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Lucky Labrador’s 10th Annual Hop Harvest Party

Lucky Labrador’s 10th Annual Hop Harvest Party

An annual Portland tradition, the Lucky Lab Hop Harvest celebration take place this year on Tuesday August 26th. This hop picking party at Lucky Labrador’s Hawthorne Beer Hall is fun for all who enjoy fresh hops, whether you grow your own or just want to help pick the sticky icky fresh green hop flower cones.

Lucky Lab Brewmaster Ben Flerchinger collects all of the hop that grow at each of the Lab’s four locations and brings them to the Hawthorne pub patio for harvesting the hop flower from the bines. Volunteer pickers are welcome to bring their own backyard hops for harvesting and use in the lab’s annual mixed hop beer, “The Mutt,” named in honor of the random lineage of this annual fresh hop beer.

Volunteer pickers will be treated to BBQ and beer on the patio (tipping is encouraged). Picking starts at 4pm, and oh yeah, it is also National Dog Day on August 26th!

10th annual Hop Harvest
Tuesday August 26th 4pm Lucky Labrador Brew Pub 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97214