pots. So if you want to make iced coffee quickly, make sure you use a thermal shock resistant glass.

Use a liquid sugar sweetener

One of the problems with iced coffee recipes can be the time it takes for stuff like white and brown sugar to dissolve. So if you need to make it quick, the solution is to use liquid sugar sweetener.

Or if you are into cocktails, sugar syrup. This is made by mixing one part water with one part sugar, boiling the water to dissolve the sugar then leaving it to cool. You can make this up ahead, store it in a bottle in the fridge and use it when you go to make the iced coffee.

Use a medium or dark roast coffee

The final tip is to get the best flavour – use a medium or dark roast coffee. Enjoy Java recommend an Arabica coffee bean with notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel for a tasty, quick iced coffee.

I Don’t Care If It’s Still Cold Out: I’m Making This Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

I don’t think of iced coffee as a seasonal beverage. If the weather is below zero and everything is covered in snow, I will still want iced coffee instead of hot. I’ll just carry it around in my giant ski gloves and pull down my scarf whenever I want to take a sip. As much as I love ordering iced coffee from a coffee shop — because sometimes it’s just nice to have a drink that someone else made for you — it’s really easy to make iced coffee at home. This recipe is so easy, you don’t even have to boil water for it. 

“Even though it’s still chilly outside, one of my biggest pregnancy cravings has been iced coffee,” says Becky Hardin from The Cookie Rookie. “These days I make it decaf, but it’s just as refreshing and comforting first thing in the morning.” 

According to Becky, all you need to do is sprinkle your favorite kind of coffee grounds over water and cover the containers you’re making it in. After about half an hour, you’ll give the grounds a stir and then cover the containers again, and leave them out overnight at room temperature. In the morning, strain the coffee through a coffee filter or two layers of cheesecloth.

You can pour the resulting coffee right over regular ice cubes, or if you are very hardcore about coffee, you can make coffee ice cubes. That way you’ll be able to have a really cold glass of iced coffee without having to worry about it getting watered down.  Becky serves her iced coffee with a sweetened homemade creamer, which she makes with heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. But you do you.

How To Make Caramel Iced Coffee (Easy Recipe)

  • Author: Franco Salzillo

A delicious caramel iced coffee is much more than a caramel-flavored creamy drink. You want it decadently sweet and frothy, and there’s technique involved to get there.

At home, we don’t have the milk frothers and fancy espresso machines they have in coffee shops, which means we must improvise. This is actually better because we can make our coffee patiently without the stress of having queued customers waiting for their lattes.

For this recipe, we’re making good use of a good bottle of caramel sauce. Choose your favorite the quality overall is great. We’ll use it both to garnish our glass and to flavor our milky coffee.

Talking about milk, I love using half & half for this one, but I guess you can use whole milk or your preferred milk alternative. The key here is creaminess, and since half & half is made with equal parts milk and cream, you’ve got yourself one thick coffee. Trust me once you use half & half for your caffeinated drinks, you won’t want to use regular milk ever again.

We’ll also need a proper espresso. I make mine with an Italian aluminum Moka pot, but feel free to make yours any way you want. Nespresso machines and the likes are getting better every year.

Make sure you have a hand mixer in hand or those little electric milk frothers because we want our caramelly milk light and frothy. Then you just have to pour it over your espresso in a glass filled with ice for a lovely drink.

I recommend going all-in and adding a dollop of whipped cream on top of your coffee it’s just the perfect excuse to drizzle a little more caramel sauce over the whole thing.

Four ingredients plus the ice, that’s all you need, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try using salted caramel sauce, that stuff is delicious, and the resulting drink is mind-blowing. Who would have thought a little saltiness could be so contrastingly brilliant?

How To Make Iced Coffee

How to make iced coffee….That’s kind of what this website is all about right? Yes, yes it is…just look at the name.

To some of you this topic might seem pretty self explanatory. I mean, how hard can it be. Take some hot coffee, make it cold, add ice, and…..ta-da…Iced Coffee.

I used to think that was the case, until I started looking into all 14 gazillion ways that you can make iced coffee. I discovered that there are literally hundreds of different variations of this simple drink. So I hit the streets (that’s what I call Google now, “the streets”) to see what people were making and what they were asking about, and I compiled a list of recipes for you (because that’s how much I love you).

If you don’t want to browse the the whole article (what, are you allergic to reading?), you can click on our handy little table of contents and it will take you right where you need to go.

No Frother? No Problem: DIY Milk Froth

To make a perfect iced coffee latte or cappuccino, you don’t need a milk frother.

There are two easy ways to froth your milk with everyday kitchen items.

For this all you need is a bowl or equally wide container and a whisk. Simply whisk the milk for 2 or more minutes until frothy.

The second method necessitates a jar (preferably glass) and a good grip. Pour the milk into the jar, taking care to seal it tight. Shake thoroughly until the milk achieves a frothy consistency.

Now that you’ve taken care of the preliminaries, it’s time to create some magic. The following recipes are set to elevate your iced coffee from a drink into an experience.

Note: It’s best to use a dark roast. Light and medium roasts can easily give your iced coffee a washed-out taste. You can also go for an extra bold variety.


So there we have it Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to go… Or even to ‘drink in’? However, you make it and whatever flavor you add to it, we are sure that you are going to enjoy it! Waking up to a treat every morning, what could be better than that?


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